123 Projects You Can Make With A Cricut Maker

Collage of projects you can make with a Cricut Maker

My most popular free projects you can make with a Cricut Maker (and Maker 3) use the amazing machines’ powerful features!

One of the most common questions I am asked is: “What can you make with a Cricut Maker?” Whether you have the original Maker or the Maker 3, you can do SO MUCH with your cutting machine! The Maker series can work with more than 300 materials since they are powerful and have the Adaptive Tool System. I’ve gathered 123 of my favorite projects just for you!

123 Answers to “What Can You Make With a Cricut Maker?”

Craft Faster

Every Cricut Maker machine cuts super fast, so projects with many pieces are a breeze! From paper crafts to vinyl decals, you'll make a wide variety of projects with this amazing machine.

Multitasking Machine

With two clamps and the Adaptive Tool System, your Maker can handle multiple line types with less time swapping different tools. Your Scoring Stylus and Fine Point Blade are an especially effective duo!

Easy 3D Paper Birds

3D Paper Letters

I am going to show you how to make my 3D Paper Letters. I've designed the whole alphabet as well as numbers 0-9! You can stand the boxes up for display or fill them with treats.

Rotary Blade

The Rotary Blade is so helpful and not limited to sewing projects. The tool works on a variety of materials, from real leather to crepe paper! While these projects look impressive, many are excellent beginner Cricut projects.

Fabric Fun

The Rotary Blade is the best way to cut fabric with a Cricut. If you have a sewing machine, you can make so many fantastic fabric projects.

Knife Blade

Tackle tough materials! I always recommend watching your machine while using the Knife Blade, especially on balsa wood and other thicker materials.

Engraving, Debossing, and Foiling

The Maker's Engraving, Debossing, and Foil Transfer Kit tools work on so many materials! You can make high-quality accessories and home decor in your own style!

Go Big With Matless Cutting

The Cricut Maker 3 can use Smart Materials to take your projects beyond the machine mat! Be sure to adjust your material sizes and other options in Cricut Design Space to fit your project.

Tackle Tough Materials

With the right tool and settings, you can make projects with 300+ materials on the Cricut Maker. One of the most important things about using new materials is to practice test cuts, especially on your first project.

Relax with Repetition

With such a large working area and so much speed, the Maker is a great way to fly through projects with multiple similar pieces.

Paper Butterfly Wreath

Holiday Happiness

One of the best things about crafting is making your own holiday decorations and gifts. I have so many Cricut project ideas, you'll be prepared no matter the season!

Practice Precision

The Maker creates intricate cuts with ease, so complex projects come out perfectly! It works very well with different materials, including Infusible Ink, premium cardstock, and heat transfer vinyl.

Printer Partner

The Maker machines have the best Print Then Cut capabilities! Add a Cricut EasyPress to your craft room and you'll make amazing things from custom t-shirts to wood projects!

Stencil Super Powers

Since the Makers are so fast, they are the easiest way to cut disposable and reusable stencils!

There, now when you wonder, “What can you make with a Cricut Maker?” you’ll have 100+ options! I had so much fun putting this list together and hope you find many projects to try!

If you make one of these Cricut Maker projects, I’d love to see it! Please share your projects in my Cricut Crafters & Makers group where you’ll find hundreds of thousands of crafters like you, sharing their tips, crafts, and inspiration … including projects using their Makers!


Answers to Your Questions About What Can You Make With A Cricut Maker

What can a Cricut Maker cut?

Officially, a Cricut Maker can cut more than 300 materials! As long as you have the right blades, Design Space has special material settings for most items you may want to cut, from tough leather to delicate tissue paper. Every machine is different, though, so I always suggest cutting a test piece and adjusting the settings as needed. 

Maker and Maker 3 can usually work with materials up to 2.4 mm in height, depending on the rigidity. Some of the most interesting materials on Cricut’s official list are carbon fiber, craft foam, EVA foam, faux fur, freezer paper, grocery bag, denim, and kevlar!

What wood can a Cricut Maker cut?

Depending on the hardness, thickness, and quality, Cricut Maker can cut several types of wood including Balsa, Basswood, and Natural Wood Veneer.

Can a Cricut Maker cut metal?

Cricut Maker can’t cut through most metals. But it can engrave many metals. Machines like the Cricut Explore and newer can actually cut aluminum foil with a deep point blade!

Can Cricut Maker cut fondant?

No, the Cricut Maker, Explore, Explore Air, and Joy families of machines are not meant to cut food. The tools are not food-safe and you could harm the machine. No one wants crumbs in their electronic cutting machine! However, I have experimented with ways to safely use my Cricut crafts in the kitchen!

Can you make cookie cutters with a Cricut Maker?

I haven’t tried to make cookie cutters, but you could cut food-grade stencils and use them to trace shapes on soft dough. 

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