122 Hilariously Bad Movie Details That People Have Shared On This Page (New Pics)

Many of us revel in the thrill of unlocking concealed doors and uncovering secret messages left in movies. They’re called Easter eggs, subtle in-jokes, clues, and references that filmmakers sneak into their creations to surprise their audience. Hidden in plain sight, they make the most devoted eagle-eyed cinema enthusiasts go out of their way to find these ultimate rewards and share their discoveries with everyone on the internet.

But this post is not about them. Instead, we’re taking a deep dive into ridiculous, hilarious, and completely made-up movie details that remind us to take everything we read online with a pinch of salt. There’s even an entire community over on Reddit dedicated to sharing these sarcastic "facts" and poking fun at movies, actors, plots, and modern pop culture along the way.

So buckle up and get ready for your daily dose of irony that is bound to cause at least a few genuine laughs. We have scoured the group and gathered some of the best posts they had to offer, so continue scrolling and upvote your favorite ones! Tell us what you think about them in the comments section below, and be sure to check out our earlier parts of this feature right here and here.


In The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019), Elon Musk is shown working at a soup kitchen, presenting him as an individual that cares for the less fortunate. This is our first indication throughout the entire show that its events are in fact fictional

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In order to prepare for his role as the broody and depressed Batman, Robert Pattinson spent 14 years being known as the guy from Twilight

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Should've invested in crypto

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In A Quiet Place (2018) the kids are able to stay quiet for more than 5 seconds at a time. This is because they are not my neighbors' children.

Image credits: PapaJaundice


In Spider-Man (2002) Peter has a radioactive spider bite the size of a golf ball but instead of going to a doctor he decides to sleep it off. This is because Peter lives in America

Image credits: Negative12DollarBill


In the movie Don't Look Up, Leonardo DiCaprio is shown married to a woman who's in her mid 40s. This confirms that the movie is sci-fi because it's impossible for DiCaprio to be with a woman if she's over 25.

Image credits: slenderberg


Despite receiving praise from both critics and viewers alike, the Get trilogy is still considered by most as the most confusing trilogy in cinematic history

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In the early days of the MCU, many actors had to go shirtless in order to save costs on the wardrobe budget.

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In Frozen (2013), Anna sings about how she is so alone, despite having dozens of servants that work in the castle daily. This is because royalty don't see staff as people, but more like a kind of mobile furniture. She would rather talk to paintings than to speak with Kai, her lifelong valet

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Thanks to tireless research by a team of scientists, we now know Avengers: Infinity War (2018) was a work of fiction

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In Spider-Man (2002) Peter Parker's first name is really Jesus.

Image credits: pale_guy_


In Iron Man (2008) Tony Stark pledges to shut down the weapons division of Stark Industries after his convoy was hit by a Stark Industries missile in Afghanistan. This is a reference to the fact that billionaires don't care how much harm they cause until it affects them personally

Image credits: IndieSkylore


In Free Guy (2021), multiple characters comment on how physically attractive the main character is. This is a reference to the fact that Ryan Reynolds was not only the lead actor of the film but also the producer

Image credits: Reddituser0346


In Wonder Woman 1984, Steve is amazed by an escalator despite them being commonly used in stores by the time he died in 1918. This is a reference to how bad the script is

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Christopher Waltz played a racist guy in Inglorious Basterds, and a not racist guy in Django Unchained. This is a nod to the fact he is an actor

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In Joker (2020) Joaquin Phoenix had to live in Bulgaria for 2 weeks so he would become depressed and play the role better

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In Morbius (2022), there's a scene where Detective Rodriguez tries to lure a cat by shaking its litter box and saying, "here kitty kitty." The idea that you can attract something by shaking a box of s**t in front of it is a reference to Sony promoting this film to us for 2 years

Image credits: AdvocateSaint


Steven Seagal gained 60 pounds for his role in "contract to kill". nobody asked him to

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Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus was the only Roman Emperor to achieve the rank of Jedi Master

Image credits: Fremenboy


In Spider-Man (2002) whenever Peter uses his powers he briefly becomes 20 years older with a receding hairline

Image credits: pale_guy_


In Watchmen (2009) a graffiti reads "Who watches the Watchmen?" this is a reference to me, as I am currently watching Watchmen.

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In Titanic (1997), there are a lot of similarities between the old lady’s story and what happens to Rose, implying they might be the same person.

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At the end of Dune (2021) Zendaya's character says this despite it being the last line in the movie.

Image credits: Mstr_Taz


Fans agree on that the ”american” franchise is one of the most confusing franchises ever

Image credits: Plenty_Good5905


In Uncharted (2022) Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are searching for 650 year old treasure. This is a reference to the $6.50 this movie will make at the box office

Image credits: Mithcanal2


The scene where Luke Skywalker is milking the alien in The Last Jedi was put in as a reference to Disney milking the Star Wars franchise for all it’s worth

Image credits: lookinsidemybrain1


In The Batman (2022), Selina's electric bill is $492.64 for her small apartment. This explains why the movie is so freaking dark since no one can afford to pay their light bills

Image credits: Twenty890


The safe-cracking goon in The Dark Knight (2008) wears sneakers on his hands. This is because he couldn't afford gloves, as they had not yet finished robbing the bank

Image credits: AlaricXenbane


In their movies from the X-Men universe (2000-2018), Deadpool and Wolverine are Canadian-born superheroes whose powers are unlimited free healthcare

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In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001) in addition to using magic outside Hogwarts, Hermione fixes Harry's glasses but not his vision because she is not as smart as everyone thinks she is

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In Home Alone 2, Donald Trump tells Kevin to get to the hotel lobby by going down the hall and to the left. However, Kevin gets there by ignoring his directions and taking a right. This is a reference to the fact that you should never take advice from Donald Trump

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In Doctor Strange (2016), Stephen Strange asks The Ancient One to teach him magic. This is a reference to how you can learn all sorts of new things with today's sponsor, Skill Share. Skill Share is an online learning platform with thousands of courses covering all kinds of subjects


In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) Margot Robbie is shown to be barefoot. This is intentional on the directors part because Sharon Tate liked being barefoot IRL. Tarantino loves accuracy and that is definitely the reason

Image credits: Pow67


For Justice League (2017), Ezra Miller rigorously trained for six months in the art of "running." The results look impressive, and you can barely notice that he moves like he's never seen a human being running before

Image credits: AdvocateSaint


In Turning Red (2022) the school officer is Sikh. This is because he is a Sikh-curity Guard

Image credits: MADBARZ


In Silence of the Lambs (1991) the FBI cake in the finale is cut in a way so that justice is served

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Encanto (2021) is a classic magical realism movie. It blends realism, like a traditional Colombian village, with things that are impossible, such as an abuela admitting she was wrong about something.

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¿Did you know? The title of the movie "9" is a reference of how many people watched this movie at the theater

Image credits: Derekarg


The CW Batwoman show has been cancelled after three seasons. That is a clever marketing trick, meant to remind the public that this show exists

Image credits: RiseOfTheRevenge


A large part of the $200M budget of the 2019 film The Irishman was allocated to de-aging De Niro and company. While viewing scenes like this the audience was meant to be severely intoxicated to believe this isn't a 70 year old man pretending to beat up someone much younger and more able bodied

Image credits: TommyTinklebottom


In RoboCop (1987) RoboCop kills numerous people even though Asimov's Laws of Robotics should prevent a robot from harming humans. This is a reference to the fact that laws don't actually apply to cops

Image credits: Appemofetteuj


In Spider-Man (2002), Peter Parker sells photos to the Daily Bugle that obviously only Spider-Man could've taken. This shows that everyone in this movie is an idiot

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In this scene from The Shining (1980), Richard Hallorann says "...they turned out to be completely unreliable a**holes." This is a reference to my "friend" Brad and his sister who forgot to pick me up from the airport today. I'm posting this from a $150 Uber

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In a show of immense dedication to his craft, Lincoln Osiris wore whiteface for 11 years to portray Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008-2019)

Image credits: AdvocateSaint


In The Dark Knight (2008), billionaire Bruce Wayne was so busy beating up poor criminals that he was not suspicious when his ex was replaced with an imposter

Image credits: pale_guy_


In ‘The Manalorian we see frog lady cross the galaxy protecting her eggs with her life. This is a reference to the lengths which most women will go to protect their eggs from the average Star Wars fan

Image credits: Iamnotbroke


In Shazam! (2019), Superman is only seen from the neck down since the movie didn’t have the budget to erase his mustache

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere


In the Fast of Furious franchise, multiple actors were auditioned to say "Family" several times for Dominic Toretto character before Vin Diesel was chosen for the role


Here in Spider-Man (2002) you can see a 30 year old woman not giving up in her hopes of graduating high school

Image credits: Getfuckedbytomatoes


In the film the Matrix (1999), the main character Neo has combat training downloaded into his mind, then informs Morpheus that he knows Kung Fu. This scene was inspired by people with black belts who won't shut the fuck up about it

Image credits: nickmunz123


In Watchmen (2009) John F. Kennedy appears on Rorschach's mask

Image credits: pale_guy_


In morbius (2022) the main characters uses their wolf form to win an arm wrestle competition for control of New Jersey, this is a reference to the fact no one can prove me wrong, because no one’s seen this movie

Image credits: engispyro


In Dune(2021), Stellan Skarsgård did not use makeup for his role. Instead, he went through the enduring task of playing League of Legends for 5 hours to complete the body transformation required to portray Baron Harkonnen

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Glad they could make it happen!

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Joker (2019)

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Beauty and the Beast (1991) opens with Belle’s entire village singing a song about how beautiful, funny and unique Belle is. Belle, in turn, sings about how pathetic and simple the villagers’ lives are. This establishes that Belle is a stone cold b**ch who thinks she is better than everyone else

Image credits: MattTheSmithers


In Captain America (2011), a defrosted Steve Rogers stares in confusion as to why Nick Fury is giving orders, this is a nod to the fact that Steve Rogers came from a racist timeline

Image credits: Torregoshi


In the movie Coco (2017), the titular character can be seen meeting her parents in the afterlife, who are noticeably younger than her. This is because she died as an old person. So make sure to die when you're at your healthiest so you have a permanently fit body for the afterlife

Image credits: 4RCSIN3


In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry is surprised to discover there are other magic schools in the world apart from Hogwarts. This is a reference to how self centered British education system is, as they haven't mentioned a single foreign wizard in 3 years of history of magic class.

Image credits: Basque_Pirate


In The Matrix (1999) Hugo weaving's charecter, agent Smith can be seen dodging bullets. This is in reference to how Hugo weaving dodged a bullet by not being I'm The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Image credits: cadavardark


In Spider-Man (2002), J Jonah Jameson does not tell Goblin who Peter is, even when his life is threatened. This is because JJJ is such a s**tty human being that he doesn't even bother to remember Peter's name, despite seeing him on a regular basis

Image credits: logic2187


In Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), the molten steel special effect was achieved with vats of milk lit from below with orange lights. The T-1000's dramatic death sequence was largely unscripted; Robert Patrick was not told about the milk, and was lactose intolerant. His reaction here is 100% real


In Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), actors Tom Holland and Ned (full name Netherlands) are not actually Dutch

Image credits: pale_guy_


In Morbius (2022), Robert Pattinson plays a man in a bat costume who fights crime in Gotham City. This is a reference to the fact that Morbius looked lame and I went to see The Batman again instead.

Image credits: SilverStrikeX


In Interstellar (2014), Matthew McConaughey cries because high school girls got older while he stayed the same age.

Image credits: sonicdivine


In Spider-man: No Way Home (2022) New York is replacing the statue of Liberty's torch with a shield. This is because everyone wants to forget the time Captain America was the Human Torch

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In Encanto (2021), the coffee-drinking boy asks "How do you keep them all straight?". This refers to Abuela Alma keeping the family strong through arranged hetereosexual marriages

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In Lightyear (2022), Buzz’s dog tag reveals that he has 0 positive blood. Which is the same blood type as my ex-wife. She cheated on me with my best friend, Steve. Steve works at Pixar, so I’m pretty sure he put that in there to piss me off

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UI Detail: Netflix’ catalog features a red ‘N’ on some of its thumbnails to tell you these movies are ‘Not-worth-watching’

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In Captain America (2011) Heinz Kruger takes a cyanide pill to kill himself after he’s injured by Cap. This is because he does not want to be stuck with an ambulance bill


In The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Christian Bale and Tom Hardy were such good method actors that they pretended to understand each other when they speak

Image credits: pale_guy_


In Aquaman, Amber Heard's character is seen taking care of her partner. This suggests this film is purely work of a fiction

Image credits: gh0st_runner


In The Incredibles (2005), Mr. Incredible was captured with Load-Increasing Gravity Molecular-Apprehender (LIGMA) Balls

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Before the final battle in Morbius (2022), Dr. Morbius prepares a weaponized anticoagulant, explaining that "to bats... it's lethal. To humans, it's deadly." Who the f**k wrote this s**t

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In Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), nobody in London actually got a sim card that made people riot, this scene is just a normal day in London


Despite its poor reception and world wide gross, the film Morbius (2022) is still the highest grossing Morbius film of all time

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Tenet has the most simple plot ever

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In The Batman (2022) multiple gunshots are heard in a club and the DJ doesn’t stop the music. This is because travis scott was DJing

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Clear oversight

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CONFIRMED: Chris Pratt to star in every single movie to be released in 2022, except, strangely enough "Likable - The Chris Pratt biopic", where he will be portrayed by Charles Martinet

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In Iron Man (2008) one of the characters tries to steal the heart of the main character but it isn't considered a romantic movie

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In Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), Zendaya throws pandesal at Andrew Garfield. It's because pandesals are frequently served for breakfast and they get hard if left out in the open. As you can see, it's dinner time, which means the pandesal is rock-solid, making it a good self-defense weapon


In Pacific Rim (2013), the opening monologue states that humanity threw aside all past political and social rivalries to stand united against a world-changing disaster. This is proof the movie is a work of fiction

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In Don’t Look Up (2021), Ariana Grande is the only one knows how to follow directions

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere


Ned dropping the Death Star Lego in Spider-Man: Homecoming is a reference to the fact that Disney didn't have a plan to hold the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy together

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In The Lion King (1994) the "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" song lasts about three minutes. Lions will actually mate in a marathon session of 3-7 days in the wild, meaning that Simba seriously underperformed


Despite its name, The Truman Show (1998) is actually a movie

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In Joker (2019), we see that Gotham succumb into chaos and anarchy. This is due to the fact that everyone in Gotham have played violent video games


If I had a penny for every comic book movie about a bat-themed character that had a trailer drop in 2020, only be postponed to 2022 due to a bat-originated plague... I'd have two pennies. Which isn't much, but it's weird that it happened twice

Image credits: AdvocateSaint


In Casino Royale (2006), James Bond says "The b**ch is dead" at the end of the film. This is a mistake, as Margaret Thatcher was still alive at the time

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Stupid idiot

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In The Matrix, Neo's name has a deep origin. Neo reversed is oen, short for oenophile. Oenophiles are wine experts. Wine bottles have corks. Cork reversed spells Kroc. Ray Kroc formed the McDonald’s Corp. Kroc hired the Taylor Company. Taylor makes broken ice cream machines. Neo breaks machines

Image credits: sirsquid


Panic Room (2002) was originally a very different movie, however, when Jared Leto appeared on set, Jodie Foster immediately locked herself and Kristen Stewart in a room away from him and refused to leave until filming ended

Image credits: ForbiddenByZeffo


In the 1976 drama film Taxi Driver, the camera man does not appear in the mirror while recording this scene. This was an intentional choice by the director as the camera man is not a character in the movie

Image credits: AlbertCorbyn


In Insidious (2010), Darth Maul makes a cameo because during his initial years as an apprentice to Darth Sidious he was paid minimum wage

Image credits: LtGoosemanTG


In Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), Praetorian Guards' helmets have no eyeholes, making them look inhuman and menacing. This also means they can't see s**t and frequently run in random directions and attack absolutely nothing

Image credits: AdvocateSaint


In Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2016), Ellen DeGeneres plays the forgetful fish Dory. This is a nod to the fact that we should all forget Ellen

Image credits: Comic_Book_Reader


In the opening battle from Saving Private Ryan (1998) several soldiers keep their weapons in the original plastic bag to preserve their collector's value

Image credits: MurderDoneRight


Eevee holding juice means it can grip object with its hand

Image credits: MetaKnight670


In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001) Irish first-year student Seamus Finnigan accidentally blows up his drink while trying to transmute it to Rum. This apparent off-hand joke about the Irish being explosion-prone alcoholics is in fact foreshadowing of JK Rowling being kind of a racist

Image credits: IsNotPolitburo


In Justice League (2017) Superman is seen carrying an entire building. This shows that even physics has given up on this movie at this point

Image credits: pale_guy_


To avoid the use of CGI, Quentin Tarantino raised 200 slaves for the movie Django Unchained (2013). After production finished, he later sold the slaves for a profit

Image credits: AdvocateSaint


In "World War 2 In Colour", a British war historian reveals a fun fact about naval warfare: submarines are more fit to travel underwater than regular boats

Image credits: Leevilstoeoe


CW's The Flash has been renewed for Season 9. That is also a clever reference to the amount of people who are going to watch it

Image credits: RiseOfTheRevenge


In Encanto (2021), one of the main character's cousins is named Dolores, which is Spanish for pains. This is a reference to the pain I feel every time I read an Encanto theory

Image credits: skth7205


During the end credits of Shrek (2001), hundreds of names are listed. This is because teamwork makes the Dreamworks

Image credits: adamantcondition


In Avengers Endgame (2019), Tony Stark tells his father Howard “No amount of money ever bought a second of time.” This is bulls**t because Tony was rich enough to have the technology to literally invent time travel, thus buying infinite time

Image credits: MantaRayBill


In Toy Story (1995), all of Andy’s friends are just clones of Andy. This was a detail left over from the original story that revealed the entire town was an organ harvesting experiment for Andy’s mom

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere


In World War Z (2013), the Lane family is surprised when a police officer damages their property and does nothing about it. This is because they are white


an intresting fact

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In Red Notice (2021) Dwayne Johnson criticizes another man for being insecure about his appearance. This is a reference to the 6' 2" Johnson being presented as 6' 6" and having film contracts saying he can't be beat up or humiliated because that would damage his macho image

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If masks work, why isn't this DOCTOR wearing one during brain surgery??? Seems pretty STRANGE to me

Image credits: DungeonsAndDradis


In Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) Doctor Octopus throws a Nissan Altima at Peter. This is actually an incredibly intelligent move on the Doctor's part as he knows that Nissan owners normally drive like that anyways, thus giving him plausible deniability if he was charged with damaging the car

Image credits: mulansichuansauce


In Hawkeye (2021) there's plenty of snow in New York in December. This references the fact half of humanity being gone for 5 years halted global warming

Image credits: bnamen732


In Detective Pikachu (2019) Ryan Reynolds had to wear a hat because he was still growing his hair back after filming Deadpool (2016)

Image credits: pale_guy_


In Transformers (2007), the Allspark is used to bring a Nokia phone to life. The living Nokia is then easily destroyed moments later, demonstrating how much the quality of the brand had declined by that year

Image credits: AdvocateSaint


In Avatar (2009), not only are the aliens from Pandora blue, but all the humans and objects are also blue because I need to fix the RGB settings on my TV

Image credits: dramakrispies


In Temple of Doom (1984), Indiana Jones acquires the Indiana Stones, to sell and pay off his Indiana loans, or else lose the house he Indiana owns

Image credits: AdvocateSaint


In the Raimi Spider-Man movies, the suit originally didn't have any lenses but Tobey Maguire would keep threatening the stuntman behind the scenes telling him he would put dirt in his eye so they settled with protective lenses for the stuntman's safety

Image credits: pale_guy_


In Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Steve Rogers says, “We don’t trade lives, Vision.” Steve then proceeds to have the entire Wakadan army killed in an attempt to protect Vision. This is reference to the fact that Steve Rogers is from the 1920s and wouldn’t have considered Africans as people

Image credits: -Wayward_Son-


In Spider-Man (2002) during the field trip, the teacher warns that "The next person who talks will fail this course". This would mean that everyone including Peter used to talk and get held back a lot because they are all adults who are stuck in high school

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