26 adorable Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers

26 adorable Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Halloween has always been a night for tricks and treats, but in the age of social media, it’s also a night of adorable Instagram posts. Before your kids get old enough to eschew the holiday or vehemently insist on some boring old costume, you might want to outfit them in something cute, funny, and unique. After all, there are enough Elsas in the world—especially on Halloween. Here are all our favorite offbeat and adorable halloween costumes for babies and toddlers, from superhero to secret agent, strongman to senior citizen.

1. A Cabbage Patch kid

Infants wearing yarn wigs outdoors.
Credit: TheLilliePad

Your very own living, breathing–and don't forget adorable–doll.

If your little one is just too adorable, it’s not too much of a stretch to turn them into a Cabbage Patch Kid for the holiday. You could dress them in their own clothes, or pick up a Cabbage Patch onesie online. Just add a yarn-looped Cabbage Patch wig to complete the look—don’t worry, it’s basically a stocking cap—and voila, your very own living doll. Now that’s adorable.

2. A Mean Girl

On left, child dressed in mouse Halloween costume. On right, Mean Girls inspired Halloween costume.
Credit: MMofPhilly / FancyShmancyBaby

"So you agree? You think you're really pretty?"

No one ever wants their kid to be mean to someone else, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go as Mean Girls characters for Halloween. We love the deep reference of this “I’m a mouse, duh” onesie and shirt, which can go with any old set of ears and pants. If you’re a little more committed to your kid serving a look, there is a full Regina George costume available for infants, toddlers, and kids on Etsy. For just under $80, you can pick up a tiny version of George’s pink cardigan and skirt, as well as your kid’s very own “A little bit dramatic” T-shirt. Throw a Cal-Teen bar in their hand and a tiny mock-up of a burn book, and you’ll have a complete look.

3. A senior citizen

Infants dressed as senior citizen Halloween costumes.
Credit: CrochetCreationsbyMa / Spirit Halloween

A humorous costume that's bound to earn a giggle or two from onlookers.

There’s nothing cuter than a baby who looks like a little old man. Lean into that idea this Halloween with a senior citizen costume for your baby or toddler. Pick up a “granny” wig on Etsy—you can get one with or without curlers—and throw your little gal in her best housecoat and slippers. Got a little old man in training? There’s a full costume out there for him, complete with suspenders and spectacles. Throw in a child-sized walker made out of PVC pipe to complete the look, and you’re in business.

4. A member of Troop Beverly Hills

Green girl scout Beverly Hills Halloween costume.
Credit: FancyShmancyBaby

Cookies, anyone?

If it’s always cookie time in your house, you might consider asking your little one to become a member of Troop Beverly Hills this Halloween. The “thrilling” costume comes with a Troop Beverly Hills sweatshirt, skirt, socks, neckerchief, and beret, all of which could arguably be absorbed into your kid’s wardrobe come November 1.

Get a Troop Beverly Hills costume from Etsy for $75

5. A Christmas favorite

On left, Grinch inspired Halloween costume. On right, small child dressed as Christmas tree.
Credit: DivasandDudesStore / Chrismas

This costume is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Sure, we’re talking about Halloween in this story, but Christmas is right around the corner—especially in the mind of any Santa-loving child. If you want to pick a costume that you could maybe use again in a couple of months or even repurpose for this year’s family holiday card, there are a few great options out there. Etsy users love this Grinch costume, which comes as both pants and a skirt.

If you’re looking for something a little less hairy, Wal-Mart has a very cute Christmas tree costume available, complete with a gold star on top of your little one’s hat.

6. Ace Ventura

Child dressed up in Ace Ventura costume surrounded by animals.
Credit: MEandREEKIE

A miniature version of Ace Ventura is officially on the case.

Embrace the ‘90s and dress your kid like Ace Ventura this Halloween. An Etsy seller has the perfect little outfit for your Pet Detective, complete with tiny Hawaiian shirt and red-and-black striped joggers. You’ll have to provide your own white undershirt, hair gel, and animals, though.

Get an Ace Ventura costume from Etsy for $60

7. The picture of fitness

Children dressed up in strong man costume while holding barbell prop.
Credit: FancyShmancyBaby

Let's get physical!

One of the simplest costumes for a small fry is a strong man. Simply grab a striped wrestling style one-piece, mock up a barbell, and pencil a handlebar mustache onto your shrimp’s face.

If you’re looking for something a little more modern for your baby, the Fisher-Price fitness gift set could easily be adapted into a costume. The set includes a kettlebell rattle, baby-sized terrycloth headband, and adorable mini-dumbbell. It even comes with its own jingling “protein shake,” which is too cute.

8. Elle Woods

Child dressed in Elle Woods Halloween costume.
Credit: FancyShmancyBaby

"What, like it's hard?

If you’re a Legally Blonde fan, you’ll love this perfect little Elle Woods outfit. It comes with a pink pleather jacket and skirt and “bend and snap” T-shirt, and is available for kids from 6 months to 8 years old. Just add a chihuahua.

Get an Elle Woods costume from Etsy for $60

9. Pennywise

Child dressed up as scary clown Halloween costume.
Credit: LaylaRaes

This costume is scary good.

More into scares than silliness, especially around Halloween? Then you might want to take the opportunity to dress your baby like Pennywise from It. They won’t get the reference, but if your kid’s young enough—and this costume is available for kids as young as 3 months old—it won’t really matter.

Get a Pennywise costume on Etsy for $125

10. Something to eat

Child's ramen Halloween costume. On right, child dressed as jalapeño popper Halloween costume.
Credit: PaperDollsInk / TheCostumeCafe

Suddenly, I'm hungry!

Looking for something cute enough to eat? There are tons of great options out there for food-related costumes for kids, like a crafty little onesie that turns your tot into a bowl of ramen, complete with an egg headband. Looking for something even spicier? Check out this jalapeño popper costume, from a seller with great reviews on Etsy.

11. Madeline

On left, Madeleine Halloween costume. On right, Belle Halloween costume.
Credit: BubblesBabyClothing

All of your child's favorite characters, offered in tiny sizes.

Raising a reader? This Madeline dress comes with a picture perfect red tie, blue cape, and all the French flair you can handle. Etsy buyers love the seller, who also makes precious miniature cosplay costumes for baby Disneybounders. Just check out her Belle.

Get a Madeline costume from Etsy starting at $68.50

12. Edward Scissorhands

On left, child dressed up in Edward Scissorhands Halloween costume.
Credit: FancyShmancyBaby

This fun-size costume would make Tim Burton proud.

Got a burgeoning goth on your hands? Love Tim Burton? Turn your tot into Edward Scissorhands with a grommeted onesie from Etsy seller Fancy Schmancy. You’ll need to craft your kid’s own scissor hands, but that’s easy enough with some black gloves and shiny tagboard.

Get an Edward Scissorhands costume from Etsy for $53

13. A rainbow

Children dressed in sun, rainbow and cloud Halloween costume.
Credit: TheCostumeCafe

Little Miss Sunshine!

Veer away from an established character and dress your kid like one of nature’s most colorful wonders: the rainbow. A “roomy and forgiving” costume that “will even fit over a coat if it’s cold outside,” according to the seller, this rainbow costume is super charming and comes complete with an adorable hat that looks like the sun. Have a set of siblings? Get them both in on the weather theme with a matching cloud costume.

14. Eleven from Stranger Things

Child dressed in Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween costume
Credit: FancyShmancyBaby

The Eggo waffle is a nice touch, right?

A few years ago, Stranger Things costumes were everywhere at Halloween, and for good reason: The show is a global phenomenon, and Millie Bobby Brown’s portrayal of troubled tween Eleven has earned her all sorts of acclaim. If you’re a fan of the show you can pass that good taste onto your kid with a tot-sized Eleven costume, complete with Peter Pan collared pink dress and lightweight blue jacket. You’ll need to provide the knee socks and Eggo waffle, but that’s not too hard.

Get a Stranger Things costume from Etsy for $69

15. A UPS driver

Infants dressed in UPS delivery driver Halloween Costume.
Credit: Spirit Halloween

Anyone place an order for an adorable baby?

Got a kid whose biggest thrill in life is when a package arrives? Does he or she know your delivery driver by name? There’s a costume for that! We love the baby UPS worker costume from Spirit Halloween, which comes with its own brown shirt, pants, hat, and tiny box ready to deliver. It’s officially licensed by UPS, too, so you know it’s legit. Now you just have to figure out how to make sure you’ll get a package on Halloween just so you can surprise your driver.

Get a UPS driver costume from Spirit Halloween for $29.99

16. Your very own superhero

Child playing while wearing colorful superhero costume.
Credit: LoveLane

Let your little one's imagination run wild as they cosplay a real super hero–or supervillain!

There will undoubtedly be thousands if not millions of Batmen and Spider-Men running around this Halloween, and for good reason: Kids love to play superheroes. If you’re not into the violence that can occur in comic book movies or if you’re just looking to encourage a little creativity, opt to create your own superhero with Maisonette’s hip and adorable flying superhero set. It’s got its own dashing cape and winged cap, and is hand-sewn by an artisan in the Carolinas, so you can support a local business while still helping your kid look fly this Halloween.

Get a flying superhero set from Maisonette for $95

17. Audrey Hepburn

Child dressed up in Audrey Hepburn Halloween costume outdoors.
Credit: Atutudes

A classic look inspired by an iconic character.

If you’re a Breakfast At Tiffany’s fan or just an admirer of Audrey Hepburn’s work, you might like this tot-sized Breakfast At Tiffany’s-inspired tutu available on Etsy. It’s available in sizes newborn to 5T and, when paired with oversized glasses and some costume jewelry, can easily turn your little lady into a classic Hollywood dame. You’ll have to buy the tiara separately, of course, but you can bundle it together with the dress and save on shipping.

18. A piñata

Child dressed as colorful piñata.
Credit: Tipsy Elves

This costume will definitely be stuffed with candy come Halloween night.

Let’s face it: Your kid’s going to be full of candy come Halloween, so why not embrace the inevitability and dress them as a piñata? Tipsy Elves has adorable and comfortable-looking piñata costumes for the whole family, from baby to parents.

Get a piñata costume from Amazon for $29.95

19. A secret agent

Young child wearing as a spy with black trench coat, hat and sunglasses.
Credit: Aeromax

Time to get down to some serious sleuthing.

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but we love this secret agent look from Maisonette. There’s no skimping on this costume, which comes with a double-breasted trench coat, felt fedora hat, dark glasses, and three different moustaches, just in case your cover has been blown. Accessorize with a flashlight, manila envelope, or briefcase, and your little one will be finding clues and solving the case of the missing candy in no time.

Get a secret agent costume from Maisonette for $39.95

20. A cosmic astronaut

Smiling child wearing metallic blue astronaut costume.
Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

A costume that is surely out of this world!

Astronaut costumes are a dime a dozen come Halloween, but Pottery Barn has really upped its intergalactic game with its entry. This iridescent, light-up costume comes with its own jetpack and can run for six sparkling hours on just two small batteries. Those lights also help keep your kid visible at night, which is a nice bonus on a dark Halloween evening. There’s a star-emblazoned halo-style headband included, and the Velcro-attached jet pack is trailing its own set of dangling stars. Seriously, this costume is too, too cute.

Get a cosmic astronaut costume from Pottery Barn for $99

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