20+ Bookish Pet Halloween Costumes, from Guinea Pigs to Great Danes

PETS IN CLOTHING. Whether you love it or feel bad for the pets involved, there’s just something about animals in costumes that you can’t help staring at. Whether you’re genuinely looking for ideas for your own pet’s Halloween costume or you just want to look at a bunch of pets in ridiculous outfits, I’ve got a selection for you. And, of course, since this is Book Riot, they all have a bookish bent. Some of these are handmade Etsy costumes, while others are cheaper mass-produced options.

We’re starting off with some small furry superheroes, and then I have a section on Star Wars costumes, which completely count because there are hundreds of Star Wars novels. Also, the dog in an AT-AT costume make me crack up every time. After that, I have a variety of Halloween pet costumes representing specific characters from books like Winnie-the-Pooh, Lord of the Rings, and even Sailor Moon. I couldn’t find any costumes from anything other than the biggest franchises of all time, so if you’re looking to add some diversity to your bookish Halloween pet costume, you’ll have to craft it yourself, unfortunately. (And then please send the picture to me.)

Now for a few disclaimers: please supervise your animals while they wear costumes, especially rodents. (Yes! There are guinea pig costumes on this list!) I am not liable for your budgie chewing through a tiny Lord of the Rings cape or your Saint Bernard swallowing a jaunty Sherlock Holmes cap. Also, these prices are accurate at the time of writing, but may have changed since then.

Enough preamble! Let’s get to the absolutely ridiculous photos of pets in bookish costumes!

Superhero Pet Costumes:

a photo of a small dog wearing a wonder woman costume, including tiara

Let’s start off with some superheroes. The fact that they got an over the shoulder pose from this dog is amazing in itself. You can dress your dog up as Wonder Woman ($20), or there’s a Supergirl option ($14).

a photo of a guinea pig wearing a Batman costume

Sure, dogs might make up the majority of costumes on this list, but I’m not leaving out the smaller critters! Here’s a Batman costume for small animals, like guinea pigs ($13). But there’s also a dog Batman costume ($21), a dog Batgirl costume including a tutu ($19), and a dog Robin costume ($20). Can you imagine dressing up your two dogs as a crime-fighting duo?? Incredible.

a photo of a dog wearing a Poison Icy costume

I cannot handle this picture of a dog in a Poison Ivy costume ($25). Who could see a dog dressed up like this and not be immediately delighted? I can’t imagine many dogs will leave on both a wig and bracelets on for long, but if you can get a photo in that time, I think it’s still worth it.

Star Wars Pet Costumes:

a photo of a cat and dog wearing knitted Yoda ear headbands/snoods

There are lots of Yoda pet costumes, but I couldn’t resist these photos. Also, the headband/snood approach might make it easier to wrangle your pet into than a multi-part costume. Here’s the cat or small dog headband ($9), the small dog snood ($17), and a larger dog snood ($22), but search your pet Halloween costume retailer of choice for lots more takes on pet Yoda costumes! Aaand here’s a porg pet costume, too ($20+).

photos of a dog and cat in Princess Leia costumes

Promise me that if you get your cat into this Leia buns headband ($15) that you will send me it on Twitter. I need it. And of course, there’s also the full costume option, available from small to extra-large ($28+).

a photo of a dog wearing a Chewbecca hoodie

This dog Chewbacca hoodie ($25) seems like it would be easier to put your dog in than most of the costumes on this list, plus it would be useable even outside of Halloween!

a photo of a dog wearing a Bantha costume with a rider

Truly, researching this post is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m not even a big Star Wars fan, but I still feel like I need this Bantha costume ($70).

a photo of a chihuahua wearing an AT-AT costume

I really tried to pare down the Star Wars costumes, but this photo cracks me up, so I had to share it with you. This AT-AT costume is available in small, medium, or large sizes ($20+).

a photo of a guinea pig wearing a stormtrooper outfit including a tiny helmet

You didn’t think I only included one guinea pig in a costume photo this post, did you? Here’s a small animal stormtrooper costume ($7).

General Bookish Pet Costumes:

a photo of a dog wearing a green cape with a leaf clasp

These Lord of the Rings-inspired pet hoods and capes ($25) are adorable, and they’re high on the “Will my dog let me put this on them?” scale.

a photo of a dog wearing a doghouse and Snoopy costume

I can’t get enough of dog costumes that give them a little rider. This Snoopy costume ($15) says it’s one size fits all dogs, but the reviews say it fits dogs around 20 pounds.

photo of a dog and cat wearing a Sherlock costume

Keep the cape from earlier but add a hat for this pet Sherlock costume ($24)! This is definitely one of the classiest costumes on this list, in case your pet has been invited to the fanciest of Halloween costume parties.

a bulldog wearing an IT costume

This pet IT costume is simultaneously elegant and unsettling ($62, or $80 for a custom size).

a photo of a tiny Sailor Moon costume

Sailor Moooooon (to the tune of the theme song)! This Sailor Moon pet costume is available from small to 3XL and custom sizes, and there are all the main Sailor Scouts colors ($45)!

a photo of a dog wearing a Beast costume

Look at this fancy little dog! This Beast costume ($45) is based on the Disney movie, but that’s based on the fairy tale, so it counts as bookish! Also check out this Etsy take on a Beast pet costume ($60).

a photo of a dog in a Snow White costume

Speaking of dog Disney costumes, here’s a Snow White one ($19)!

a photo of a pug in an eeyore costume

Put your mopey dog in an Eeyore costume ($21)! There are lots of variations on Winnie the Pooh pet costumes if you scroll down on this listing, including Tigger, Piglet, and Winnie the Pooh.

If you have multiple pets, this is a great option for matching costumes! You can order Thing 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 shirts in sizes x-small through 3XL ($16+).

a photo of a dog wearing a Willy Wonka costume

Is there anything better than a pet in an a detailed costume? This Willy Wonka dog costume is adorable ($19).

a photo of two dogs wearing Scooby Doo tags

If you have scrolled this whole post thinking, “My dog would not put up with this for five seconds,” here’s a pet costume for you! These Scooby Doo tags ($13) are an easy costume, and I’m counting it as bookish because there are many, many Scooby Doo books!

Sadly, those are all the bookish pet Halloween costume photos I have for you today. You might also like this list of books with pets on the cover, these bookish Halloween costume ideas, or these Halloween kids’ books.

- Danika Ellis