20 Creative Woodworking Ideas for Christmas

Preparing Christmas decorations doesn’t mean to be expansive. You can embrace natural material for your Christmas decor ideas. In this case, you can use wood materials. If you’re a beginner woodworker, you may be interested in learning how to make Christmas decorations. These decorations look great and can be easy to make. For example, you can build a wooden advent calendar, holiday sign, or a wooden Christmas tree. Then, use the remaining wood to make wooden candle holders. If not possible to have a real snowman, you can make a no-melt snowman from wood. These can be used as Christmas decorations for years to come. You can also make a wood nativity, create a wood wreath, wood ornaments, snowflakes, and more. Christmas is synonymous to the festive and joyful decorations. Be creative as you can then you can utilize wood materials to become an interesting Christmas decorations. Below, we have some creative woodworking ideas for Christmas.

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This DIY Christmas countdown calendar made of wood looks more natural because it is without polishing and repainting. To emphasize the Christmas theme in this calendar design, you can add Santa Claus ornaments that have the same material as your calendar, repaint this ornament with a combination of red and white colors to make it look more real. After everything is assembled properly, then you can put it on the table or hanging shelf area that is often visited by your guests or family when they come to the house. Vase wine bottles with the words JOY are additional decorations that can be obtained easily. DIY Christmas countdown calendar from countryliving.


Do you have wooden planks that are no longer used in your home? If so, then you can reuse it as one of the creative wood crafts that can perfect the Christmas theme in your home decor. Currently you can paint this wooden board with a white Christmas tree pattern that can be combined with a string light that has orange lighting. It’s not enough to get here, put some Christmas ornaments such as pinecones, greenery, candy cane and jingle bells. Usually this ornament is used for rustic or farmhouse-style home decoration. Wooden board Christmas tree painting from countryliving.


If you want to decorate a Christmas-themed house this year, then you can make a reclaimed wood ornament with a fairly large size. Big does not mean expensive, adjust the use of materials with the budget that will be used. This round wooden JOY has a red background so it looks bolder and of course can be used as the focal point of the room. Greenery, burlap and jingle bells are perfect ornaments that can be arranged on the top of this wooden JOY to make it look more attractive. JOY wooden sign from countryliving.


Not only in the room, now you can also decorate the porch using reclaimed wood crafts that are turned into a Christmas tree which is perfected with star accents on the top. The shabby color makes this wood craft seem more rustic and vintage. The design of reclaimed Christmas tree wood can be used as a welcome for your guests or family who come to the house, place it on the floor area close to a galvanized pot filled with several sets of pine leaves that are still fresh and green. You can try it easily without spending a lot of money. Christmas tree reclaimed wood from countryliving.


Don’t let your wall decorations look plain and boring, now you can apply an open wooden shelf that has a snowflake shape so that it can emphasize the Christmas theme in this room. Besides being able to be used as a wall decoration, this shelf can also be used as a place to store some Christmas ornaments such as pinecones, hanging red stars and greenery. Hang this snowflake rack using a rope that is sturdy enough so that it is not easily damaged when used for a long period of time. Because this shelf has a fairly large size, it can also be used as the focal point of the room. DIY snowflake rack from countryliving.


Reuse the leftover wood you have at home to turn it into a cheap and easy DIY Christmas-themed wood craft. You can use a striped pattern on Christmas socks that are repainted with a combination of beige and white. Add a mini box planter as an accent of greening the walls that can provide additional natural colors that are suitable when combined with any color that surrounds them. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little text on a black background so that it can be seen clearly as an additional wall texture. DIY wooden Christmas socks from countryliving.


The white shiplap wall in this living room decoration can be decorated with a wooden Christmas tree that looks more natural. No need to repaint to make it more on budget. This Christmas tree wooden ornament has a built-in storage rack so that it can function more functionally, besides the rack there are also several hooks that you can use to hang anything according to your needs. Fill this Christmas tree rack with a variety of small Christmas ornaments that are dominated by white and red colors so that your wall decorations look more festive and colorful. Christmas tree wooden shelf from countryliving.


Celebrate Christmas decorations in your home with some wooden slice state ornaments that have the same color, namely a combination of white and black. The more this ornament is used, the more festive and fun your home decor will be, you can make it easily. Next, add a matching colored rope at the top to make it easier to hang it in any area of the house to your liking. Look, doesn’t this small ornament look more elegant and beautiful. Wooden slice state ornament from countryliving.


One of the easiest wood crafts to make is a DIY wooden Christmas sign that can be perfected with a smiling Santa Claus pattern. This Christmas sign can be applied on the porch or on Christmas tree decorations or wreaths. Besides being able to be used as home decorations, this wooden ornament can also be a fun Christmas gift. You can make it together with your family to fill the void of time you have during the winter or weekend. DIY Christmas sign from countryliving.


Do you need decorations or ornaments to beautify an open shelf or Christmas mantel fireplace ? If so, then you can use wood that has been cut with the same shape and size to be arranged into a Christmas tree ornament that has a fairly small size. You can get this wood material easily at craft stores or you can buy it online. You can make more than one DIY Christmas tree with different sizes so that it can be used as an accent to emphasize the Christmas theme in your home. DIY small wooden Christmas tree from countryliving.


Wooden beads that are neatly arranged and arranged into a garland are one of the Christmas craft ideas that can be installed and used as Christmas mantel fireplace decoration ideas. You can combine them using strings that have a better thickness so they don’t break easily when used for a long time. You can paint some of these wooden garlands with red and white colors that are symbols or symbols of Christmas. Hang it using tacks with a size that is not too big. Wood beads garland from thepioneerwoman.


This snowflake stand made of wood can be repainted with white to make it look cleaner and shiny, besides that white is also a color choice that matches the original. Place this snowflake ornament on the table area, above the fireplace or in the windowsill area as a very fun Christmas decoration and gift. You can make it with a size large enough to make it look clearer when viewed from afar, perfect the existence of this snowflake ornament with a series of greenery that is installed under it neatly and regularly. Standing wooden snowflake from thepioneerwoman.


A wooden Christmas calendar that has a Christmas tree pattern is applied to a wooden board that has a fairly large size. You can make this Christmas calendar using several different colors of origami paper to make it look more colorful and fun. Next, paint and accent the Christmas tree using green to make it look bolder when combined with other ornaments around it. Put this calendar in your living room decoration which is an area frequently visited by guests or family. Calendar with Christmas tree pattern from thepioneerwoman.


Reuse the wood block you have to make a Christmas wood craft like Santa Claus so that it can be of better use, it’s a good idea to use color dominance by combining red and white to match the original. This wooden ornament can be placed between several house ornaments that have been repainted in white. For the eyes, you can use black paint and for the nose use a small red Christmas ball that is attached using adhesive glue. You can try it easily without spending a lot of money. Santa Claus ornament from thepioneerwoman.


Choose and use wood to make a Christmas house ornament that is repainted using pastel colors such as light green, purple, pink and blue. Pastel colors themselves are the right choice to give a bright impression on the craft you have. Around this Christmas house craft you can add a sprinkling of white powder that resembles snow, then a small Christmas tree and wreath are additional DIY crafts that you can get at the nearest craft store. Finish with the use of string light for a room decor effect that seems warmer and more dramatic. DIY wooden Christmas house from thepioneerwoman.


Metallic and glitter bulb lamps, which are equipped with wooden Christmas gift bags, are one of the most loved decorations among children. You can design this wooden tag according to your creativity so that it is more free without limitations. Use writing tags with several different paint color choices. Furthermore, this series of bulb ornaments has a variety of different colors so that it seems more colorful and fun of course. Christmas gifts tags from thepioneerwoman.


Complete the appearance of the red bottlebrush tree with a wooden hoop that is quite small, in this part of the hoop you can add a small green Christmas tree accent which is equipped with white powder resembling snow. You can hang it with a red ribbon to match the color of the bottlebrush tree so it blends in more perfectly without giving off a tacky color contrast. After everything is arranged neatly then you can install it anywhere according to the needs of room decoration. Wooden hoop with small Christmas tree from thepioneerwoman.


So that the leftover wood that you have at home is more useful, then you can reuse it as a Christmas craft that can be turned into a deer ornament that can be placed outdoors because the wood is stronger and stronger against all weather changes outside the room. This wooden deer is used as a porch decoration as well as an initial welcome for guests and families who come to the house. Finish and finish this wood deer with a pretty red ribbon that can be attached using a fairly strong adhesive glue. Wood deer from thekimsixfix.

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This wooden pallet painted in black can be painted with a white snowman pattern which has a fairly large size. For the snowman tie you can use red paper, while for the hat you can repaint it with a solid black color. After the paint pallet is dry, you can place it on the front yard or in any area according to your home decorating needs. Pallet wood snowman from thekimsixfix.

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Wreath is one of the pallet wood crafts that you can apply in Christmas-themed home decorations this year. It’s good now you can decorate it with a plain and patterned red ribbon which is perfected with a little ornamental plant. Hang it using hemp rope for a more vintage impression and look, hang it anywhere or it can be on an empty wall area. This pallet sculpture can be decorated into a charming round shape. Pallet wood wreath from thekimsixfix.