25 Free Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns & Instructions

Don’t you love the rustic, Boho touch that macrame wall hangings add to a room? The good news is that you can easily make them at home. And trust me, mastering the craft of macrame is so quick and easy that you’ll want to display your work proudly!

It can be challenging to look for attractive but simple designs, though. Fortunately, I’ve got you covered with 25 free macrame wall-hanging patterns and instructions. You’ll also learn all about the basics of this craft, including what you’ll need. 

    Excited to start decorating your home with your craft? Then why wait? Dive right in!

    Tips for Making Macrame Wall-hanging Patterns

    Before you dive headfirst into your wall hanging project, here are a few tips to follow, especially if you’re a beginner. These will ensure your effort doesn’t go to waste.

    Easy DIY Macrame Wall Hanging for Beginners

    • To pick up speed and create perfect pieces, focus on mastering all the basic knots. Keep practicing to get better with this video
    • Don’t make the mistake of cutting your cord too short. Cut ropes at least four times the length of the wall hanging. 
    • You can practice with clothesline ropes, but they’re thick. For the final wall hanging, cotton ropes that allow fringe ends are the best. 
    • Eventually, you can experiment with different colors and textiles like jute, linen, hemp, and even leather to add your personal touch. 
    • Ensure the project is held secure vertically to avoid pulling it towards you while tying knots. 
    • Be careful not to tie your knot too tight or too loose. Otherwise, your entire wall hanging will look deformed. 
    • Remember to buy enough cord, considering the project’s length and breadth – and the fringe you want to add. Too much cord is better than running out of it. 
    • Keep going! The first few times you try may not give you a masterpiece. Consider these your practice projects, and don’t give up!

    Where Do You Hang Macrame When Working?

    While working, it’s best to hang the project vertically from a clothing rack rail to hang your dowel with S hooks or macrame cords. This lets you get the knot tension just right. 

    Placing the project down horizontally on a worktable may make it difficult to work with and understand the length and shape. You may also fail to achieve proper shape.

    Can You Do Macrame Sitting Down?

    You can easily do macrame wall hanging while sitting down. This is particularly easy if your workstation has a height-adjustable clothing rack to suspend the project. 

    It will allow you to cozy up on the floor, pull up a chair, or settle on the sofa while making the item. And stand up only when you need to!

    Macrame Wall Hanging Materials You’ll Need 

    It’s best to start your project in an organized way so you don’t have to keep interrupting your work. And when you have your craft material, you don’t need to worry about leaving your workstation. The essential items you need include the following – 

    1. Macrame Cords: Your nearby craft stores and online stores have a variety of cords that you can choose for your project. 
    2. Dowel/Rod/Stick/Driftwood: You’ll find one at hardware stores – and this is the base of the wall hanging to start weaving. 
    3. Measuring Tape: This is required for measuring the cord and the dowel according to your project requirement. 
    4. Scissors: The pair of scissors is for cutting your cords. 

    Best Rope for Macrame Wall-Hanging Projects

    For macrame wall hanging projects, the best ropes would be plied ropes and unplied (string) ropes. Ideally, you should choose 5mm plied ropes, though 12mm ropes would be better for large projects. As for unplied ropes, 9-12mm should work best. 

    Plied ripes have strands twisted together for thickness and durability. They allow knots to be firm and defined. On the other hand, unplied ropes are soft, and you can make supple knots. They are also great for wall hanging designs with fluffy fringes. 

    You’ll also find other popular materials of macrame cords, like floss, felted yarn, braided rope, and knit rope. They are also available in various materials like jute, linen, hemp, leather, etc., besides cotton. Try to experiment with different materials and textures.

    How to Estimate Macrame Cord Length

    How much cord you’ll need depends on the project size, knot width, dowel length, etc. You’ll need to find the length of each cord first and, accordingly, find the total cord length required for the whole project.

    Let’s take a closer look.

    Length of Cord for Each String

    1. You can follow the golden ratio to find the length of each cord. For that, consider the approximate length of the knotted part of the piece you want.
    2. Multiply it by 4 for a simple project or 6 for a complex one.
    3. Then, multiply it by 2 to account for the cord required to attach the piece to a dowel. 
    4. After that, consider the length of the fringe and multiply it by 2. 
    5. Add this to the previous measurement to get the total length of each cord needed for the project. 

    Number of Strings

    1. Next, you’ll need to find the number of strings you want on the dowel. For that, take a cord and tie it to the dowel. Measure the width of this knot on the dowel. 
    2. Divide the dowel length by the width of the knot head made by the string. 
    3. Now, round it off to the previous number divisible by 4. That’s because you’ll likely work with sets of four strings. This dowel rule gives the number of strings.

    Finally, multiply it by the cord length calculated before with the total number of strings to know how much cord you’ll need for the total projects. Let’s take an example.  

    Let’s assume that the total project length will be 12″. Of this, the knotted part will be 10″, and the remaining 2″ will be in the form of fringes. The dowel you’ll be using is 18″. Once you tie a single knot on the dowel with the string, the lark’s head width is 2″.

    For the knotted part of 1 string – 

    • 10”x4=40” for simple designs with loose knots. Let’s consider this “A”.  
    • Ax2=40″x2=80″ (considering the string required to attach the rope to the dowel) – Let’s consider this “B”.

    For the fringe part of 1 string – 

    • 2”x2=4” – Let’s consider this “C”. 

    For the total length of 1 string – 

    • B+C=80”+4”=84”. Let’s consider this “D”. 

    For the total number of strings required – 

    • Dowel length/knot width, i.e., 18″/2″=9″. Let’s round it off to the previous multiple of 4, i.e., 8, and consider this “E”. 

    For the total string length – 

    • Length of each string x total number of strings, i.e., F=DxE=84”x8=672”, which is 56’ of string in total. You can go ahead and purchase 60’ of cord. 

    However, for a complex design, multiply the length of the knotted part by 6 instead of 4 in the first step of the calculation. Thus, you’ll get the following – 

    • A=10”x6=60”
    • B=Ax2=120”
    • C=4” (same as above)
    • D=B+C=120”+4”=124”
    • E=8 (same as above)
    • F=DxE=124”x8=992” or 83’. You can buy around 90’ of cord for a complex project.   

    25 Free Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns    

    Now that you have learned the basics of making a wall hanging using the art of Macrame, it’s time to look at some fantastic patterns and instructions. Take a look – 

    1. Mini Macrame Wall Hanging

    Mini Macrame Wall Hanging
    Source: A Pretty Fix

    A wall hanging for which you only need to master the one-knot technique – unbelievable, right? This pattern is excellent for beginners. You can finish it in only a few hours! The final piece will be small and not too chunky, either. 

    Check out the step-by-step instructions here.

    2. Jersey Macrame Wall Hanging 

    Jersey Macrame Wall Hanging
    Source: Brit+Co

    This design proves that Macrame is truly flexible and versatile! This attractive wall hanging can be made using jersey fabric instead of a regular macabre cord! This small step away from the traditional route can look fascinating!

    Here is a tutorial for you.

    3. Easy But Classy Wall Hanging Macrame

    Source: Classy Clutter 

    This is a simple design that can add a classy touch to your “peace corner” in the house. The dip-dyed fringes are particularly beautiful in this design. And you can get it done by using just three basic knot techniques!

    Here is the set of instructions for it.

    4. Unicorn Dream Catcher Macrame

    Something fun and unique that will fit your child’s room, as well as yours – this design is a must-try. It just needs a unicorn-shaped frame – and you’ll have the perfect dream catcher

    Take a look at the pattern instructions.

    5. Wall-Hanging Feathers Macrame

    Wall-Hanging Feathers Macrame
    Source: Honestly WTF

    Who knew the right cord, a cat brush, and a few knots could make such a trendy and fun wall hanging? This macrame feather can jazz up your work desk, the wall above the headboard in the bedroom, or anything else!

    Click here to find the tutorial.

    6. Macrame Dreamer

    Macrame Dreamer
    Source: Collective Gen

    This design will need you to spend a little more time at the crafts store to get some rings. But the final hanging you’ll create is going to get as dreamy as it can get. Its intricate patterns make it a gorgeous addition to the bedroom!

    Take a look at the instructions.

    7. Macrame Curtain

    Curtains with a see-through effect create a magical ambiance. And this beautiful DIY curtain can transform your lounge. You can also use it for windows to let the lovely summer sun into the room and brighten the indoors. 

    Check out the detailed instructions for this pattern.

    8. Yarn Garland Wall Hanging Macrame

    Who said you couldn’t use yarn for macrame crafts? Here’s a wall-hanging design you can make using colorful yarn. It stands out in design, texture, and final appearance. It’s a garland that loosely hangs from the wall. 

    Find out how to make it here.

    9. Mandala Wreath Macrame

    Mandala Wreath Macrame
    Source: Melaniekham

    Do you love symmetry and find it satisfying to create crafts with geometric patterns? Then you’re going to love this wreath. Inspired by the traditional art of Mandala, this wall hanging can also be a great centerpiece for tables. 

    Here is how you can make it.

    10. Heart Wall Hanging Macrame

    Heart Wall Hanging Macrame
    Source: My French Twist

    What’s more special than giving your special someone a gift made with your own hands? This beautiful heart wall hanging is easy to make – and it can hang on the wall of your loved one, reminding them of you. 

    Here is how you can make it.

    11. Metal Pipe Wall Hanging Macrame

    Do you want to add the magic of a bit of bling to your room – without it looking flamboyant? This beautiful wall hanging can transform a boring wall into a fun one in a sophisticated way with the help of some copper pipe accessories. 

    Find out how to make it here.

    12. Color-Blocked Simple Wall Hanging Macrame

    Color-Blocked Simple Wall Hanging Macrame
    Source: Darling

    Here’s a piece that even a child can make – and yet is elegant and beautiful. That’s because it follows the rule of K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Silly! What makes it special is the color palette with which you can make a statement. 

    Take a look at how to get it done here.

    13. Wall Hanging with Hourglass Shape Macrame

    This is another excellent choice for you if you’re a beginner. It will make your journey quick and fun, and the result will be elegant, inspiring you to continue. It’s a small wall hanging that you can use anywhere to add a little bit of “you” to the space. 

    Check out the instructions here.

    14. Crescent Moon Dream Catcher Macrame

    Crescent Moon Dream Catcher Macrame
    Source: Marching North

    Do you find dream catchers magical and intriguing? Then why not do it yourself – and weave some magic of your own? For this beautiful piece that looks straight out of a fairy tale, you need a crescent frame. 

    Take a look here to learn how to make it.

    15. Boho-Style Wall Hanging Macrame

    Boho-Style Wall Hanging Macrame
    Source: Foxy Twine

    Macrame art pieces already have a Boho feel to them. To make the best of that, try this beautiful piece that can give your porch, lounge, or wall opposite a window a breezy, carefree look and reflect your unrestrained spirit. 

    Here is the tutorial to help you make it.

    16. Star-Shaped Wall Hanging Macrame

    Star-Shaped Wall Hanging Macrame
    Source: Gathered

    Here’s a wall hanging with a festive feel to it – a star-shaped beauty with a serene touch. You can use it for Christmas decor if you want to go for a slightly different look. Or, you can leave it up on the wall throughout the year. 

    Check out the tutorial for this project.

    17. Ghost Wall Hanging Macrame

    Ghost Wall Hanging Macrame
    Source: Marching North

    Do you want a kid-friendly Halloween decoration idea? Here’s a wall hanging that can make the little ones smile – a macrame ghost wall hanging. You can also use this adorable piece at birthday parties – or in your child’s room (or your own!)

    Here is how you can make it.

    18. Brass Ring Dream Catcher Macrame

    This simple project combines two contrasting materials – the smooth metallic surface of a ring with the textured surface of the fabric. What’s more, using the ring as the base gives you a lot of control. 

    Find out how to make it here.

    19. Hanging Wall Pocket Macrame

    Hanging Wall Pocket Macrame
    Source: Spotlight

    Who said Macrame is just for having fun making pretty things? The art of making knots can also be used for making useful items – like this hanging wall pocket. Place it near any door to store your keys – and near the work desk for essentials! 

    Here are the instructions to make it.

    20. Wall Hanging Mirror/Frame Macrame

    Wall Hanging Mirror/Frame Macrame
    Source: Made in a Day

    Move over mirrors and photo frames with chunky borders – because Macrame is here. This wall-hanging mirror/frame holder is so minimalistic yet appealing. But it will require some good knotting skills from you for strength and security.

    Check out the tutorial here.

    21. Floral Boho Wall Hanging Macrame

    Floral Boho Wall Hanging Macrame
    Source: Finding Lovely

    A wall hanging that breaks all monotony and acts as an instant mood lifter – this Macrame hanging piece uses floral props. Its whole look and feel are pretty Boho and rustic – with a pop of natural beauty here and there. 

    Check out the tutorial for this item here.

    22. Delicate Wall Hanging Macrame

    Delicate Wall Hanging Macrame
    Source: Hello Nest

    A delicate and elegant design with a complex pattern, this wall hanging is an excellent way to show off your new craft skills. And no one will ever doubt that you are a professional! It’s a beautiful piece for a small nook!

    Here are the instructions to make it.

    23. Holiday-Inspired Wall Hanging Macrame

    Holiday-Inspired Wall Hanging Macrame
    Source: Fox Twine

    Here’s a wall decor piece that can jazz up your home this holiday season – with a creative, bohemian style. Bright colors are highly recommended for this project to capture a free-spirited and joyful mood. 

    You can make it by following the instructions here.

    24. Multi-Textured Wall Hanging Macrame

    Multi-Textured Wall Hanging Macrame
    Source: Marching North

    A project that will challenge your macrame skills a little – this multi-textured wall hanging requires a little more than elementary skills. But you are going to enjoy making it, and the variety in textures will make it look attractive. 

    Here is a detailed tutorial.

    25. Macra-Weave Wall Hanging

    Macra-Weave Wall Hanging
    Source: Myth and Moss

    Take your macrame skills to the next level – by incorporating the weaving technique. This project can turn out to be a piece of art, creating a modern look and feel. It can be an accent piece in a minimalistic room. 

    Find out how to make this wall hanging here.

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    Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern FAQs

    How hard is it to learn Macrame?

    Macrame is quite an easy craft technique to learn. Although the final product creates a complex look, you can achieve speed and finesse if you practice the basic knotting techniques. Eventually, you’ll learn to use different combinations of them for a unique project every time.

    What is the rule for Macrame?

    Macrame is a craft that uses the art of tying knots – and the basic principle is that it has to be done entirely by hand. You cannot use tools for this technique – except a mounting device, dowel, hanging rod, etc., to hold the piece in place as you work on your project. 

    Can you use yarn for Macrame wall hangings?

    You can use yarn for macrame wall hangings for a unique touch. Yarn has a soft, fluffy texture, and you can get them in various thicknesses and colors. So if you plan on stepping out of the traditional looks and experimenting, yarn can be great!

    How much cord do I need for a Macrame wall hanging?

    To find the cord length for a macrame wall hanging, estimate the project length first and multiply it by 4 or 6. Then, multiply this again by 2 to get the cord length for each string. Multiply this by the number of strings to know the cord required for the whole project.

    Tie Knots and Make Art – with DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns!

    I hope you’ve got sufficient information to start your macrame journey. Make sure to follow the tips religiously to prevent material wastage and to create amazing wall-hanging art pieces.

    But beware! Once you get addicted to decorating your home with your own creations, there’s no turning back. 

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