30 Winter Front Door Decor Ideas to Welcome the Cold Season

When winter is coming, start to think about the decoration to welcome the cold season. You can decorate almost any place to welcome winter. Especially for the exterior appearance of your home. You can focus on dressing up your front door. You can apply some winter decorations to make your front door look attractive. There are many ways to decorate your front door for the cold season, but wreaths are a classic choice. Wreaths are a traditional decoration, and can be purchased or made yourself. Wreaths can be decorated with tinsel, ornaments, sprigs of holly, and other seasonal elements. Not only stop at the wreath, you can also decorate it with garlands, pine cones hung with ribbons, polar bears, snowflakes, lanterns, unused items such as ice skates, candles, lights, and more. The theme of your winter front door decor also can be adjusted to your tastes. Whether natural, classic, or festive themes. You can also add some seasonal ornaments and decorations to welcome the winter season. We’ve put together a few ideas below. Hope it will help and inspire you.

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String light is one of the outdoor decorating ideas that you can apply to the front door of your house through the use of garlands and garlands. Choose and use a string light with white lighting to make it look more optimal at night. Besides being able to be used as lighting, this string light can also be used as an amazing outdoor decoration. With the garland and string light garland, your porch decoration will be more colorful, you can try it now. String light wreath and garland from elledecor.


Take advantage of the presence of green plants in your garden as a winter-themed front door decoration idea that you can make yourself without having to spend a lot of money. Look at the greenery garland design that frames this black door, doesn’t it look more attractive? Now you can combine it with other natural ingredients such as pinecones. As for the wreath design, you can add gold bells that seem vintage. Get the bells at the nearest craft store or you can buy them online. Try these two winter decorations to boost your creativity. Greenery wreath with bell ornament from elledecor.


Don’t use too many ornaments or decorations in front of your door to create a minimalist theme and style that will give a lot of space in this area. When you are going to decorate the porch with a winter theme, the use of wooden skis, candle lanterns, firewood in containers and hanging greenery on the door is enough to use. Next, use two different color splashes on this porch, gray and black to be the right combination that you can try. The pinecones ornament in the candle lantern area is a combination of ornaments that you can use simultaneously. Minimalist porch ideas from elledecor.


It’s a good idea to decorate the front door with a series of green plants that you can hang to the door using a ribbon rope. Because your front door has a pretty bold color, you can just use greenery decorations. Not only for the door, but you can also use a garland accent that has been perfected with a string light that has orange lighting. The small Christmas tree that is applied to this fairly large stone pot is complemented by the presence of metallic Christmas balls of various different colors. Greenery winter decoration from elledecor.


Look at the winter front door decoration with a modern and minimalist style, doesn’t it look quite simple? You can try it in different ways, such as using a few different color splashes. The gray door which is decorated with a white flower wreath looks cuter, while the use of red in some of the ornaments is a smart choice that you can apply. The red ornament also makes the porch more colorful. Christmas trees and candle lanterns are always an additional decoration that is widely used this winter. Bold color ornament winter from elledecor.


The pine needles assembled into a wreath and garland are easy enough to copy right now. You can get this material in your garden without having to buy it so it is cheaper and on budget. Use twine to string it together to make it stronger and more sturdy. Do not forget that this part of the wreath can also be perfected with a white ribbon that is easily tied to the garland. Get ribbons at the nearest craft store or you can buy them online at a fairly cheap price. Wall scones lamps are lighting ideas that you can hang on the side wall of the entrance. Needle pine garland and wreath from curatedinterior.


The Christmas tree placed on both sides of the entrance becomes the main decoration on your porch decoration. It’s not enough just a Christmas tree, but you can also add several candle lanterns of different sizes and materials. Next, don’t let your entrance decoration look plain and boring, now you can hang a DIY wreath dominated by black and white. You can arrange this winter porch decoration yourself without the need for a professional. Christmas trees on both sides of the entrance from thespruce.


The winter porch decoration which has a combination of black and white gives a modern and minimalist impression that never goes out of fashion. Next you can decorate this black entryway with a greenery wreath that can be hung using a ribbon for a more colorful look. These two clay vases repainted in black can be filled with evergreens, branches and pinecones so that they can be placed on both sides of the entrance as a symmetrical decoration because they have the same height and size. Black and white porch from thespruce.


Do you have remnants of flannel that are no longer in use? If you have it, you can use it for a front door decoration that can be turned into a wreath design. Not only flannel with different colors, but you can also add a little winter ornaments such as snowflakes, red berries, greenery and pinecones. This winter ornament can be sprayed with white liquid and can be sprinkled with white powder which can be used as a faux snow accent that matches your winter theme. Hanging flannel wreath from thespruce.


Do you want to display the porch decoration in a different style? Feather wreaths are the right idea that you can try. This feather wreath design can be hung on the glass door using a white ribbon. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also put two flower vases on both sides of the entrance with the same color, material and size. You can fill this vase with evergreens and white flowers in bloom. DIY feather wreath from thespruce.


If you have a vintage or classic winter porch decoration, then you can use an ice skate that is perfected with a small wreath design in the middle. You can put it right next to the entrance as an initial welcome for your guests who come to the house. Let this ice skate appear more natural to match your porch style. Hanging lantern lamps on the ice skate is a light enough idea to make your porch decoration more dramatic. Vintage ice skates from thespruce.

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Several contrasting colors applied to the winter porch decoration give a different look that makes it appear more pleasant. Think of using hanging snowflakes that are applied to the ceiling and polar bears that are applied to the front door so it looks cute. The colorful scarf on this polar bear is complemented by a blue wooden chair and red boots that will decorate your porch nicely. Doormats also help warm the surface of your feet. Colorful winter porch from countryliving.

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Complete your winter porch décor with a sizable Christmas tree and a series of garlands and wreaths that frame your entryway. You can make these three winter decorations with greenery materials that can be obtained easily in your backyard garden so that they are cheaper and of course they can be assembled easily. The porch decoration which is dominated by white color emphasizes the winter theme this year, you can try and copy it right now. Greenery ornament winter from countryliving.

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Frame your entrance with a garland made of red Christmas ball ornaments and pinecones that look shiny when exposed to reflected light or sunlight. You can get these pinecones in your garden for free or you can buy them at the nearest craft store. Paint the front door in a bolder color like red for a more cheerful and uplifting look. On both sides of this door you can also put candle lanterns of the same size as lighting ideas that are quite warm. Pinecones garland as door frame from countryliving.

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Take advantage of the green leaves in your garden to make a wreath design that can be hung on the front door as a warm welcome for guests who come to your home. You can make wreaths with different shapes. Now you can form a greenery wreath Christmas tree which is perfected with a bold red ribbon accent. Next, select and use a lantern candle as a complement to the porch decoration that can be placed on a greenery vase so that it has a good enough height so that it can illuminate the porch area evenly. Greenery Christmas tree wreath from countryliving.

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This door frame decorated with greenery garland can be used as a winter patio decoration. Complete the existence of this garland with a basketball wreath which is perfected with a white star ornament. Next you can put some miniature Christmas trees on the stairs area as the right decoration and easy to get at the craft store. You can get green leaves in your backyard garden without having to buy them so it is very on budget. Greenery garland framing the front door from countryliving.

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Don’t let the front door in this winter theme appear plain, it’s a good idea to hang two greenery flower bouquets and a starburst mirror with gold that looks shiny. Bouquets decorated with ribbons give a sweet and best look. The runner rug which is applied to the floor leading to the entrance gives a more elegant appearance, you can choose a geometric pattern with a combination of black and white. Furthermore, the deer statue and candle lantern become a suitable combination when applied on an open shelf that is placed in this porch area. Combination of wreath with starburst mirror from countryliving.


Ice skates that are placed in front of your house are part of the winter ornament which is quite a favorite this year to try. You can use it as a decoration that gives a vintage impression. Then reuse the wooden lantern that is no longer in use as a container for colorful Christmas balls which is perfected by the presence of gifts, evergreens and wall decorations of colorful bells and ribbons. The use of floors and walls with red brick materials is a style that you can copy to bring a more natural and vintage feel to the porch. Vintage style winter ornament from countryliving.


Black and white are a mix of neutral colors that can be combined in one area. Now you can apply it to the porch winter for a more modern and minimalist look. It’s not enough to stop here, now you can also paint the door black and leave it white for the walls. Hanging greenery and several galvanized pots filled with a variety of different plants make the porch decoration more beautiful and colorful. If you have an ice skate that is no longer in use then place it in this area as a proper decoration addition. Monochromatic winter porch from countryliving.


The front door of the house is certainly the first time your guests and family see it. Therefore, you can decorate it as much as possible for a more beautiful appearance and in accordance with the winter theme at the beginning of this year. Garlands and wreaths have always been a very favorite decoration. You can add a perfected Christmas tree with some gifts around it. The red ribbon is an additional decoration that can be obtained easily and you can apply it to all greenery winter ornaments with a beautiful ribbon pattern. With this, the white front door can appear more colorful. Greenery ornament winter with red ribbon from digsdigs.


This front door design with glass and wood has a darker color so you can decorate it with two garlands of the same size. Not only flower bouquets, but you can also hang evergreen garlands on both sides of the house pole lengthwise. You can get the red ribbon that is applied to this garland cheaply and easily. Candle lanterns and deer statues that are placed on the porch area can be arranged neatly so as not to block the movement of your guests or family who come. The neatly arranged winter ornaments present a more minimalist feel to the front door area. Minimalist winter front door from digsdigs.


If you’re looking for an easy and cost-effective way to spruce up your winter porch decor, then making pine leaf garlands and garlands that you can directly pick from your yard is a smart idea that you can try. After the wreath looks the way you want, then you can hang it on the wooden door using a beautiful ribbon that has a black and white color combination. Lanterns and tall vases on both sides of the front door are additional decorations that you can use together. You can try it right now. Combination of wreath with garland from digsdigs.


Don’t let the front door of your house look plain and boring, now you can try making a wreath with a snowman pattern that you can make from natural materials. This snowman wreath look can be perfected with a red ribbon that can be used as an accent scarf. Next, use the branch as a hand accent that can be applied to the right and left. Finish off the hands with knitted gloves that have a pretty pattern. Snowman wreath from digsdigs.


This snowball made of knitted yarn can be arranged into a winter wreath that can be hung right on your front door. You can use yarn in a variety of different colors. So that this wreath snowball can form a rounder shape, you can attach it to the Styrofoam part that you can buy at a craft store. Furthermore, the snowflake ornament becomes a complement that you can hang together with the DIY snowball that you have made. Snowball wreath from digsdigs.


This arch-shaped front door can be perfected by framing it using a DIY garland that you can do with your family to fill your free time. Look at this evergreen garland design decorated with snowflake ornaments and red ribbons, doesn’t it look more cute and beautiful. To bring a magical winter feel, you can apply string light accents that have orange lighting so that the porch decoration feels warmer and certainly brighter at night. String lights can also be inserted into the lantern to be placed on both sides of the entrance with the same size and color. Curved garland with string light from digsdigs.


If you have a porch or front door decoration in a farmhouse style, then you can use some ornaments and decorations with natural materials such as pinecones, greenery and ribbon accents made of burlap fabric. In addition, you can also use a few splashes of earth tone color to produce a more optimal farmhouse theme. These warm colors are certainly very suitable when applied to a winter theme that seems simple. No need to repaint your front door, let it look natural and simple. Earth tone front door theme from digsdigs.


These garlands and garlands made of fir leaves are perfect for decorating a winter porch. The metallic ball ornament and knitted socks make a winter statement that works well. The door, which is painted in solid black, becomes a quite contrasting background so that it makes your greenery ornaments look clearer. Place a stone vase that is painted using the same color as the door as an additional decoration. Spruce leaves wreath and garland from digsdigs.


Instead of using a garland with greenery material, now you can try another look, such as a snowflake garland made of white origami paper. Because snowflake is one of the ornaments that emphasizes this winter theme, you can also use a pillow with a snowflake pattern and some wicker candle lanterns painted in white. Repaint the front door with yellow to make it look brighter and more colorful so it doesn’t get boring easily. DIY snowflake garland from homebnc.


The pastel color front door decorated with this DIY sweater wreath looks quite attractive to welcome the winter at the beginning of this year. Choose and use a wooden bench covered with pillows and blankets as a comfortable and warm sitting area. You can use this blanket when you want to relax outdoors while enjoying the snow outside. Some pine needles that are applied to some parts of the pot are additional decorations that you can complete with some red ornaments such as ribbons and red berries. Warm sitting area from homebnc.


Rustic themes usually use a few simple decorations that don’t cost a lot of money. Greenery wreath and paper snowflake ornaments are enough to decorate the front door with a winter theme. You can attach this DIY snowflake from the inside so it won’t get damaged easily when exposed to extreme outdoor weather changes. Attach or hang this snowflake using a matching colored rope. Small wreath is a decoration that you can make yourself without having to buy it. Rustic theme winter door from homebnc.