18 DIY Cufflinks Ideas Perfect As A Gift For Father’s Day

Looking for some DIY cufflinks ideas? If you’re in search of the perfect gift for the man in your life, this may just be it. Take your pick from this list!

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Homemade Cufflinks That Your Man will Love

DIY Cufflinks Ideas

Having a hard time finding a gift for the main man in your life? Don’t worry, I feel you! I know exactly how hard it is to look for a perfect gift for your #1 man. Why not create something special just for him? He will love anything you made with love.

That said, nothing says class and celebration like cufflinks, which can cost a pretty penny. So I searched far and wide to find some great DIY cufflink ideas that you can use to create a fabulous set for your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, etc.

1. Repurposed Rivet Cufflinks


Choose the design of your choice and follow the instructions here.

2. Monogrammed Leather Cufflinks


Simple but elegant. And very masculine! Find the details here.

3. DIY Steampunk Cufflinks


Go funky with this steampunk cufflinks idea. Check out the tutorial here.

4. 5 Minute DIY Cufflinks

A last-minute gift idea that will be a surefire hit! Find the tutorial here.

5. Custom Wedding Cufflinks


Why not go with personalized cufflinks for your big day or other special occasions? See the tutorial here.

6. DIY 60 Second Cufflinks


Cufflinks in a minute? Why not?! Check the tutorial here.

7. DIY Baseball Cufflinks


Repurpose those old baseballs and create cool personalized cufflinks. Perfect for the baseball fan in your life. Step-by-step tutorial here.

8. DIY Kid-Designed Cufflinks Design


Your father will love these, and appreciate the effort. Find the full tutorial here.

9. Upcycled Blue Pencil Cufflinks


Truly beautiful upcycled cufflinks. More details here.

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10. Scrabble Cufflinks


Be witty and wordy with these scrabble cufflinks. Hint: use his initials. Get the scoop here.

11. DIY Bullet Cufflinks

“Once you point the gun, you better pull the trigger.” Forget that! Create bullet cufflinks instead. Watch the video tutorial here.

12. Polymer Clay Cufflinks

Looking for a totally unique DIY cufflink idea? Try making them with Polymer clay. The video tutorial can be seen here.

13. Batman Cufflinks


Does your hubby love comic books and action figures? Then these are the cufflinks for him! Check out the tutorial here.

14. Heart Cufflinks

Who said that you can only make a heart cufflinks for Valentine’s Day? The full video tutorial can be seen here.

15. Fabric Cufflinks


The best part: you can match them to your tie or bow tie! Details here.

16. Crochet Emoji Cufflinks


You only need some yarn to make these adorable cufflinks. Find the details here.

17. Button Cufflinks Tutorial


Looking for a really simple DIY cufflink idea? Try this one. Click here for the easy tutorial.

18. Retro Lego Cufflinks


Building blocks? More like great for building cufflinks! Follow the tutorial here.

Want to see how to make bullet cufflinks? Get the tutorial here from Inspire to Make:

Cufflinks complete a look. It’s like a cherry on top of a cake if you think of it on your suit. Some think it may be small and go unnoticed but is a great way to showcase your personality in formal attire.

These cufflinks are great Father’s Day gift ideas. They are small but will be really appreciated by dads.

Which DIY cufflinks will you try? Let us know below in the comments!


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18 DIY Cufflinks Ideas

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2016, and updated for quality and relevancy.

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