24 Simple Sticker Activities for Sticky Play Without the Mess

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These simple and fun sticker activities are great for all ages and stages, as stickers are all around fun for everyone (plus they are fantastic for fine motor skills).

Stickers provide that fun sticky and sensory experience without any sticky mess.

Stickers are great to have for games, learning activities, crafts, fine motor practice and prewriting skills, and so much more.

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These sticker activities are a great way to spend time together with the kids in your life.

These simple and fun sticker activities are great for all ages and stages, as stickers are all around fun for everyone (plus they are fantastic for fine motor skills).

Sticker Activities For So Much Fun Anytime!

  • DIY Sticker Busy Box for Quiet Time Activities. This easy-to-prep DIY Sticker Busy Play Box uses stickers, paper, and crayons for many different sticker activities. It’s also a super practical activity, as it doubles as a storage solution for your sticker collection! Quiet time is the perfect time to encourage independent play and provide time to decompress from busy days.
  • Sticker and Tape Sticking Activity for Toddlers. So much fun can come from sticky things and this Simple Sticker and Tape Sticking Activity brings the fun in a very simple approach. Peel, stick, and place the stickers for fine motor practice and working on concentration. When completed, this activity makes a lovely piece of sticker artwork to display.
  • Super Cool Sticker Puzzle for Sticker Fun. Here is a great way to use the whole sheet of stickers (outline sheet and stickers)! This Sticker Puzzle for your Sticker Fan includes two ways to make a DIY sticker puzzle to engage sticker fans and puzzle fans. Grab a sheet of stickers and some paper to quickly setup this super awesome sticker puzzle.
  • Follow the Line and Match the Stickers Activity. The Follow the Line Sticker Match activity is perfect for some independent time or for an on-the-go activity as well. It works on hand-eye coordination, matching skills, and fine motor all wrapped into one fun activity. Setup is quick with a piece of paper and a sticker pack (that has matching stickers), invite the kids, and let the sticker matching begin.
  • Sticker Connect the Dots. Take and random stickers you have lying around and place them all over a piece of paper and have your child connect the stickers! If you have quite a few of the same stickers, have them connect all the matching ones. What will they make? If you’re creative, you can number the stickers and have them create an actual drawing, but sometimes it’s fun to see what they can create randomly! Get the how to at Powerful Mothering.
  • Sticker Drawing Prompts. The Artful Parents takes us down the road of strewing in her post (learn more here), one way to strew is to set out a paper and markers and a set of stickers to see what the sticker prompt to your child to create. Enjoy the creations!

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Let's Celebrate the Holidays with Some Stickers

Let’s Celebrate the Holidays with Some Stickers

Stickers are great because they can trace anything! Tracing is a great concept for kids to work on, it’s fantastic for prewriting.

Why not make it fun with some holiday stickers? Any holiday you’re celebrating, you can trace an image that celebrates that holiday.

Want to have fun at Halloween? Print out a ghost outline and trace it!

Anxious for Spring? Draw a flower and trace it!

Excited for Thanksgiving? Print out a turkey outline and trace the feathers! Color it in when you’re done.

The possibilities are endless. Here are a few more holiday sticker ideas that go beyond tracing if you want some more fun for the season.

  • Valentine Sticker Cards. Stickers are great for just decorating in general. It helps kids personalize and make something theirs without the ability of actually drawing. Use stickers to decorate and create Valentine cards!
  • Decorate Easter Eggs with Stickers. Bring the stickers along for some Easter fun. Decorate or Dye Easter Eggs with Stickers!
  • Create a Dot sticker American flag! Check out Gift of Curiosity for the how to. (Plus find more dot sticker activities listed below.)
  • Halloween Sticker Match Up. Get in the spooky Halloween spirit with a Halloween sticker match from Happily Ever After!
  • Christmas Tree Sticker Garland. Get in the holiday spirit by tracing the garland on a Christmas tree with stickers. Great for fine motor practice, tracing and plus it’s just fun for Christmas!
  • Hanukkah Star of David Sticker Trace. Print out a simple drawing of your favorite Hanukkah item (or just draw it yourself) and have your child place stickers along the lines. It’s amazing awareness and hand-eye coordination. Check out how we traced the Star of David with stickers.
How about a Learning Activity (or 6) with Stickers?

How about a Learning Activity (or 6) with Stickers?

Yes, stickers are a great fine motor activity. But, they can also help reinforce whatever it is your kids are learning, whether it’s the alphabet, uppercase or lowercase letters, their name.

And since it’s with stickers, these are such fun playful learning activities! Kids tend to just have fun with it and are usually open to learning whatever it is! (Much better than handing them a pencil and telling them to trace their name… right?)

  • Letter Sticker Name Match. If you have letter stickers, write your child’s name at the top of a piece of paper and have your child match the letters of their name, sticking the letter stickers below each letter, several times. If you don’t have letter stickers, go ahead and write the letters on dot stickers.
  • Name Trace with Stickers. Write your child’s name on a piece of paper and have your child trace the letters of their name using any stickers you have!
  • Vertical Sticker Activity for Counting Practice. Stickers are a great tool to use for counting practice and this Counting Vertical Sticker Activity for Preschoolers puts both together. This activity is focused around Easter eggs, but it can be used with any shapes or for any holiday. The goal is to practice counting and placing stickers on a vertical surface along a wall versus flat along a table.
  • Sticker Sort by Size. If you have a good variety of stickers, you can sort stickers by size! Check out Days of Grey and how they did it.
  • ABC Match Dot Sticker Activity. Using dot stickers, the stickers become whatever you want them to be! Write pairs of letters on the dot stickers and stick them to a piece of butcher paper. Then have your child find a letter and draw lines to the matching letter sticker! Check it out at Teaching Mama.
  • Easy Sticker Number Match! Simply draw numbers that your child is learning to count to and stick that number of stickers inside the number (or trace it, or under it…). Busy Toddler has all the details.

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Dot Stickers and What to Do with Them

Dot Stickers and What to Do with Them

A unique type of sticker with an endless amount of uses is the color dot sticker.

Dot stickers (affiliate link) are inexpensive and great to have on-hand for many different activities.

These dot sticker activities take sticker fun to a whole new level!

  • Toddler Dot Stickers. Set the stage for learning colors and building fine motor skills with dot stickers for toddlers from Happy Toddler Playtime.
  • Color with Dot Stickers. Draw a simple drawing on large piece of paper and let your child fill it in with the colorful dot stickers, check out the maker itself, Avery!
  • Circle the Dots Color Matching. Place the colored dot stickers around a large piece of paper and match up the colors with a marker and circle them! Check it out on Entertain Your Toddler.
  • Make a Dot Sticker Rainbow. Active Littles paired learning colors with dot stickers and making a rainbow.
  • Create Your Own Board Game! Busy Toddler creates her own board game using dot stickers and dice. Get the how to here.
  • Dot Sticker Tree Craft. Get creative and decorate a tree with dot stickers! You can do this for every season of the year. How cute would a set of those be? Check it out on Fun Learning for Kids!

Do stickers really help with fine motor skills?

Yes. Yes they do! Stickers require your child to focus, pinch and use hand-eye coordination. Stickers are generally small as well and require the child to really focus in on what they’re doing. They are fantastic for fine motor skills.

If you’re looking for more materials that help promote your child in prewriting, check out these 30 fine motor materials and what to do with them.

Stickers are an excellent supply to always have on-hand because you can always use them for a spur of the moment activity.

Either start building your sticker collection or grab the one you already have and let your sticker fan loose to create, build, match, count, and experience the endless fun of stickers.

24 Mess Free Sticker Activities. Stickers are an excellent supply to always have on-hand because you can always use them for a spur of the moment activity.

What are some other fun sticker activities that you have tried?

Please share in the comments below!