13 Of The Best Tie Dye Crafts

Kids will go crazy over these multi-color tie dye crafts! Who doesn’t love playing with a handful of colors? Why not create one-of-a-kind looks and participate in colorful activities. Here are some ideas to keep your kids busy in a colorful and fun way.

tie dye activitiesTie-dye DIY crafts are some of our favorites. So grab your supplies and let’s get crafting, and see how your kid likes them. 

Tie Dye Crafts 

tie dye baby wipe1.) Baby Wipes Tie Dye Art

If you have baby wipes on hand, grab a few and give this fun craft a try. It is so simple to do, and little kids can join in! Create little pieces of art with baby wipes. 

tie dye shoes 2.) Sharpie Shoes 

Now, this is patriotic for the 4th of July. But, swap out the colors and create a shoe that you can wear all year round. I share all the steps in how to create a one-of-a-kind shoe. 

tie dye playdoh3.) Tie Dye Cloud Dough 

Let your kids get their hands dirty. This is a cloud dough that is colorful and fun. A fun craft to sit down and make and then it provides hours of fun. 

tie dye fabric art4.) Tie Dye Color Burst from The Kitchen Table Classroom

Grab permanent markers and create one of a kind looks. These are so fun to make and the process is actually really easy. Give it a try and see what you think! 

tie dye dish towels on table 5.) Tie Dye Dish Towels from Organized 31

Let your kids color white dish towels. Then gift to loved ones or even place in their bathroom that they use to help give a pop of color for their area.  A simple and fun colorful craft.

colorful tie dye curtains in kids room 6.) Colorful Tie Dye Curtains from The Country Chic Cottage

Dress up a room and make it colorful and playful with these colored curtains. You will see how to create a similar look at your home. Great for kid and teen rooms. Or dress up a play room.  

Tie Dyed Rainbow Swirl Shirt7.) How to Tie Dye Shirts with Kids from  Happiness is Homemade

Here is a fun and classic tie dye shirt craft. Get to make a homemade tie dye shirt that will win over you kids. This is so easy to make and no two shirts will be the same in how they look. 

tie dye headband8.) DIY Tie Dye Headbands from T-Shirts  from DIY Candy

How cute is this tie dye headband? This is made from an old shirt. Or you can buy a new shirt for cheap at Walmart or even head to a local Goodwill to buy used. 

tie dye bag

9.) Tie Dye Bag from The Gunny Sack 

Make a homemade beach bag or book bag that is colorful, fun and special. Great for tweens and teens, or even little kids. This could be a fun library book bag. 

beach towel laid out 10.) Tie Dye Beach Towel from Kids Activity Blog 

Check out this personalized beach towel craft you can make in no time. Add on your child’s name or even a nickname and use it this summer! 

tie dye mason jars 11.) Galaxy Jars from The Swell Designer 

Here are galaxy jars that have a tie-dye twist to them. Colorful, bright, and gorgeous to gift or put on display in your home. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to make your own. 

tie dye bubbles on paper12.) Bubble Art from A Little Pinch Of Perfect 

Bubbles are fun no matter what your age is. So why not create bubble art with a tie-dye look that you can showcase as a finished product. So easy and great for all ages. 

tie dye tepee13.) Tie Dye Tepee from I Love To Create 

Check out this gorgeous kid tepee that will provide hours upon hours of fun for you and your kids. This is a fun colorful tropical tie-dye design. tie dye crafts