15 Rainbow Sensory Bottle Ideas

Rainbows are simply magical to children – they’re colorful, mysterious and so beautiful to look at. Making a rainbow inspired sensory bottle can be pretty magical too which is why we are sharing fifteen rainbow sensory bottle ideas that invite children to enjoy the colors and wonder of rainbows!

15 Rainbow sensory bottles for kids

15 Rainbow Sensory Bottle Ideas

Sensory bottles are an amazing tool to help little ones explore with their senses. Not only are they a fun, mess-free form of sensory play, but they are also portable – easy to carry around your home or classroom, or taken out with you, making them easy to use as a calm-down tool whenever your children would benefit from five minutes of peace and grounding. 

Whether they are as simple as the Calming Rainbow Jars by Fun A Day on the list below or more complex, like our Rainbow Density Bottle, your kids will have fun making and enjoying these colorful rainbow sensory bottles.

1. Rainbow Water Beads Sensory Bottle by Childhood 101
This colorful sensory bottle is mesmerizing and so simple to make!

2. Musical Rainbow Sensory Bottle by Kids Craft Room
Use colorful pom poms, rice and ribbon to create this musical sensory bottle that makes a fun addition to preschool music lessons.

3. Rainbow Bear Sensory Bottle by Preschool Inspirations
This rainbow bear bottle is perfect for practicing color recognition and counting.

4. Rainbow Discovery Bottle by Preschool Inspirations
Create this amazing rainbow sensory bottle using only a few simple materials. 

5. Rainbow Density Bottle by Childhood 101
Explore the scientific principles of density to create this cool rainbow sensory bottle with older kids.

6. Rainbow Sky Sensory Bottle by Kids Craft Room
The rainbow sky sensory bottle looks amazing and as a bonus, it makes rain sounds when shaken!

Rainbow sensory bottle ideas

7. Dried Corn Sensory Bottle by Fun A Day
This dried corn rainbow sensory bottle is perfect for autumn/fall.

8. Alphabet Sensory Bottle by Modern Preschool
Practice letter recognition with your little one using this rainbow alphabet sensory bottle.

9. Glow In The Dark Sensory Bottle by Childhood 101
This glow-in-the-dark sensory bottle is magical to observe in both light and dark.

10. Rainbow Dots Sensory Bottle by Still Playing Preschool
Rainbow colored transparent dots make this an especially magical rainbow sensory bottle to use with a light source, like a light table.

11. Calming Rainbow Glitter Jars by Fun A Day
Or make these fun rainbow glitter bottles for a simply sparkly sensory bottle project.

15 rainbow sensory bottle ideas

12. Easy Rainbow Shaker Bottle by Fantastic Fun And Learning
Using sequins and glitter create the Shake the Rainbow bottle, sure to delight any glitter-loving kid with less mess.

13. Slow Motion Calm Down Bottle by Childhood 101
Add an array of small rainbow colored Lego bricks to our magical slow motion mixture for a wonderful calm down sensory bottle that works for all ages – even adults!

14. Rainbow Dice Sensory Bottle by Happy Toddler Playtime
Practice number recognition and other math skills using this rainbow-dice sensory bottle.

15. Mini Rainbow Sensory Bottles by The Kavanaugh Report
These mini rainbow sensory bottles are great for tiny baby hands.

15 rainbow sensory bottles for sensory play

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