26 Icky & Ooey Halloween Activities for Toddlers

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Boo! Did I scare you?

My kids love to scare each other, even my toddler! It’s a fun game, and really not at all scary.

Those are the times of Halloween activities for toddlers that I love. The not-so-scary kind, but yet still a little spooky and icky, to introduce them to Halloween!

Ready for some Halloween fun for toddlers?

Here are 26 not-so-scary, but still icky and ooey, Halloween activities for toddlers. I included lots of fun monsters, spiders and spider webs, pumpkins, and of course some slimy fun!

26 Not-So-Scary, but Still Icky and Ooey, Halloween Activities for Toddlers

Monsters, Mummies and Madness, Oh My!

We love the book, Bedtime for Monsters (affiliate link), and my toddler loves monster kisses from me every night. So why not add in some cute monsters toddlers can make too? Check these out! Find the links to these wonderfully scary monster activities for toddlers below.

Monster Halloween activities (toddler style)

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Jack-O’-Lanterns and Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin decorating is a favorite pastime for me, and it is for most kids too, I’d say. But cutting with a knife and toddlers just don’t go well together. You can’t miss out on this favorite though!

Decorate those Jack-O’-Lanterns toddler-style! Or just make pumpkins, too!

By the way, Pumpkin Town (affiliate link) is a fun book to read this time of year! Find the links to these creative pumpkin activities for toddlers below.

Pumpkin Halloween activities for toddlers

More pumpkin crafts for kids can be found here.

Eww! Spiders and Spider Webs!

You can’t have Halloween without spider webs! Just don’t make them too icky for toddlers, or you’ll never get to have them again!

Keep them fun and friendly this Halloween season with these adorable (yet a little spooky) ideas for toddlers. (Of course, read A Very Busy Spider (affilliate link) to go along with these, its a fantastic book!)

Spider Halloween activities - toddler style

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Oh, the Slimy Sensory Goo!

Sensory activities are always a great go-to activity for toddlers. Just be careful to make it edible if you have a toddler that puts everything in their mouth.

Find the links below to some fun slimy, gooey, Halloween sensory fun for toddlers below!

Slimy Goo Halloween activities for toddlers

Pair these with our pumpkin crafts, pumpkin activities, and fall activities for toddlers, and you’ll be set for the entire Fall!

 Not-so-scary, but still icky and ooey, Halloween activities for toddlers. Lots of fun monsters, spiders and spider webs, pumpkins, and some slimy fun!