15 Great Stay at Home Date Ideas

If you are thinking about having a nice time with your significant other at home, then today’s article is for you. Believe it, you can spice up your love life at home. This post includes some stay at home date ideas you can take advantage of without breaking the bank or killing yourself with much stress while planning it out.

It also means that a date doesn’t have to be somewhere like a restaurant, park, bar, club, etc. It can happen in the house too. What is important on a date is to connect intimately with your partner and have fun while connecting. So, you can also hang out with your partner and have a romantic date night at home. You can make some changes to the home decorations to make them different.

The current situation worldwide and inflation is enough reason to engage in an at-home date with your partner. This will come with less stress of moving around and give you a sense of ingenuity. The creativity will add more to spice up the moment. Take your time to read through each and choose one for yourself and your partner.

Paint And Sip Idea

Having a paint and sip is first-up on the stay at home date ideas. It’s basically the same thing you do in a paint and sip outing. You’re just doing it at home. Simply get blank canvases, some paint, and a couple of bottles of wine. So, paint as much as you can think about with your partner. Enjoy every moment of the experience. You can spice up yours with other things to make it unique and memorable.

Food Date

Here is another idea that you and your partner can try out. Simply get your food ingredients ready. You may try something that you usually don’t eat. It could be something you eat once in a while. Then make the date happen in the kitchen as you show your skills. Spice it up with light music. You can have appetizers, the main course, and dessert.

Video Games

If you and your partner don’t play video games often, this can be great fun. You can rent some games online and have a great time together. There are hundreds of video games to select from. These may include but are not limited to strategy, sport, etc. Choose some that you and your partner are interested in. Make sure you have some drinks and snacks available as well.

Backyard Camping

This is a great home date idea if you like the outdoors. You can go camping in your backyard. Depending on the type of yard you have, you may really feel like you’re camping. Just make sure that you have the right sleeping bag with you. You also want to make sure that you are dressed accordingly.

Puzzle Date

Next up on the list of at home date ideas is to solve a puzzle together. A puzzle may seem old-fashioned or boring, but it’s a great way to have fun and enjoy a nice moment together. It can be a picture puzzle or a word puzzle. Make sure you’re ready to have a good time, whichever one you choose.

Draw Me Out

Coming up next for a date night at home is the draw me out challenge. Simply provide drawing materials. Then grab a seat and relax while your partner draws you out. Spice this up with great music, drink, and conversation. This is a great idea for artistic couples.

Family History

This home date idea will not only give you memorable moments but also bond you and your partner together. You have the opportunity to share some of your family history that your partner doesn’t know.

Karaoke Night

If you like music, this is one of the best stay-at-home date ideas for you. If you don’t have a karaoke machine, you can just go to YouTube and look up the songs there. They have instrumentals and karaoke (lyrics) versions available for many songs.

Personality Test

Well, here is another fun idea. Take your personality test and have your results which you can begin to discuss. You can take the test together or separately. By taking the personality test, I guarantee that you will learn something new about your partner.

Digital Event

You can make it a date with your partner in your home to check out a digital event. You can learn and laugh together, especially if it’s an entertainment digital event. It can be a comedy show, a virtual concert, or anything to get you together. It can even be a religious activity held in a virtual world. Just make sure that you connect with each other.


Staying active keeps everyone feeling young, especially older couples. Try having a dance night so you can get up and move around. You can do line dances or just about any kind of dance you are comfortable with.

Something New

Learning something new is another unique item on the stay at home date ideas. You will need to figure out something you can learn together. It might be something your partner has been looking forward to learning before now. Even if you don’t learn it all in one sitting, at least get started. You can start a new language or something like Yoga.  There are several places online that can help you get started.  You should choose things that you want to learn that can connect both of you.

Tie Dye Craft

Here is another great stay at-home date idea that can enable you and your spouse to get creative, have fun and make the moment count. Simply get a tie-dye kit and some light-colored clothes you will use for the designs. Make some great designs with your partner. You can create designs that will serve as your souvenir for the at home date. You can blend this with some old-school music.

No Technology

This is another great idea to try out with your partner. Put all forms of technology aside so that it’s just you and your partner. There will be no outside world interference through text, chats, etc. There is no eye contact with any gadgets. It’s no distractions, just you and your partner. You can either move them aside or pick a room in your home where you can put them. It’s just you and your partner having fun and doing whatever activity you choose.

Read a Book

Reading a book is the next at home date idea. Find a nice short romantic book that you can read together. Take turns reading it to each other while you discuss the book content. Pick a book in a love theme or something you and your partner enjoy together. It will enhance your connection with your partner if you do it regularly.

These are great and simple stay at home date ideas for couples. These ideas are not expensive. Anyone can afford these ideas without breaking the bank. This list was made with your pocket in mind. It only calls for creativity. It means the great things in life that will impact your love life with your partner may not necessarily be expensive. It’s nice to do something outside the box. The more creative you are about it, the more you enjoy it.

Relationships are all about growing and having fun. You don’t want it to get stale and repetitive. Try out as many of these stay at home date ideas as you want. I’m sure that you and your partner will enjoy them.


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