10 DIY Vanity Mirror Projects That Show You In A Different Light

The whole point of having a vanity mirror is so that you get good lighting when applying your makeup and that’s important and definitely worth some attention. Finding a nice mirror at a decent price can be a real challenge but as always the DIY option is available. If these projects don’t inspire you to make your own vanity mirror with lights then I don’t know what will.

Since the mirror part is not exactly that interesting, we’re going to focus mostly on the frames and the different ways in which you can add lights to a vanity mirror. This project from insightgirl explains how this simple frame was made before the mirror was glued into place. It may seem complicated since there are lights and power sources involved but it really isn’t.

The frame can also be part of the mirror itself, just painted a different color. Use paint to mark a border around the mirror, cover the center with paper and then spray paint the rest. This rose gold nuance looks very chic and glamorous. Once this part is complete and the paint is dry, all that’s left is attaching the lights. Check out instructables to find out more about this part.

A vanity mirror is pretty much useless without a table or even better a desk with some built-in storage for all the makeup products and accessories. That being said, check out this stylish setup. It includes a glossy desk with a minimalist design and a big mirror with lights around the frame. If you want to find out how the mirror was made, check out the DIY project on instructables.

If you prefer your vanity mirror to have an actual frame, not just one that’s painted on, go ahead and build something. You can make a wooden frame for your mirror which would actually also have a practical use. Drill holes in it for the lights and carefully hide all the wires behind the frame. This way your new vanity mirror will look neat and stylish and will have lights all the way around. Check out thesorrygirls for more details.

This DIY vanity mirror looks pretty amazing so if you’re interesting in how you can make something similar for yourself feel free to check out mrkate for all the details. The supplies required for the project include a frameless mirror, three vanity light strips, a bunch of light bulbs, plywood and some basic tools such as a table saw, sandpaper, screws, a measuring tape and also some paint.

It’s not just the mirror that you can build yourself from scratch but also the vanity that holds it. One such complex project is featured on instructables and is very interesting because the mirror and the lights are attached to the table itself, more specifically to a central piece which folds up to reveal the mirror and can keep it out of sight when not needed.

The mirror and the lights can be separate. You could for example make a round frame that lights up which can fit around an existing mirror. This is a very ingenious project which requires some unexpected supplies such as a metal wreath form, metallic tape, picture hangers and rope lights. Check out the video tutorial on youtube.

Another idea is to use an old mirror and to give it a makeover. Ideally, the frame would be wide enough to accommodate the lights. You’ll have to drill some holes into the frame for the lights and to find a way to neatly organize all the wires and to hide them behind the mirror. Check out this lovely rustic mirror project from designasylumblog if you need some inspiration.

Giving an existing mirror a makeover and adding lights to its frame is actually a great idea. One such transformation is featured on imgur. The supplies used throughout this project include electrical wire, shrink tubing, a dimmer switch, glue, a wall plug, 12 round light bulbs, cable covers, 12 light bulb sockets and of course the framed mirror. This is just one way to get things done.

You might not think you actually need a vanity mirror right now but the more you look at these projects the more enticing it becomes to want to build something like this for yourself. So here’s another tutorial from imgur which describes how you too could craft something very similar.

Available on the Market if you are not a big fan of DIY

A simple design and a perfect size of 22.8’’ x 18.1’’ make this a perfect companion for a stylish vanity of your choice. It has 15 LED bulbs arranged around the three edges and the brightness level can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. You can also choose between warm light, daylight and cold light tones with the touch of a button. The base is detachable and the mirror can also be hanged on the wall if desired. Additionally, there’s also a USB charge port integrated into the frame.

The Fenchilin vanity mirror is also based on a simple Hollywood-inspired design, featuring 12 LED bulbs evenly spaced out around the edges. It measures 19.68’’ x 15.74’’ in total and allows you to adjust the brightness and the light color based on your needs. Simple touch controls let you choose between warm yellow, warm white and cold white light tones as well as easily turn the lights on and off. The memory function preserves your last used settings.

This mirror is every bit as practical and as stylish as the previously mentioned models and in addition it also has a built-in bluetooth speaker. You can easily connect your smartphone and listen to music, play a tutorial or take a call. 15 LED bulbs can be adjusted to the desired brightness level as well as the preferred color tone setting and your choice will be remembered and applied next time you turn on the lights. The base is detachable in case you want to turn this into a wall-mounted mirror.

If you have a corner vanity, a regular mirror won’t make much sense. That’s why this vanity table has a three-section mirror. The combo works out perfectly, making this makeup table both practical and space-efficient. You can easily fit in into a bedroom corner or perhaps even in a larger bathroom. The table is made of solid white particleboard with the high gloss finish and has a white MDF top that’s resistant to water damage, stains, scratches and UV rays. The mirror is really great because it gives you side views thanks to the three-panel structure.

This is a really cool freestanding makeup mirror with a great stand which lets you adjust the angle and inclination however you want to in order to get the best view. The mirror is 14.56’’ long and 8.97’’ wide and has 35 LED lights evenly spaced out all around the four edges. The light level is adjustable and the mirror can be powered either through a USB charging cable or using four AA batteries. The 10x magnification mirror is detachable.

In case you prefer softer edges as opposed to a clean rectangular or square shape, the Strawser mirror has a nice design that blends utility and beauty. It has a simple flat base that allows you to seamlessly add it to your desk or dressing table and a stylish glossy frame which adds character without standing out. The mirror features 10 LED bulbs and the brightness level can be easily adjusted with the touch of a button.

Unlike most other vanity mirrors we’ve mentioned so far, this one has a cleaner and more contemporary aesthetic. Instead of the typical Hollywood-style bulbs around the edges it features a sleek built-in LED band that looks like an inner frame. This border casts a warm and uniform glow without being overpowering. The back panel of the mirror is made of steel and is a separate piece. The mirror is designed to be wall-mounted and is perfect for bathrooms and powder rooms.

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