25+ Fun Paper Crafts for Tweens

Looking to entertain bored tweens using supplies you likely already have at home? Check out this fun list of 25+ fun paper crafts for tweens.

The list has lots of different paper crafts including origami, printables, card making and snowflake making ideas. One of my favourite tween crafts is making lanterns and the paper heart paper lanterns included below make the most adorable decor for a tween’s bedroom or study space.

I think tweens will also love the fun paper spinners from Picklebums, and the pop up Minecraft cards make an awesome paper craft to give away.

There are so many great crafts for tweens using just paper on this list, your 9-12 year olds will be kept busy crafting for hours! And once they’re done, they can try out the ideas on our Yarn Crafts for Tweens list!

25+ Paper Crafts for Tweens

25+ Fun Paper Crafts for Tweens

Heart paper lantern from Childhood 101
This super cute heart lantern is a great paper craft that makes something that is cool and functional.

Name Rainbow Art from Childhood 101
This activity uses paper and paint to make cool rainbow cut out name snowflake paper patterns.

Paper heart spinner from The Craft Train
Make this fun heart shaped paper spinner that twirls in the breeze!

DIY iPhone Speaker from The Craft Train 

Tweens will love this cool homemade phone speaker, fun to make and awesome to use.

Folded paper bracelets from Picklebums
These awesome paper bracelets are great for keeping tweens busy creating!

Folded paper ninja stars from Frugal Fun for Boys
Make these awesome paper ninja stars with just paper and sharpies!

Tween craft projects with paper

Paper mache pots from Childhood 101
These awesome paper mache pots are great for keeping trinkets and are a super fun activity for bored tweens!

Paper spinners from Picklebums
This is a cool tutorial for paper spinners, with easy step by step instructions!

Paper flextangles from Babble Dabble Do
Combine crafting with STEM learning using this great free printable for making paper flextangles!

Folded origami paper claws from Pink Stripey Socks
Make these creepy, cool, origami claws great for Halloween or turning tweens into monsters!

String art heart card from Childhood 101
This adorable heart card is perfect for Valentine’s Day and could even be made as a gift for friends!

Paper origami heart & bookmark from Childhood 101
Make this super cute origami heart bookmark, great for Valentine’s Day or showing your love of reading!

For more fun bookmark craft ideas, check out our big list of Tween Bookmark Crafts.

Tween paper crafts

Paper Pinwheels from Childhood 101
Have fun making these adorable paper pinwheels that really spin.

Easy fairy paper quilling from Pink Stripey Socks
Try this tutorial for easy paper quilling and use paper to make cool raised shapes and pictures.

Mini origami photo album from Red Ted Art
Make this super cute origami photo album great for keeping memories or adding cute decor to a tween’s room.

Recycled magazine art from Sum of their Stories
This super cool activity can be done with old magazines or printed images to create great paper art.

Easy paper beads from Craft Rocker
Make these cute paper beads out of tissue paper perfect for making fun colourful bracelets or necklaces.

Hearts paper chain from Art Bar
These heart paper chains are super cute and a great activity for creating fun room decorations.

Easy Harry Potter bookmarks from Red Ted Art
These awesome bookmarks are perfect for Harry Potter fans looking to for a fun, crafty, activity.

Paper crafts for tweens

Craft stick and tissue paper lantern from Childhood 101
Make this adorable little lantern as a personal, creative touch to a tweens room!

Name snowflakes from Childhood 101
This tutorial for making name snowflakes is the perfect paper activity to entertain tweens with any paper you have lying around the house!

Easy pop-up Minecraft cards from Pink Stripey Socks
Make these simple Minecraft themed popup cards with either pigs or creepers.

How to make neverending emoji card from Left Brain, Craft Brain
Make these awesome neverending folding cards using folded paper!

Paper cube cactus craft from Hello Wonderful
Tweens will love making these ‘on trend’ paper cactus plants.

Origami starship enterprise from Origami Expressions
This super cool starship origami is a great origami activity for tweens looking for more challenging but cool tutorials.

Star Wars Paper Lanterns from Adventure in a Box
Star Wars fans will love this cool paper craft.


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