11 Things to Be Passionate About and Start Living Your Best Life

By: Bernz JP

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire, said the French General Ferdinand Foch. What sets your soul on fire? What activities or pursuits lights up the fire within you? Unfortunately, for most people, the answer to this question has proved elusive.

However, you owe yourself never to settle till you find that which you are passionate about. But that is not to say you will endure a miserable life, in a perpetual state of waiting. Waiting to discover your passion and start living your best life.

If you are yet to discover your passion, you should live fully and savor everything that comes your way while you search. It’s often amid ordinary everyday life experiences that you’ll discover that which makes your spirit soar.

So the list of passions that follows is a pointer to some of the things worth trying out. Who knows, it might just turn out to be exactly what your soul needs.


List of Passions: Things To Be Passionate About

Choose from this list of things to be passionate about and begin practicing one of these activities now. They all will benefit you somehow and might just turn out to be what you have been looking for.

1.Health and Wellbeing

Your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being is about the most vital of all your pursuits. If you ever experienced a severe health challenge, you know first hand that nothing comes close in terms of importance to your health.

Therefore, you must actively seek out habits and activities that promote health and fitness. If you love watching your favorite soccer team play and have all their stats at the tip of your fingers, you might as well find out where people play locally and sign up.

When you engage in a physical activity you are crazy about, it often feels like play and not some enforced fitness regimen. You are most likely to stick with and maintain peak fitness without even trying.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to indulge in your passion for fitness. You may try out running and discover you can hardly do without the euphoria that comes when you hit the pavement.

Your joy and aliveness when you engage in any such activity might be channeled into writing, selling related merchandise, or some other way of monetizing it.

Not all who make a living in fitness and health are professional athletes. You could be passionate about other health-related interests, including healthy cooking/eating, nutrition, alternative medicine, yoga, and more.

Being healthy isn’t limited to the physical. You could also find interest in other aspects, such as psychiatry and mental health.

Exploring these health and fitness opportunities not only keeps you alive to continue your search but could also expose you to situations that may trigger the realization that this was something you were born to do.

2.Self Development

Self-development is simply a call to become a better person than you were the previous day.

Exploring your own personal growth is about the best things you can do for yourself.

Rather than drift through life, you can intentionally decide on the kind of person you want to become by believing in yourself and then work towards changing your habits, attitudes, and behavior.

You just might become hooked on daily improvement and may want to help others live more fulfilling lives by mentoring them to better themselves.

Discovering your life passion requires a deep insight into yourself.
What makes you tick. When you know yourself well enough, your search for your passion is all but completed.


After health, the next most crucial thing you ought to concern yourself with is making money. Somehow, money has earned the dubious reputation of being evil. But the truth is that having money can eliminate the bulk of your problems.

Not keeling over in anxiety over debts, house rent, and other money worries give you options and free you up to explore life.

Learn all you can about making, keeping, and investing your money. Even if you do not see yourself raving about the latest online money-making opportunity, delving into wealth creation will help you make more money, retain most of it, and achieve financial independence.
You could just love the money game and end up a billionaire. Besides, it’s challenging to pursue your passion when you finally discover it, with a huge debt burden over you.

4.Helping Others

Developing a passion for helping others is the surest way to happiness. But you’ll want to give in a way that aligns with what you really care about.

It could be volunteering your time to work with people with disabilities, mentoring a group of younger people, or donating to your favorite charity.

An excellent way to seek out if altruism could be your passion is by volunteering in organizations representing your areas of interest. You’ll learn the day-to-day operations and have enough experience to determine if it’s what you’ll love to stick with.
In the process of putting smiles on the faces of the most vulnerable, you could just discover that the rush of happiness chemicals you feel is exactly what your soul needs to soar.

list of passions and things to be passionate about

5.Social Justice

Fighting injustice is another way of helping others and equally as beneficial to your wellbeing. Social justice is about helping those discriminated against due to age, race, gender, sex, disability, sexual orientation, etc.

You could become drawn to supporting the downtrodden and dedicate yourself to fighting their cause.

Your intervention could be through advocacy, fundraising, or legal support. There are no shortages of ways to make a difference in someone’s life.

The world will be a better place if all are provided with equal human rights. Your voice is needed, and it may be your calling.


Nature and the environment are something you could develop a passion for.

If you love spending time outdoors – hiking, climbing, or just long walks, you might as well give it a trial. Obviously, it’s easy to feel drawn to dedicating your time and energy to conserving, protecting and preserving the environment if you love nature.

You can easily find groups or organizations that work to promote environmental causes and join forces with them. Or you could spearhead your own project.

Spending time in nature can benefit anyone regardless of their passion. This makes it one of the passions worth trying out.


Apart from owning the odd pet or two, there are several ways you can explore your love for animals.

You could volunteer at an animal shelter and look after lost, abandoned or stray pets and animals. Or you could assist a local farmer in looking after farm animals.

You can also volunteer to rescue animals, provide care for them, fight and support animal rights, or donate to an animal charity.

Whichever form you choose to pursue your love for animals, you have a lot to benefit from. Although challenging, taking care of and being around animals is proven to be therapeutic. They stave off loneliness, keep you fit, strengthen your immune system, and make you happier overall.


Entrepreneurship is about taking on risk under your own name and starting up a business venture. If you have an idea to solve a pressing human need, you have so much to gain by creating a business around it.

Even if you don’t end up an Elon Musk, you will derive an intense sense of fulfillment by following your dreams and adding value.

Fortunately, you don’t need plenty of money to get started in most cases. What is more important is finding out what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, and what the people need. Then create a product or service at the intersection of the three and ship it to the market.

There are plenty of resources – books, online courses and articles, and videos on converting your ideas to a business. You will learn the rudiment of starting your own business and how to sell it.

It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and determination to succeed, and not everyone does. But it can be gratifying when you risk money and reputation and win.


Writing is one of the most profound creative endeavors. It clarifies your thinking and helps you crystalize nebulous ideas into concrete forms. To get started, you don’t have to be an expert. Everyone can write, and you should.

Writing, just like any other human activity, improves the more you do it.

Testing out writing as a passion requires you to write something every day. It could be a journal entry, a tweet, a Facebook post, an article, or a few pages of a book.

Writing consistently, you will discover your voice and hone your craft in time. Who knows, you could be the next JK Rowling and sell billions of books.

Writing about things that interest you helps you to explore them deeply. It will lead you to immersive research, and you will learn more in the process. As you go through researching, organizing your thoughts, and writing them down, you become more of an expert in the field.

Publishing your writing will establish you as an expert in that field and lead to opportunities you never knew existed.

10.Personal Finance

Whatever your passions might be, it would be in your interest to invest in personal finance. Developing an interest in saving, investing, and managing your money should be a must for everyone.

Personal finance covers budgeting, investments, loans and mortgages, retirement planning, banking, insurance, real estate, tax planning, etc.

Personal finance makes it possible for you to earn more and keep more of your earnings. That way, you will hit your financial goals faster. There is a vast pool of resources, from paid courses to free online texts that teach you personal finance.

If you fall in love with crunching numbers and growing your wealth, you may consider turning it into a business. You could offer consultancy services to others or teach them through paid courses on how to handle their finances.


When you travel, you meet different people from all over the world. You gain new experiences, gather knowledge, and create potential opportunities through networking.

Having a glimpse into others’ way of life, culture, and worldview will expand your perspective.

Traveling is one of the most rewarding pursuits. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. With some research, you’ll discover the lowest airfares, cheapest places to stay and other ways of minimizing cost while touring the world.

You can write down your travel experiences and publish them online. Many people would love to know how it is to live in a different environment from theirs. With time, you could build a loyal following and find a way to monetize it.

In Closing

The list of activities and interests, you could search for your passions is not exhaustive. There are several interests and ideas you may be inclined towards. This list of things to be passionate about serves as a guide to curate ideas you may care about and possibly turn into a hobby or even a career.

When you have identified some ideas you may love to try out, determine what you want out of it in the long term -a career, hobby, or side hustles, then find out the specific steps to get started and all the requirements.

You can then experiment with each of them, in turn, to see if they fit into your life and if it’s something that lifts your spirit before investing plenty of time and resources.

Life is much better if lived with passion.

This post was previously published on MONEYLOGUE.COM and is republished with permission.


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