18 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas That Are Perfect for New Relationships (Without Going Overboard)

The heart-thumping, butterfly-inducing thrills of a new relationship! There’s nothing quite like new love. The exciting beginnings of new relationships are filled with discovery, passion, and new experiences. If you’ve begun falling for a certain someone recently, you might have noticed a major improvement in your mood. As it turns out, you aren’t imagining that lovey-dovey, top-of-the-world feeling; instead, your body is physically reacting to your newfound sweetheart.

“New relationship energy is the phase when feel-good chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin flood your brain and body,” sex educator and author Marla Renee Stewart previously told Well+Good.

According to sexologist and relationship expert Megan Stubbs, this surge in infatuation is typical amongst most new relationships and can lead to that can’t-get-enough urge for closeness. Add in chilly winter weather and heartwarming holiday festivities, and you might find it difficult to pry yourself away from each other.

“New relationships are often high on energy, so it’s not a surprise that you want to spend every waking moment talking, connecting, or otherwise,” says Stubbs.

With the holidays fast approaching, you might be thinking about potential gift ideas for your new relationship When it comes to selecting a gift for a new partner, it’s important to consider the state of your budding relationship. Opulent gifts like diamond jewelry, while lovely, can add unnecessary pressure to new relationships. Similarly, overtly sexual gifts may send the wrong message, especially if you and your partner are just beginning to explore areas of intimacy.

Keeping these precautions in mind, gift giving in a new relationship can be a blast! It’s an opportunity to show you’re passionate about their interests and a way to express just how much you care about them. Without further ado, here’s our 18 favorite gift ideas for new relationships, sure to dazzle your new love interest.

The best gift ideas for new relationships

1. Concert tickets to see a band they love

Photo: Getty Images / Klaus Vedfelt
Stub Hub Concert Tickets

Material things can break over time, but memories last forever. Gifting concert tickets to see their favorite artist shows that you’ve been paying attention to what they play when they’re handed the AUX cord. Stub Hub has tickets to a wide range of big name touring acts, including Harry Styles, The 1975, and Paramore. If live music isn’t their thing, check out Stub Hub’s variety of tickets to live comedy acts and pro sports games.

2. Classic, understated jewelry

Mejuri, Sapphire Choker — $68.00

There’s a way to gift jewelry in a new relationship without going over-the-top and seeming too earnest. For newer couples, fancy jewelry purchases can be risky, especially if you don’t have a good grasp on what their personal style is. Classic jewelry pieces like Mejuri’s Beaded Huggie Hoops and Sapphire Choker are understated enough to compliment every style, yet striking enough to garner some ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.’

3. An adventure challenge book written for two

The Adventure Challenge Book: Couple’s Edition — $50.00

New relationships are exciting! Both parties are embarking on a new journey together, learning about each other as they go. This PG-rated adventure challenge book contains 50 fun scratch-off challenges to do together, ranging from re-creating your grandparents’ first date to painting a masterpiece.

4. Cooking classes to learn a new skill together

Photo: Getty Images / zeljkosantrac
Sur la Table Cooking Classes

If you and your partner have found yourselves in a take-out for dinner slump, mix things up with a professional cooking class. Sur la Table offers tons of delectable date night cooking classes where you can learn to sear the perfect steak or bake a delicious apple pie. You can get your hands dirty at one of their in-store classes across 23 states, or tune in for an online class from the comfort of your own kitchen.

5. A chic weighted blanket big enough for two

Bearaby Hugger Weighted Blanket

The psychological benefits of weighted blankets continue to dazzle us. Luxury weighted blanket band Bearaby beats out the competition with their luxurious massive weighted knit blankets, perfect for cuddling up with your boo next to a crackling fireplace.

6. A map showing the night sky when you first met

OurLoveWasBorn, Custom Night Sky Star Map — $46.00

How did the stars align on the evening you and your partner first met? Find out with this romantic night sky map, which shows how the stars and constellations were in motion on your anniversary. This printed poster is completely customizable, giving you creative control over the background color, the frame used for the poster, and the font styles used on the print.

7. A camera to capture new memories

Polaroid Originals Now i-Type Instant Film Camera — $153.00

Smartphone selfies are great, but there’s something romantic about snapping photos with a real camera. This retro-looking Polaroid instant camera comes with everything you need to capture new memories, including 10 photo frames, hanging pins, and twine to create a decorative wall hanging of your favorite snapshots.

8. A retro way to listen to their favorite albums

Victrola Re-Spin Sustainable Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player — $100.00

This Victrola record player comes in four beautiful shades and features a lockable suitcase design, allowing you to stow it away in smaller spaces. The Re-Spin record player is made from 25 percent recycled plastic and comes equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect your smartphone to the speaker when you don’t feel like digging out a record.
Bonus: digging for vinyls at your local record store is a killer weekend date idea.

9. A cuddly plush clone of their pet

Cuddle Clones, Original Plush Cuddle Clone — $224.00

If your partner’s BFF is their cuddly furbaby, you can show them some love with a custom plushie. Cuddle Clones can create a soft, squeezable, life-like plush version of your partner’s furry friend or childhood pet, perfect for long trips away from home. This gift will get you an in with Fido, no barks about it.

10. A special edition version of their favorite book

Dune by Frank Herbert, Penguin Galaxy Edition — $21.00

Gifting a beautiful special edition of their favorite classic novel is a surefire way to surprise them. Remembering little details like their favorite book shows that you genuinely care about their interests, and if they’re an avid reader, chances are their copy is a little worse for the wear. The Penguin Galaxy collection, the Penguin Clothbound Classics collection, and the Barnes and Noble Collectible Editions collection are full of beautifully-crafted hardcover editions of classic novels.

11. A heartfelt way to send messages

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger — $100.00

This spinning heart messenger box is the most adorable way to send your new love “thinking of you” texts. Simply download the Lovebox app on your smartphone and send your partner messages throughout the day. When your partner receives a message from you, the chunky red heart on the front of the Lovebox spins around in a frenzy until they open the box to read it.

12. A custom trio of craft candles

Otherland The Threesome Candle Gift Box — $89.00

At-home spa gifts like aromatherapy oils and bath bombs can offer a relaxing way to unwind, but if you’re in a new relationship, you might not know their scent preferences. This eclectic, luxe candle trio from Otherland is customizable, allowing you to pick out three different scents from their collection of 29 seasonal and year-round candles.

13. A scratch-off book of movies you can watch together

100 Movies Scratch Off Bucket List Book — $34.00

This one’s for the cinephile couples! This movie bucket list book is a fun activity that you and your partner can slowly work through together during movie nights. Each movie page has blank spaces to leave your own reviews and attach photos or ticket stubs. After watching the movie together, scratch off the foil panel to reveal an illustration related to the movie.

14. Novelty socks to keep them warm through winter

Hotsox, Men’s Out of Office Crew Sock — $12.00

I’m not sure who started the running joke about getting socks at Christmas, but I, for one, love getting witty socks as a gift. Novelty socks are a fun, light-hearted gift, perfect for new relationships. You’re sure to get brownie points if the socks nod to their favorite fandom, too.

15. A card deck that generates thousands of date night ideas

Uncommon Goods, Mix It Up: Date Night Generator — $25.00

This card deck contains three different card stacks, with one containing dinner suggestions, another containing movie suggestions, and another containing wild card prompts describing what the dinner or movie should include. Pick a random card from each stack, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind date idea. With thousands of different possibilities, this card deck makes movie night lulls a thing of the past.

16. A custom keychain featuring “our song”

Personalized Song Keychain — $9.00

Capture the magic of your couple’s anthem in this one-of-a-kind custom keychain. After placing your order, simply send your photo and keychain message to the seller on Etsy.
At just $9, this fun customizable keychain makes for a great stocking stuffer.

17. A niche coffee table book that shows you pay attention

The Rainbow Atlas: A Guide to the World’s 500 Most Colorful Places by Taylor Fuller — $19.00

Maybe your partner is an astrology geek or obsessed with outdoor ventures. Whatever their passions may be, consider gifting an illustrated or photo-filled coffee table book that embraces their niche interests. This gift adds oomph to their homestead while saying “I love what you love.”

18. Cozy slippers for lounging around the house

Birkenstock Zermatt Premium Shearling Slippers — $182.00

High quality slippers are the unsung heroes of holiday gift ideas. They’re cozy and warm, perfect for chilly winter evenings spent indoors. These shearling-lined slippers come equipped with Birkenstock’s world-famous cork bed, offering equal parts support and comfort for Netflix date nights.