161 Organization Hacks that Can Keep Anyone (Even You DIYers) Organized

If keeping things organized around your house is becoming a problem, you may need some organization hacks to help you out. I’ve made a list of life hacks that will make a difference in anyone’s life.

Organization Hacks For Every Room In Your House

I do my best to have our home as organized as possible. But with all my crafting, my two kids, our dog and even my husband, it can be challenging to have the house organized at all times. Just putting things back to where it should be can be time consuming. So to remedy our situation, I searched for organization hacks that will not only make my life easier but keep our household organized, too. If you’re a mom like me or just want to get some organization tips and tricks, check out this list to have everything organized in no time!


1. 23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage

Let’s be honest, one of the most popular collectibles are mugs and more often than not they used up more space than we’re willing to provide. If you’re losing too much kitchen space for your mug collection, it’s best to keep your mugs within arm’s reach. Just like these 23 awesome ways to organize them!


2. 51 DIY IKEA Hacks For Your Crafting Space

Who doesn’t love the look and trend from shiny catalogs, like IKEA? If you’re one of those you droll over IKEA items but roll your eyes out because of its will cost an arm and leg, then these 51 craft room IKEA hacks for crafting space will become your best friend for storage.


3. 8 Clever DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

Let’s face facts here, women in nature loves shoes! If you have more pairs than you can handle and can’t stop acquiring more, then you must know how to keep them looking and feeling new. These 8 clever DIY shoe storage ideas will help you protect your shoe investment.


4. 25 Smart DIY Toy And Crafts Storage Solutions

Once you come home with a bundle of joy, toys also start coming into your house. And more often than not, you’ll end up overrun by toys. It will get totally messy if you don’t have enough storage, but worry not because these smart DIY toy and crafts storage solutions won’t miss a thing of keeping your precious ones most love toys in order.


5. 13 DIY Garage Storage Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

The garage is the one place where almost everyone dumped unused or out of date items. Revamping your garage space to make the most out of its available space doesn’t have to be costly. Check out these 13 DIY garage storage ideas and start decluttering your garage.


6. 5 Space-Saving Kitchen Organization Ideas

When organizing our kitchen we often ignore the extra space, so that you can make your kitchen clutter-free and make your space truly work for you. These space-saving kitchen organization ideas will surely help you out.


7. 15 Sewing Room DIY Organization Ideas For Sewing Mavens

Love sewing but your sewing room is in total mess? It’s time to give it some organization and say goodbye to mess with these sewing room DIY organization ideas. Have everything in their place from scissors down to your pins.


8. DIY Hanging Shelves

Add more storage space in your garage or basement without the clutter by making DIY hanging shelves. These shelves are definitely one of the best hacks when it comes to maximizing space.


9. Unique Ladder Shelves

Do you know how to create a usable space in narrow spaces in your home? These unique ladder shelves will give extra storage even in the tightest corner of your home to display or store your precious trinkets.


10. Repurpose A Dresser Drawer As An Underbed Storage

There are tons of people who are repurposing old dressers by removing its drawers and using baskets in their place. Take old drawer and give it a new lease on life by adding castors, repainting, and a bit of your TLC – you’ll have smart under bed storage you can use in your guest room to store extra blankets, in your bedroom for excess shoes and clothings, or in your kid’s room for toys.


11. Toilet Paper Roll Cord Organizers

Keeping your cables organized doesn’t need to be a challenging task. It should be effortless! Simply wind up your cords and stuff it inside a toilet paper roll and label them. Then, jazz it up with some washi tape for a nicer look.


12. Turn A Wine Rack Into A Towel Holder

This ingenious idea really rocks! And what’s the best parts? This organization hack provide the much-needed space for storage in tiny bathrooms.


13. Binder Clip Freezer Organization

Does your freezer look like a pile of meat and packaged food you have no idea what? Use binder clips to get more space and easily see what you have in the freezer.


14. Velcro Remote Control Organizer

Want a solution to the worldwide problem we all encounter, missing remote control? Keep them organized and in one place with some velcro!


15. Label Your Cords

Never again to unplug the wrong thing and spoil the excitement! See how wonderfully labeled these cords are? I love the bright hues, they instantly seize your attention – making it easier to identify what cord is for.



16. Lotion Bottle As Cellphone Charging Station

This one has totally caught my eye! At first look, I thought this holder was a customized item bought at the store, but it’s not! This useful accessory was crafted from scratch using an empty lotion container. The fabric was attached around the outside portion to give it a beautiful finished look. It’s lightweight, thin, and you can easily hook around the plug without affecting the connection.


17. DIY Tank Top Organizer

Got a pile up tanks consuming to much space in your drawer or closet? Want to save up some space and keep your tanks in order? All you need is a hanger and some shower curtain rings. Attach the rings to your hanger, then plunge in the tanks straps before closing the rings. This amazing technique would also works great to ties, necklaces, belts, hats, and scarfs.


18. Hair Ties Organizer

Got tons of those hair ties everywhere? There wee size can freely mixed up with everything, or descend at the bottom of your drawer never be seen again. Keep them in one place and in order using carabiner. Simply loop them in!


19. Reuse Shoe Organizer As A Makeup Organizer

If you have an incredible makeup collection (lucky you!), you know exactly how hard it is to find suitable space keep them organized. A shoe organizer attach at the back of your door provides extra space to keep them in one place and easily find them when you need them.


20. DIY Ribbon Dispenser

Don’t let your precious ribbons slip off of its roll and get tangled before you get the opportunity to use them. Repurpose a paper towel holder to hold your entire collection, and lets you create a pretty patterns on full display.


21. DIY Rolling Book Basket

Want clever storage you can easily move from one place to another? Simply attach a board and wheels at the rear end of a wire basket to create a DIY rolling book basket. Don’t limit this smart storage with just books, because it’s also perfect for your craft supplies, your kid’s toys, or with anything that comes to your mind.


22. PVC Pipe As Second Hanging Clothing Bar

Easily add a second hanging clothing bar inside your closet by using shower curtain rod or pvc pipe and some rope. This idea is great small spaces and for children’s closet, obviously children would have a hard time reaching the top bar.


23. Seed Organization Box

If you love your garden, you should also love your seed! Keep them organized and access them with ease using this upcycled seed organization project.


24. Organize With A Tension Rod

I’m sure you have a similar problems with a messy kitchen sink. This is an ingenious solution to get more space and get your cleaning supplies organized.


25. Cord Identifying Hack

Here’s another clever solution on how to label those messy cords. Don’t take bread tags for granted. This can save you a lot of time with those messy and tangled cords.


26. DIY Rope Basket

If you love adorable ways to jazz up any room in your home, then this super cute and easy DIY rope basket is must in your DIY list. It’s an amazing way to keep the clutter off the floors while giving your room some trendy style.


27. Tin Can Hairbrush Holders

It is a usual scene in our bathroom that my hairbrush is just on top of our drawer. I’m so glad I found this upcycling idea to keep them neatly stashed in the cabinet. Pretty awesome!


28. Plastic Animal Toothbrush Holder

Is it a challenge getting your kids brush their teeth? I’m sure this wild-venture idea would help and even the young at heart will have a giggle. To make one, use a hollow plastic animal. Draw the circle of the brush handle into the animal’s back, then cut the holes with a craft knife.


29. Install A shelf On Top Of Your Bedroom Door

Above your bedroom door is a space waiting to be occupied. DIY and install storage shelf right on top of your bedroom door and you use it to store anything you want.


Want more organization hacks? Check out this closet organization hacks video from Spankle Valentine TV:

With all those organization hacks, I’m sure you’ll have your home organized and clutter-free. My biggest takeaway on this is, if you want to save space, hang it!

Did you enjoy our list of organization hacks? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these organizing tips.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on April 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.