24 Winter Porch Decoration Ideas

Winter front porch decoration can really add an extra bit of flare to your home during the winter months. The first thing that most people think of when they talk about winter front porch decoration ideas is the snowman. Although this might be a nice centerpiece idea for your front yard, you should not limit yourself to just this or any other winter decorating idea. There are many more great ideas out there that will look great.

Classic White Theme

Winter front porch decor ideas are usually very simple, but the real challenge comes in when you are looking for those decorations that will make your house looks inviting. If you are looking for those great winter front porch decor ideas you can go for a white theme. You can apply all-white color for the walls, furniture and other accessories. To liven up the space, place a small Christmas tree then decorate it with lighting.


An easy way to decorate a porch in winter is to add accents of snow-tipped Christmas trees that will provide a stunning winter wonderland and will surely become a favorite this year. In addition, the winter porch which is dominated by white color also makes it easier for you to unite all the exteriors in one area, its classic appearance leans the decoration of this porch into a farmhouse style that never goes out of style. Snow-tipped Christmas tree as a porch decoration from homebnc.


When you have a winter porch that is dominated by white, there is nothing wrong with adding other colors to the wooden door and green garland that is applied as a beautiful door frame. Furthermore, the snow Christmas tree which is equipped with this lamp is also one of the multifunctional decorative items because it can illuminate this porch area at night brightly. Use pallet boxes for this Christmas tree for a more classic look. White winter porch with greenery garland ideas from homebnc.


White shades have always been a favorite home decor idea that you can try in any area with limited space. For example, you can try it on the porch area, you usually apply this white color to the shiplap wall and wooden ceiling. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use two green Christmas trees placed on both sides of the entrance with galvanized pots which can easily present a classic feel that is suitable when combined with a hanging lantern as lighting at night. White shiplap wall with Christmas trees on both sides of the door from homebnc.


Look when you apply string light to the Christmas tree area and the wreath hanging at the entrance, doesn’t it look dramatic and warm? You can choose a string light with dim lighting or not too bright. This white winter porch decoration idea can be done easily and cheaply, because you can use a natural Christmas tree with terracotta pots that have the same height and shape. The red and white ribbon attached to the wreath adds a beautiful color. Dramatic white winter porch from homebnc.


The Christmas tree has always been an important accent for decorating the winter porch to the fullest. Now you can blind this Christmas tree from burlap cloth and then complete it with a string light wrapped around it. You can bring the white nuance of this winter porch to life with the use of blankets and various patterns of throw pillows that are neatly placed on a wooden swing that is used as a comfortable sitting area. DIY Christmas tree burlap for white porch decoration from homebnc.

Decoarte Your Door with Wreaths

Probably the most popular thing to do is have an outdoor wreath on your front porch. You can use any type of flower you like. A red and white wreath looks great in the early part of winter. You can make your wreath from red berries and combinet it with white accents to present a snowflake.


To emphasize the winter decoration on your porch decoration, you can use a wreath decoration to hang it on the front door of your house. This wreath design consists of greenery, red berry and plaid ribbons that are neatly hung on the wreath. Another decorative item that you can use is a wooden Christmas tree that is hung right next to this wreath. With this, the appearance of the porch will feel more festive and fun. Winter wreath with plaid ribbon accent from countryliving.


Greenery and red berry are two perfect combinations that you can put together into a wreath design that you can hang on the front door as a winter porch decoration that is cheap and easy to make. This wreath decoration can be perfected by the use of a garland made of harmony that can be applied through the door frame which is dominated by white paint. Both of these decorations will work well to welcome your guests who come to the house. Combination of wreath with garland from thelilypadcottage.


Not only using red berry material for a wreath design that hangs on the front door of your house, instead of small red balls equipped with greenery, large monograms and beautiful and sweet red ribbons. Hang this wreath using a shiny gold ribbon for a more seamless look. Greenery wreath with red ribbon from hgtv.


The final option for decorating your winter porch is to hang a wreath made of plaid fabric with a splash of red. You can hang this wreath on both sides of the glass door as one of the fun symbols of winter. Furthermore, you can also use a greenery garland on the door frame which is equipped with a string light so that it can illuminate the porch area brightly at night. Hanging red plaid wreath from hgtv.

Install Lighting

Another great thing to do is add lighting to the inside of your front porch. Adding some Christmas lights to the top of your front door will help illuminate the path to your front yard as well as add some excitement to the winter season. Your front porch should be a welcoming welcome to every guest that comes to visit you. The lighting will add a Winter Wonderland type of feeling to your front yard and make it feel like more of a winter wonderland.


Christmas lights with a star shape are the best choice to put on a Christmas porch decoration this year. Star-shaped Christmas lights are specially designed to enhance the appearance of your Christmas porch at night. You can also add other lighting such as hanging lanterns if you feel that these Christmas lights are not enough lighting on your porch decoration. Christmas lights with star shape from grandinroad.


Make your Christmas porch decoration more cheerful and funky, one of which is by applying white light branch lights to the wreath area and neatly and orderly framing the door area. This lamp is like a tree branch without leaves so it looks more cute and unique because it is different from the others. White luminous branch lights from elledecor.


Make your Christmas porch decoration look brighter at night with the use of white glowing string lights that can be applied to the door frame and can also be wrapped around the pole area of your house. You can get these white string lights at the nearest light shop or you can buy them online. You only need to use this light at night to save more on expenses. White glowing string lights from elledecor.


When these Christmas lights are used as the main lighting in your porch decoration, don’t just use two or three string lights. You can use more of these lights and then hang them neatly like a waterfall. This lamp has white lighting so it is perfect for helping your journey to the house through the stairs safely and brightly. You can try this lighting idea cheaply. DIY waterfall string light from elledecor.


Hanging string lights, snowy wreaths and matching garlands on your porch decor will give this area a dreamy winter approach. The function of the separate string lights on the porch is very useful because it can illuminate the outdoor area and help your guests or family to come to the house. Christmas trees and lanterns are exterior Christmas decorative items that you can place on both sides of the entrance neatly. Hanging strings of lights with snowy wreath from elledecor.


The Christmas lights that are applied to some parts of the exterior porch are an important part at night to support your activities right away. Try applying it to Christmas trees, hanging wreaths and dry tree branch balls. Candles placed on the coffee table are additional lighting that seems warm and dramatic. Choose and use yellow Christmas lights for a warmer look. Yellow Christmas lights on the exterior porch winter from familyholiday.

Snowman Decorations

A popular idea for winter front porch decoration ideas is to use a snowman decoration on the front door. You can either make this yourself or you can simply buy a snowman decoration kit at your local craft store. The great thing about these kits is that they come with everything you need to construct the snowman.


No need to spend a lot of money to decorate your Christmas porch, now you can use a snowman wood pallet that is repainted with a plain white base color. After the paint used is dry, you can add accents to the eyes, nose, plaid scarf and black hat accents that are painted using solid black. After that, complete the existence of this DIY pallet snowman with a red lantern and a small Christmas tree placed right next to it. DIY snowman wood pallet from hgtv.


Consider using this rustic wood snowman to complete your Christmas porch decoration this year. Because the wood used looks shabby, you can combine it with burlap tape which is used as a scarf and other primitive touches such as a small bird cage attached to the front surface. This shabby white snowman paint adds a vintage touch that seems simple. Rustic wood snowman from homebnc.


Not everyone thinks of a snowman pallet for decorating your Christmas porch in winter. You can put this snowman right next to the entrance as an attractive initial welcome for your guests who come to the house. Add accents of a red scarf and a black paint cap to complete the complete snowman look. Corner pallet snowman design from homebnc.


You don’t have to put a snowman right in front of your door, now you can put this fairly large snowman on the front porch area near the entrance gate. This snowman accent is also equipped with a wooden sign that has a red background so it looks clearer. Look at the face of this snowman doesn’t it look happy and fun. You can add greenery decorations around the snowman as a refreshing accent that can be obtained easily. Sign snowman in the front porch from homebnc.

Snowflake Ornaments

Winter front porch decor ideas with snowflake ornaments are the perfect way to give a face lift to the exterior of your home. You can use these decorative items on the walls, floors, and even the trees. Or you can make it as a garland to get a festive look. A lot of people choose these ornaments for their outdoor space because they are beautiful and can be made from various materials. Snowflake ornaments come in a wide range of styles and designs that include motifs like stars, snowflakes, and Christmas trees.


Snowflake is one of the decorative items that can emphasize the winter porch decoration that you can try this year. You can apply this snowflake in the area leading to the entrance and in the rectangular window that has a solid black frame. Choose and use a red snowflake accent to make it look bolder when placed on the porch decoration which is dominated by black and white. Bold color snowflake decoration from hgtv.


An easy way to decorate porch decorations in winter is to hang some snowflakes using white ropes so they don’t look like they’re floating. You can make this snowflake accent from plywood that has been repainted using white so that it has a color that matches the feel of your current winter porch. Snowy wreath is a very appropriate choice of entrance decoration. DIY snowflake plywood from hgtv.


Don’t let your winter porch decoration appear plain and boring, now the thing you can do is hang some white paper snowflakes neatly and regularly using a strong rope so it doesn’t fly away when exposed to the wind. This DIY paper snowflake is also very easy to make and of course with a low cost, no need to paint or re-polish, let this snowflake appear white and plain. DIY paper snowflakes from homebnc.


Do you have reclaimed wood that is not in use? If so, then you can reuse it to make a creative snowflake design with several different sizes. For a more classic and vintage look, you don’t need to repaint. Arrange it into a series of snowflakes to make it look bigger and can be used as a focal point for fun winter porch decorations. Reclaimed wood snowflake from homebnc.


A series of snowflakes that are hung on the winter porch area is the right decoration that you can try cheaply and easily. You can use a variety of different sizes of snow accents for a more beautiful appearance. To add color to the porch area, you can repaint the window and door frames in green. Painting snowflakes on a galvanized bucket is a very easy Christmas accent addition. A set of white snowflake from familyholiday.

Winter is coming. Now is your time to welcome this season by having an appropriate winter front porch decoration.