12 Of The Best Free Christmas Coloring Pages For Kids

Selection of free printable Christmas coloring pages. These printable coloring pages are perfect for kids over the festive season. The coloring sheets include Santa, reindeer, snowman, Christmas decorations and so much more. 

Print them off and let the kids get started with some holiday fun right now.

Free Christmas Coloring Pages

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Looking for the best FREE Christmas coloring pages? You have definitely come to the right place.

Look no further for the best of the best Christmas coloring pages and they are ALL totally free for you to download right now!

Christmas is a very social time of year, but there are often times when the kids could do with a bit of extra help to keep them entertained. These Christmas coloring pages are perfect for those occasions.

Besides keeping the kids entertained, coloring pages are also perfect for letting the kids create some of their own festive decoration.

Did you know that coloring pages make perfect wall art?

Plus, if you need something to give to a grandparent, they are going to love one of these coloring pages that have been beautifully colored with care and attention.

Let the children use crayons, texters, pencils or anything that they prefer to create their masterpiece. When they have finished, write their name and the year on it too as it will make an awesome keepsake.

Feel free to print as many as you like to keep the kids entertained. All the Christmas coloring pages listed here are free for you to download and enjoy. The hard part will just be deciding which one you are going to choose first!

Benefits Of Coloring For Children

It’s always fun to throw in some fun tips, and here is a great one when it comes to kids coloring.

Did you know that coloring actually helps lower stress and anxiety, plus increases focus? 

So not only will the kids find these Christmas coloring pages a lot of FUN but it is also a great way for them to relax in amongst all the hustle and bustle of the busy season.

Not to mention all the sensory benefits of coloring, such as hand to eye co-ordination and muscle strength in forming the pencil grip.

At the end of the day, coloring is an all round GREAT IDEA!

Free Christmas Coloring Pages

1. Santa Coloring Pages

Source: Smart Party Planning

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the big man in red. These Santa coloring pages have 4 designs to print and enjoy.

Santa coloring sheet with presents

2. Elf On The Shelf Coloring Pages

Source: The Inspiration Board

Kids love the Elf on the Shelf and these are Christmas coloring pages that they are going to get excited about.

Maybe the Elf could drop them off to the kids one morning. That would make them extra excited to complete the coloring.

elf on the shelf coloring pages

3. Reindeer Coloring Pages

Source: Simple Everyday Mom

The reindeers are just as important as Santa at Christmas. Do you know any kids that don’t leave out snacks for the reindeers on Christmas Eve? Kids love the reindeers.

They will therefore be more than happy to color in these adorable reindeer coloring pages.

reindeer coloring pages

4. Winter Wonderland Coloring Page

Source: Sustain My Craft Habit

Cant decide what kind of Christmas coloring page to choose?

How about just completing a winter wonderland one. It combines all the fun wintery Christmas fun together.

winter wonderland coloring page

5. Printable Door Hanger

Source: Playdates To Parties

These door hangers are SO much fun and the kids are going to absolutely love them. 

There are two door hangers to choose from, which the kids can color and then hang on their bedroom door on Christmas Eve.

What will they pick. The Christmas tree or the reindeer?


6. Christmas Wreath Coloring Sheet

Source: Where The Smiles Have Been

The kids will find this Christmas wreath printable a lot of fun.

The wreath is made up of all classic Christmas items tied together in a bow. It will be a lot of fun for the kids to color in all the different elements.

Christmas Wreath Printable

7. Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

Source: Organized 31

Love more Christmas trees for the kids? This selection has 6 designs for you to choose from.

They are perfect for simple Christmas tree coloring fun.


8. Christmas Ornaments Coloring Sheets

Source: In The Play Room

These coloring pages have a selection of pages to choose from.

There are pages for the kids to decorate their Christmas ornaments and also designing their own.

Christmas ornaments coloring sheet

9. Light Bulb Christmas Coloring Pages

Source: Freebie Finding Mom

So you have had the Christmas tree coloring pages, then the baubles and now it’s time for the lights.

There are 3 fun light pages to choose from, which will all look magical when they have been brightly colored.light bulb christmas coloring page

10. Christmas Baking Coloring Sheets

Source: Fun Happy Home

Love Christmas baking? Then you are going to love these baking Christmas coloring pages.

Sit the little ones down with their coloring, whilst you whip up the treats in the kitchen.

Christmas Baking Coloring Pages

11. Christmas Coloring Cards

Source: Crafts By Amanda

Coloring pages are great to be able to hand out as simple gifts to those close to you, but when they are already designed to be in the format of a Christmas card, it makes it even easier!

Choose from 3 super fun designs. The kids will love that their coloring is being sent out to all your friends and family.


12. Nativity Activity Book

Source: The Holy Mess

Whilst this activity book isn’t strictly a coloring page, it certainly does have coloring elements in it.

Rather than just being a coloring page, it has several Christmas worksheets that the kids can complete, whilst all being focused on the real reason for the season.


When To Use These Christmas Coloring Pages

Choose the coloring pages of choice and then print as many as you need. There are so many ways you can include the coloring pages including:

  • Going out to a restaurant for dinner with friends or family. When the kids are not eating, they can be coloring.
  • Taking to church. Yes I know the kids “should” be listening, but it’s always great to have a back up  when they start to become restless.
  • Heading to friends that don’t have children to play with. Taking toys, especially coloring pages is the perfect thing to keep them occupied.
  • Use at Christmas parties to give the kids something to do whilst they are waiting for their friends to arrive.
  • Use at playgroups.
  • Sit the kids down at a mother’s group on a table together and let them all enjoy creating some Christmas joy whilst enjoying some Christmas treats.

Coloring pages are fantastic for kids to keep them entertained and to use their creativity.

This selection of coloring pages ensures that everyone has something that they will enjoy coloring. Whether that be coloring Santa, his reindeer, or Christmas decorations.

With all these coloring pages being free to download, chose as many as you like and let the kids creativity run wild.

Let’s keep in touch. Did you love this selection of free Christmas coloring pages? Sign up to the weekly newsletter to be kept up to date with other awesome Christmas ideas. You will also be updated with easy party, recipe and decoration ideas PLUS have access to the free printable library. See you there!

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