4 Reasons Why You Can’t Win at Your Side Hustle


4 Reasons Why You Can’t Win at Your Side Hustle

“No mirror ever became iron again; No bread ever became wheat; No ripened grape ever became sour fruit. Mature yourself and be secure from a change for the worse. Become the light.” — Rumi

Unless you’re The Rock Dwayne Johnson, I’m pretty sure the eight billion people worldwide don’t know or care what dream you choose in your game of life.

I say “win” because life is a game.

Games can be fun or hard, sad and frustrating, anxiety-provoking and enlightening, and the small details in how you approach your game matter.

If you want to win at your side hustle, you’ll need to pause, wonder, question, dream, and learn how to practice better.

Reason #1: You don’t prioritize time well.

Humans all have the same time to operate in.

This is why you can’t win in life: you don’t value your time as well other successfully free people.

You conform your time to the needs of your parents, teachers, friends, peers, bosses, and co-workers.

Whatever your definition of success, start small and prioritize your time, energy, and motivation for your dream.

That’s more important than following the other eight billion people out there who live paycheck to paycheck and live in the comfort of a salary that may not be there next year.

Let’s live a more meaningful life and stop caring about surviving in a longer, shallower one.

Reason #2: You wilt away from becoming.

Ask yourself this existential life question:

Who am I without what I think the world identifies me as? What does a winning side hustle look like?

What if you didn’t need to impress your friends, bosses, co-workers, peers, or parents?

Finding your best life happens when you find the courage to wrestle your own demons, desires, and struggles to the ground for the sake of an authentic life.

But instead of committing to change, you shrink from it.

You make excuses.

You’re soft when you should be hard.

Or you grind and burn out doing something you don’t care about.

Side hustles should give you time, space, and autonomy. And the world is calling you (not to be uber-successful, rich, or famous) but to do what you are meant to be. This is how you can define winning.

You could be a poet. A scientist. A conscious mother. A present stay-at-home dad. A short story writer. A food truck chef. A side hustle founder. A solo traveler.

It all starts with the vision you create for your life.

Reason #3: You aren’t constantly rejecting people.

You think the shadow is the substance. — Rumi

Self-awareness is knowing you are listening to the wrong voices in your life and doing something about it. Instead of being nice, you should reject any idea, person, or time slot that doesn’t fit your authenticity. Say no to anyone that takes you from your vision of winning.

Instead of chasing shadows, practice being the light.

Authenticity is constantly rejecting what you think the world wants from you.

Remember, you define your success, not others. You put aside time to work on your side hustle, dream, and craft, not anyone else.

Reason #4: You can’t see a better reality

Rumi says: “The lion who breaks the enemy’s ranks is a minor hero compared to the lion who overcomes himself.”

Are you scared to find security through self-reliance?

Getting a paycheck from a boss is comfortable, but what happens when you lose that job?

You’ll rely on the next boss to hire you.

You’ll rely on someone to pay you.

That’s not security, that’s comfort.

Get uncomfortable and build multiple income streams.

Most of us never overcome our fears of going out alone due to our enculturation.

So how can we try?

Practice, practice, practice listening and acting on your voice.

Sometimes it takes burning the ships behind you to win your best life.

Ask for help, find teachers, and go forward into the unknown.

A calm sea never made an experienced sailor.

Go sail your seas. This is how you win. Don’t wait.

Good luck out there,

Trevor Huffman

This post was previously published on medium.com.


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