23 OF The Best Easy Balloon Games Kids Will Love

Selection of fun balloon games for kids that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. These games are perfect for parties or to simply help relieve kids boredom on a rainy day. 

The fun games are easy to coordinate and can be tailed in difficulty to suit all ages. Simply grab a bag of balloons and start the fun.

The best balloon party games

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If there is one thing that kids love, it’s balloons!

It doesn’t seem to matter how old the kids get, they still love to have them displayed at their parties.

BUT balloons are not just great to use as party decoration.

Balloons are also great to use for party games. In fact, there are so many party games that it makes them one of the easiest games to organise.

Simply arm yourself with bags of balloons and get to work on that balloon pump!

It doesn’t even matter if you holding a party or not. Balloon games can be used on any day and at any time as a great boredom buster. If you have some balloons in the cupboard, then you will definitely find a balloon game here that you can play.

What Games Can You Play With A Balloon?

There is definitely no shortage of ideas when it comes to balloon games.

The great thing is that all these games are easy to coordinate and don’t require you to do a lot of preparation. In fact most of these games can be prepared right before you want to play them.

Balloons can be used to play team relay races or for individual play games.

Read on to find LOTS of fun balloon games that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Balloons are great for games

Team Racing Balloon Games

1. Balloon Between The Knees Race

Yes, this is exactly as it sounds.

This game can be played as individual’s or as groups depending how many kids you have.

Individual’s: Stand the kids in a line and give them each a balloon to place between their legs. The kids have to race to the finishing line without loosing or popping their balloon.

Groups: Played in the same way, except divide the kids into teams have them run the race as a relay.

balloon between the legs

Photo by Allan Mas / Pexels

2. Plate Balloon Pass

This time the kids have to pass the balloons down the line whilst the balloon is balanced on a plate.

Each child is given a plate and the children have to pass the balloons from one plate to the other.

When the balloon is successfully passed down the line, the team wins.

To make it harder, make sure that the kids do not touch the balloons.

3. Foot Balloon Pass

For this game, have the kids sit in a circle. The kids have to pass the balloon around the circle using only their feet!

When the balloon is back to the original child, that team wins.

4. Under / Over Balloon Game

This is a great team game.

Divide the kids into teams and have them stand in a line. The kids have to move a balloon from one end of the line to the other.

The kids pass the balloon over their head to the child behind and then that child passes the balloon under the legs to the child behind. The kids repeat these moves until the child at the back is holding the balloon.

The child at the back runs to the front of the line and repeats the process.

Once the team has the original child at the front of the line, the whole team sits down. They are the winner.

5. Egg and Balloon Race

You know the game, egg and spoon race? Well this is exactly the same except you use balloons instead of eggs!

Don’t let the balloon fall off the spoon otherwise the kids have to go back to the starting line. And no cheating! The kids have to race with the other hand behind their back.

Play the game as a relay. The first team to finish is the winner.

Team Work Balloon Games

6. Balloon Tennis

This game is great for either dividing the kids into teams or pairing them up. The idea is that you play similar to tennis. 

The balloon is hit and the kids try and hit it back without it dropping on the floor in their area. If it drops, the other child or team wins a point. The first to reach say 10 points is the winner.

The children can either be given something to use as a bat like a paper plate or they can simply use their hands.

7. No Hands Balloon Tennis

Need to make the balloon tennis a bit more difficult? The eaiest way to do this is to not allow the kids to use their hands!

So they need to be creative. They can use their legs, arms, head or back. Anything to keep that balloon in the air and back to the other side.

8. Blow The Balloon

This game can be placed individually or as teams.

Each of the kids are given a balloon which is laid on the floor. The kids have to blow the balloon to the finish line. This could be as simple as blowing it straight or you could create an obstacle course for the kids to navigate on the way.

To play as a team, the children would take it in turns as a relay.

9. Balloon Word Search

Divide the kids into teams.

Make sets of balloons according to the number of teams you have. On 6 balloons you want to have the letters that spell out WINNER. So W on one balloon, I on another balloon, N on another balloon etc.

Alternatively you could write the name of the birthday child.

The balloons then need to be scattered around the party area (also with balloons that don’t have any letters on).

The aim of the game is for the kids to find all the letters to spell out the word. The first team to spell their word is the winner.

girl running with balloon

Photo by Chrofit the man to call / Pexels

Individual Balloon Games

10. Balloon Catch

Each of the kids are given a something to catch balloons in. This could be popcorn holders, or party cups. Something that is wide enough for the balloon to sit into.

Then simply let balloons fly into the air. Make sure there is at least one balloon per child.

The kids then try and catch a balloon in their funnel.

11. Balloon Drop

This is a simple fun game that will work well for 2 or 20 kids.

Before the party starts fix a cover just under the ceiling and cover it with balloons. The cover could be as simple as a plastic tablecloth. Ensure that the cover as a pull cord on it.

During the party, pull the cord and let the balloons fall. This will create a lot of excitement for the kids. Follow this easy tutorial to make one.

12. Balloon In The Air

Give each of the kids a balloon. The aim of the game is to simply keep the balloon in the air.

The child who can keep the balloon in the air for the longest period of time wins.

Girl tossing a balloon

13. Two Balloons In The Air

Is keeping one balloon in the air too easy?

There is a simple solution!

Give each kid two balloons. They have to keep both balloons in the air to win.

14. Balloons In The Air With A Pool Noodle

Yet another version of playing the balloon in the air games is to use a pool noodle instead of hands.

15. Balloon Stomp

Write down each child’s name on a separate piece of paper and insert into a balloon. Blow up the balloons and place them together on the floor.

The children are then given 15 seconds to pop as many balloons as they can. 

After 15 seconds, the kids who’s names have been popped out the balloon are out.

Play is set again for another 15 seconds with the children who’s names are still in the balloon.

The game is repeated until 1 balloon is left. That child is the winner.

16. Balloon Surprise Stomp

Blow up lots of balloons and place one little treat inside each balloon.

Let the kids start stomping the balloons to release all the treats.

17. Balloon Tie Stomp

Ensure that you have 2 balloons each per child and tie a string to the balloons. 

Ask the children to stand apart from each other and tie the balloons around their ankles.

Each child will have 1 balloon on each ankle.

The aim of the game is to stomp on the other children’s balloons. The child with a balloon still attach to their ankle at the end is the winner.

Make sure that ALL the kids have 2 balloons attached before the game is allowed to start.

18. Water Balloon Toss

If it’s a hot day, how about using some water balloons.

The kids would love a simple water balloon fight and it’s a great way to keep them cool.

water balloon toss

19. Drop and Go

Give each child a balloon to hold. Play some music and when the music stops, the child drops their balloon. They have to quickly find another balloon to pick up and hold.

This game could simply be played as a fun scramble. If you want to have a winner, remove a balloon from play each time the music stops. When a child does not find a balloon they are out. 

Continue play until only one child is left holding a balloon.

20. Balloon Darts

This game is only for the older kids where it is safe to throw darts!

You will need to inflate balloons and tie them through the holes of a peg board. Stand up the peg board and have the kids stand behind a safety line.

One at a time the kids can throw their 3-5 darts at the balloons. Give points to each of the balloons that are popped.

Craft Balloon Games

21. Balloon Faces

Let each of the kids choose a colored balloon. Then simply let the kids decorate their balloons into balloon heads.

They can use markers, stickers, glitter, pipe cleaners and what ever else you have on hand for some crafting fun.

Balloon Faces

Photo by Hybrid / Unsplash

22. Balloon Animals

Kids are fascinated by balloons that turn into animals. Learn to create some easy balloons animals that you can make for the kids, or have a go at teaching them so the kids can make their own.

23. Glow In The Dark Balloons

This isn’t technically a game but it is a lot of fun!

The glow balloons are perfect for evening or disco parties.

Simply add a glow stick inside a balloon and tie it. The easiest way to do this is to blow up the balloon first and then insert the glow stick before tying the balloon.

Make sure that you crack the glow stick before you place it in the balloon!

You can use these glow stick balloons as decoration or just to have around for playing with at a party.

Simply put, Balloons are FUN. They are a great party decoration and they are also perfect to be used to create some easy party games.

The great thing about balloons is that you are also likely to have several just lying around in the cupboard.

So on those rainy days, all you simply need to do is grab some and enjoy as many of these balloon games as you wish. The kids will have so much fun and rainy day boredom will soon disappear.

There is definitely no rule that says balloon games need to be limited to parties! Get them out and enjoy them.

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