31 Fun and Creative Money Gift Ideas

These are amazing and creative money gift ideas!

Finding a creative way to give money as a gift is hard.

While everyone loves to get an envelope with cash, it’s fun to get creative with gifting money to friends and family.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find easy and creative ways to give money as a gift?

I’ve compiled some money gift ideas that will be fun for the person receiving the gift and allow you to get creative with your gift giving ideas.

Many of these ideas also work for gift card ideas and gift certificate ideas.

Simply replace the money with a gift card or gift certificate of your choosing.

With these 31 fun and creative money gift ideas, you’ll never run out of ideas for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, or any other holiday or gift giving occasion.

Have fun exploring these money gift ideas!

Why Give Cash as a Gift?

We all have a friend or family member, they seem to already have everything.

Or perhaps, they are rather picky with the things they purchase, making it difficult to find them the perfect gift.

One of the biggest reasons to give cash to people as a gift is that it is something that you know they will use.

Anyone can use a cash gift to pay bills, buy some necessities, or treat themselves to something special.

Give Money in Balloons

There are so many fun ways to give money in balloons to people of any age.

Balloons and glitter!

Create your own glitter bomb balloon filled with cash with this crazy balloon and glitter idea.

Just be sure to pop them outside!

Fill a room

We had a friend do this for their son’s birthday. They filled up about 3,000 balloons, some had money in them and others had written clues for his bigger gift. It was a frenzy of children popping balloons after the birthday boy ran through the plastic wrap that was holding them all in.

Birthday Money Balloons

This is a great gift if you are short on time and looking to surprise someone when they get home.

Simply fill up a handful of balloons with helium and tape some cash to the strings.

Big Balloon Filled with Money

Rather than having to blow up a bunch of balloons, just put in all in one large balloon.

Don’t forget to write a special message on the balloon for the gift giving occasion.

Wearable Money Gifts

If you would like to try your hand at origami, then check out these awesome wearable money gifts.

From rings to necklaces and all sorts of cute ideas, anyone would love to get these wearable money gift ideas.

Flower Money Necklace

This flower money necklace is a great cash gift idea to give a young lady graduating from high school or college.

Money and Candy Lei

If you have a younger child that you are looking for a fun way to gift money, then consider giving them this money and candy lei. An easy to make idea where you can get all the supplies from the dollar store.

Money Lei

This money lei makes a great gift for a new graduate. Easy to put together, the new grad will love walking around with this on!

Money Rings

Giving a larger bill? Gifting someone a money ring is a great way to show off your sweet origami skills.

Money Chain

While this says it’s for a graduate, you can give this money gift idea to just about anyone. A cute, wearable money gift that they will want to show off.

Money Trees

Giving money trees is a great idea for Christmas gifts or other special holidays. Check out these money tree gift ideas go give both cold hard cash, gift card ideas, and gift certificate ideas.

Sparkly Christmas Tree

You can easily find these sparkly little trees at just about any store during the holidays. Just pick up a tree and tie some bills to the tree like you would ornaments.

Origami Money Tree

Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees, obviously never got one of these amazing gifts! While this gift is a little more time intensive, it will certainly make a statement.

Money Tree Topiary

If you want to give a money tree without the hassle of fancy folding, then try your hand at this money tree topiary. An easy to make gift that they will love.

Mini Money Tree

This mini money tree is perfect for giving during the holiday season or if you want to give a creative gift but don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to making something.

This easy money tree comes together quickly and you can easily add coins for decoration.

Origami Money Tree

This origami money tree is perfect for giving someone if you are looking to give them bigger bills or just a couple bucks in a fun and creative way. Either way, this easy to make tree will bring a smile to their face.

Cash Box Gift Ideas

There are so many ways to get creative with giving cash in all types of boxes.

Tissue Box

Grab a small tissue box, some painters tape, some fun craft paper, and a stack of cash. You can either place a pull tab or an actual tissue at the top for them to pull out.

Emergency Cash Stash

Everyone can use a little extra cash for emergencies. For this fun gift idea, you will need a hard case emergency kit container and a wad of cash. This is a cute gift for graduates or anyone going into the medical profession.

In case of Emergency, Break glass

This is another fun graduation gift idea. New grads that are moving out should always have an emergency cash stash on hand.

Candy Money Box

While they might be a bit disappointed that there isn’t actually chocolate in the box, they will sure be excited about the cash they receive. The best part…you get to eat all the chocolate before you make the gift.

Stack of Gift Cards

If you would like to give a couple of different gift cards, then put them in a box of cards for a funny gift idea. The teen or adult getting the gift will love the idea of getting a stack of gift cards.

Food Related Money Gifts

Whether it’s a cash cake or coming out of a can, they are sure to get a kick out of these food related cash gifts.

Money Cake

Money cakes have become hugely popular, especially for graduates. Similar to the classic diaper cakes, these gifts are fun and easy to make. You can go very basic with just rolled bills tied with a ribbon, or you can get very elaborate with all kinds of folding. Check out money cakes on Pinterest for a ton of different ideas.

Cash in a Can

This makes a funny gift to give if someone really likes a particular canned fruit of veg. They’ll be delighted and confused all at the same time.

Money in a Cake

Instead of making a cake out of money, why not hide the money in the cake? This crazy idea will have the recipient delighted as they pull a wad of cash out of their favorite cake. Other than baking the cake, it will only require a few materials to hide a roll of cash in the desert.

Wrap Up Chocolate

Is there anything better than chocolate and cash? Give the best of both worlds with this cute and creative money gift idea.

Money Pizza

They say the best part of the pizza is the dough. Grab a clean pizza box and fill with cash, coins, and even gift cards or lottery tickets. A great gift for anyone that loves pizza and money.

Holiday Themed Money Gifts

Money is great to give any time of the year. Here are some money gift ideas for when you are gifting a lot of people during the holidays.

Money Ornament

Grab some of those clear ornaments from the dollar store and stuff them full of cash. A quick and easy gift idea for anyone.

Money Wreath

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash to give creative cash gift ideas. This is another one where you can easily find the supplies at the dollar store.

Gift Card Wreath

You can use any kind of wreath that you can attach gift cards to for this idea. There seems to be a lot of cash gift ideas and not as many gift card ideas. Many of the ideas on this list can be used for both.

Crocheted Ornament

Using a crocheted ornament to gift money is a great idea. You can easily put cash, gift cards, or gift certificates in the back pouch.

Other Money Gift Ideas

Make a Dollar Notepad

All you need for this is a nice stack of crips bills (singles work great), a small piece of cardboard, and strong glue.

Rainy Day Fund

A cute play on words, this is a great way to get someone started on their rainy day fund. Simply tie some cash to strings and secure to the inside of an umbrella.

There you have it, 31 fun and creative money gift ideas for every occasion.

Have fun with your money gift idea!