27 Free Crochet Top Patterns, Tank top, Crop Top, Short & Long Sleeves & More…

If you love designing your own clothes, then crocheting a top is the best creative way to start with. 

But like any adventure, you need the right guidance to know how to select the right yarn, find easy yet beautiful patterns, and pick easier stitches to make the most out of your crocheting experience. 

In this blog post, I will share 27 free crochet top patterns that are beginner-friendly, along with other crucial details to turn your first crochet top into a fun and successful project. 

Let’s dive in! 

Beginner-level Tips for Crocheting Tops

Creating crochet tops can be fun and easy if you get the basics right. As a novice, to strike the perfect balance between design, form, and functionality of the garment, you have to pay heed to the following before crocheting tops:  

What Yarn Is Best for Crochet Tops?

The first step of making a crochet top is selecting the right yarn that is easier to handle and sits light on the skin. 

Cotton or cotton blend yarns are a common pick for beginners. They are breathable and durable and maintain their shape, making them a popular choice for crochet tops. 

You can also use yarns labeled as aran or worsted, which have a medium thickness, work great with any pattern, and do not irritate the skin. Besides, durability and easy availability make worsted and aran yarns another common choice among knitters and crochet makers.

What Is the Best Crochet Stitch for a Top?

There are endless crochet stitch patterns, so you’ll never run out of choices. But for beginners, it’s best to start simple. The single and the double crochet stitches are best, to begin with, as they are easy to learn and look great on different top designs. 

As your hands settle down, you can explore other designs like half-doubles, moss, extended crochet stitch, etc., to get more creative with your crochet tops.

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Beginner-Level Patterns for Crochet Tops

The most exciting part about making a crochet top is finalizing the design. You would want to try every design you see, but you have to shortlist a couple of basic designs to get the process started. 

Again since you’re a newbie, it’s best to start with something simple, like a simple blair crop top  or a terrazzo tank top that has no complex patterns and requires simple stitching.

Take Accurate Measurements 

It is important to measure your bust, hips, and waist before starting the crochet top. If you’re making it for someone else, take their measurements too.

What Materials You Need for Making Crochet Tops 

Upon deciding on the stitch and design of your crochet top, it’s time to gather materials. Spend enough time checking the weight and type of the yarn and the crochet hook since the look and feel of the top greatly depend on these two elements. 

Other essential crochet materials you need to have by your side: 

  1. Yarn Needle 
  2. Scissors
  3. Stitch Markers
  4. Tape Measure

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Choose the Right Yarn for Your Crochet Top

As said previously, the choice of yarn can significantly impact the outcome of the crochet top. Cotton and cotton blends are popular picks because of how lightweight they are. 

However, wool, cotton & acrylic blend, cotton & polyester blend, and pure acrylic yarn are other great options for crochet tops.

An Important Note

Cheaper yarns tend to split apart easily; therefore, choose a renowned brand such as Brooklyn Tweed and check reviews before purchasing. 

How Much Yarn Do You Need to Crochet a Top?

It depends on several factors, like the top’s size, the stitch used the yarn’s weight, and the crocheting pattern. Generally, most medium size crochet tops require 3 to 6 skeins of yarn. If you’re making a larger size or a longer top, you may need 1000 yards of yarn.

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27 Easy Free Crochet Top Patterns To Try This Season 

I have compiled some of the gorgeous and trending crochet top designs that are ideal for beginner and intermediate crocheters as well: 

1. Crochet Crop Top Pattern

Crochet Crop Top Pattern
Source: Forthethrills

Ideal for a fun summer day out, this beautiful crochet crop top is lightweight and stylish. Cotton yarns are best to make these tops as they are breathable and comfortable to wear when it’s sunny outside. Pair it with denim shorts or skirts for a fun, breezy look! 

Check out this crop top tutorial here

2. Crochet Crop Top with Sleeves Pattern

Crochet Crop Top with Sleeves Pattern
Source: Crew

The sleeves add a special twist to classic sleeveless crop tops while adding some coverage for breezier days. These tops look great with cotton or linen trousers. You can dress it up or down by adding some fun accessories. 

This crop top is made with cotton yarn. Wool or cotton acrylic blend works great as well.

Click here for the guide to crochet crop tops.

3. Crochet Tank Top Pattern

Simple yet versatile, this crochet tank top can be the go-to item in your summer wardrobe. It’s super simple to make, takes less time, and looks amazing with different types of bottoms. 

You can check out the detailed guide here.

4. Crochet Halter Top Pattern

Crochet Halter Top Pattern
Source: Hookedbyanna

An open-back crochet halter top looks chic and is perfect for a beach outing. This design is best for those who have mastered the basic crochet top and want to try a new design. 

Wool, cotton, or cotton blend work perfectly for these types of tops. 

Click here for the tutorial.

5. Crochet Bikini Top Pattern

A crochet bikini top can be a fantastic addition to your beachwear collection. You can design it with your choice of colors for a vibrant look. 

Cotton yarn is the best for making crochet bikini tops because they are lightweight and very comfortable. 

Click here for the step-by-step guide.

6. Crochet Long Sleeve Top Pattern

A long sleeve crochet top is perfect for the transition session. You can try different crochet patterns and make them in different colors. At times, I like to go extra creative and add some beads or pearls too. 

    Making a long sleeve top may take more time and effort; make sure to watch some tutorials before starting the project. 

    Click here for a detailed guide.

    7. Crochet Short-Sleeve Top Pattern

    Crochet Short-Sleeve Top Pattern
    Source: Eandpcrochet

    A short sleeve crochet top is a versatile piece that pairs well with different casual outfits, and you can wear it in different seasons. And you can make one with different yarns like wool, cotton, or cotton blends. 

    Want a full guide on this? Click here.

      8. Crochet Butterfly Top Pattern

      Making a crochet butterfly top would be fun for anyone looking to try a creative and unique design. This design is best for people who love a bold style and don’t mind showing some skin. 

      Here is the guide for the crochet butterfly top.

        9. Crochet Tube Top Pattern

        A Crochet tube top is a great project for beginners since it requires no complicated stitching yet looks fashionable. Cotton yarns are best for tube tops. They maintain the shape and feel light on the skin. Pair it with high-waisted trousers, a long skirt, and a pair of flats for that chic look. 

        Click here for the full tutorial.

        10. Gathered Crochet Top Pattern

        This eye-catching design features a gathered front, and this type of crochet top is trending at the moment. You can wear them as a bikini top or pair them with wide-leg trousers. 

        I prefer crocheting a gathered top with cotton or cotton-polyester blend for a lightweight finish. 

        Here is the detailed guide to the gathered crochet top.

          11. Crochet Puff-Sleeve Top Pattern

          The design features stylish puff sleeves, which add a vintage and feminine touch to the top. Suitable for intermediate crocheters, crochet puff-sleeve tops are best made with cotton or acrylic yarn. 

            Click here for the complete tutorial.

            12. Sexy Crochet Top Pattern

            This sexy crochet top is designed with a sleek, form-fitting pattern. The design adds a flirty touch to any outfit, making it perfect for a night out or a beach party. 

              Check out the full tutorial here.

                13. Crochet Hooded Top Pattern

                Featuring a cozy crochet hooded top, a unique piece that is fun to make and wear. But making hooded tops requires some skill. Hence, the pattern may not be very beginner-friendly. Intermediate or experienced crocheters can try their hands at it. 

                Check out the process by clicking here.

                  14. Drape Sleeves Crochet Tops

                  Those who love a sophisticated look can try the drape sleeve crochet tops. It’s a perfect addition to your wardrobe and can be made from cotton, worsted, or any lightweight yarn. 

                    Click here for the step-by-step guide.

                    15. Buttoned Crochet Tops Pattern

                    Featuring button details on the front, this charming top adds a vintage touch to outfits. Buttoned crochet tops would be an interesting project for intermediate crocheters, and you can use your preferred yarn to complete the project. 

                      You can check the complete tutorial by clicking here.

                      16. Crochet Boho Tank Top Pattern

                      Girls who love a chic bohemian style top would love creating this crochet top. Perfect for a relaxed bohemian look, this top can be made with colorful chunky yarn. The design is beginner-friendly and perfect for a summer day out. 

                      Click here for the step-by-step guide.

                        17. Off-shoulder Crochet Top Pattern

                        Off-shoulder tops are on the trend, and the design is here to stay. This one is made with light cotton yarn making it perfect for warm weather. You can layer it up with leather or denim jackets when it gets windy outside. 

                          You can check out the full tutorial here.

                          18. See-Through Crochet Top Pattern

                          A see-through crochet top can be a stylish overlay to swimwear or tank tops. There are numerous patterns for making a see-through crochet top, but the one I shared is beginner-friendly and looks stylish at the same time. 

                          Check out the full details here.

                          19. Opaque Crochet Top Pattern

                          In contrast to the see-through design, opaque crochet tops provide more coverage, still enhancing the intricate details of crochet tops. Such tops are best made with thick yarn like wool or cotton and wool blend. 

                            Click here for the complete guide.

                            20. Fringe Detail Crochet Top Pattern

                            Add a playful touch to your basic crochet top with fringe details. The fringes add an extra element to the tops, and they look the best when made from thick yarn. 

                            Want to see a detailed guide? Here is the link.

                            21. Peplum Crochet Top Pattern

                            Peplum Crochet Top Pattern
                            Source: Forthethrills

                            The peplum-style crochet top has flares at the waist, which look elegant and create a flattering silhouette. Peplum designs are suitable for intermediate to experienced crocheters. The patterns might be a little complicated for beginners. 

                            Click here for the full guide.

                            22. Striped Crochet Top Pattern

                            Striped Crochet Top Pattern
                            Source: Knottednest

                            Striped crochet tops are super fun to wear and style with different outfits. They are super easy to crochet, making them suitable for beginner crocheters. 

                            You can get the complete tutorial here.

                              23. Catalina Crochet Tank Top Pattern

                              Catalina Crochet Tank Top Pattern
                              Source: Gleefulthings

                              The Catalina tank top paired with a mini skirt or shorts looks super cute and stylish. Use cotton yarn for a light, breezy finish. 

                              Need the complete pattern? Click here.

                              24. Diamond Pattern Crochet Top

                              Diamond Pattern Crochet Top
                              Source: Ravelry

                              Want to try a different crocheting pattern? Check out his diamond pattern top, which looks super stylish and elegant. 

                              Get the complete guide here.

                                25. Pine Cross Crochet Top Pattern

                                Pine Cross Crochet Top Pattern
                                Source: Yarnandy

                                This pine cross top looks super chic and has a fringe detail. They are great for summer due to their lightweight and breezy design. 

                                Check out the full guide here.

                                  26. Scallop V-Neck Cami Top Pattern

                                  Source: Forthethrills

                                  The scallop V-neck crochet top has a feminine touch and is perfect for a romantic dinner or day out with friends. This silhouette can easily be made with any yarn, making it an even easier design to crack. 

                                    Get the complete tutorial here.

                                    27. Summer Flower Crochet Top Pattern

                                    Summer Flower Crochet Top Pattern
                                    Source: Swoolnordicdesign

                                      Ending the list of free crochet top patterns with the summer flower top. This is one of my favorite designs because of how vibrant and colorful it looks. 

                                      It will take some effort to create the flower designs, and it would be a great project for intermediate crocheters. 

                                      You can get the complete title here.

                                      Crochet Top Patterns FAQs

                                      Q: How long does it take to crochet a top?

                                      A: It depends on the pattern, stitch, yarn, as well as hook. But a simple crochet top would take not more than 2 hours to finish. 

                                      Q: Is it easier to crochet or knit a top?

                                      A: Crocheting a top is easier than knitting, especially for beginners.

                                      Q: Are crochet tops still in style?

                                      A: Yes, crochet tops, sweaters, and even crochet dresses are very much in style these days. 

                                      Q: Do you have to wear a bra with a crochet top?

                                      A: Crochet tops are quite see-through, so you have to wear a bra underneath. But you can go with pasties or a stylish bralette to enhance the top’s design.

                                      Q: How do you make a crochet top not see-through?

                                      A: You can either use thick yarn or layer up the thin yarn in overlapping stitch patterns to not make the crochet top see-through.


                                      There you have it, an extensive list of 27 free crochet top patterns that are easy to create. Make sure you follow the proper steps and use the right material to achieve the desired outcome. 

                                      Share your favorite designs in the comments, and let me know if you have any further queries!

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