16 Budget Spring Decor Ideas

Looking for simple budget spring decor ideas?  Here are 16 ideas including a moss runner, DIY topiary, spray-painted basket and simple flower arrangement.

Make your home look fresh and new with items from the dollar store, repurposed items, and the grocery store. We rounded up 16 decorating ideas for $16 or less.

budget spring decor

I think those are two of my favorite words on this planet.



Just look how lovely they are together.

And when I read them?  I think of one thing.


I’m thinking about spring and budget sales and warm weather and flowers and sunlight dancing across the yard because it was 80 degrees here yesterday. 

You are probably laughing right now.  You’re thinking…girrrrrllll….80 degrees?  Please.  We are under four feet of snow right now.

I get it.

I understand.

This post today is meant to brighten our days and warm all our hearts and help us see the light at the end of the winter tunnel.

Here are 21 budget spring decor ideas just for you.

budget spring decor moss runner


1. moss table runner

This is such a simple spring project and perfect for bridal showers or a spring table.

It’s moss.

You know.

The kind that comes in a roll.

The kind that you pick up in the craft store and have no idea what to do with it.

Why not make a runner?

Here’s the simple DIY.

budget spring decor twig vase


2. Twig vase

If you have a glass vase and twigs, this is the project for you.

Our yard is full of twigs like this that winter left behind.

When life hands you twigs, why not make a vase.

Here’s the DIY for this budget spring decor idea.

budget spring decor DIY topiary


3. DIY topiary

To make this topiary all you’ll need is a pot of ivy and a wire coat hanger.

I know the coat hanger might be hard to find.  We mostly have plastic here.

Check with your local dry cleaners.

And then?

Follow these simple DIY instructions.

budget spring decor spring mantel


4. DIY burlap bow

This budget spring decor DIY takes minutes.


And it makes one of the prettiest, simplest, BIGGEST bows for your spring decor.

The key is in the ribbon.  You can find all types of 5″ burlap ribbon at your local craft store.  One roll will make two of these bows.

See the DIY instructions here.


5. pom pom pillow

This simple pom pom pillow is made with fabric glue and tassels.

These white pillow covers zip up and you can find them at IKEA for only $6.99.

Here’s the simple DIY.

budget spring decor flower arrangement


6. watering can flower arrangement

All you need for this simple budget spring decor idea is a watering can and a bunch of grocery store flowers.

Take a piece of wet foam and insert into the center of the watering can (this one came from Target from Joanna Gaines line).

Then cut the end of the flowers and arrange them in the can.

I’ve seen a fun flower arrangement done with umbrellas, too.


7. coffee filter flower

Nothing says budget like coffee filters.

And the best part?

They make the cutest flowers.

Here’s a simple DIY on how to dye the coffee filters and make roses.

8. decorate with branches

I created my spring mantel and realized I needed green.

As in branches.

This is just a simple glass vase filled with leaves.

That’s it.

As in FREE.

Sometimes the best budget spring decor ideas are the ones you don’t overthink.

Vintage Papers


9. decorate with book pages

I found a vintage encyclopedia and decided to decorate with these pages.

You can make your own hanger.

It’s just a plaque from the unfinished wood section of Hobby Lobby.

We painted it white and attached these clips from the office supply store.

And then I clipped on some book pages.


10. simple embroidery hoop arrangement

This is such an easy arrangement.

I’ve seen the cutest embroidery hoop wreaths that hang on the wall.

I took the same idea and made a table arrangement.

Here’s the simple DIY.

11. Jute twine nest

This is an almost free spring project.All you need is jute twine and a little glue.You can see how to make it here.

12. Garden obelisk from embroidery hoops

I made these garden obelisks for the front porch.

And the best part?

They are made out of embroidery hoops.

See the entire DIY here.


13. flower basket

I made this flower basket for my spring decor.

It’s actually 1/2 of a flower bunch from Trader Joe’s.

Place wet floral foam inside the basket and cut the ends of the flowers and tuck them inside.

You can see four other ideas for decorating with this window here.

And a fun idea to decorate this basket here.


14. burlap flower

I’ve seen these in stores before for $15 or more.

But why pay that much?

Especially when you can just make your own.

See the simple DIY here.

15. eucalyptus and flower spring wreath

This wreath is so easy to make.All you need is 30 minutes and some flowers and branches.See the entire DIY here.

16. beaded spring pot

Looking for an easy planter project?This beaded spring pot is so simple to make.See the DIY here.

I hope you found a little budget spring inspiration.

I hope it warmed your heart.

I hope your spring decor is as amazing as you are.

And just remember.

Even though it might be cold today?

Warmth and sunshine and YARD SALES are just around the corner. 🙂

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