40 Unexpected and Delightful Foodie Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Whether your mom is a home chef, wine enthusiast, or always has the Food Network channel on, it’s somehow never easy picking out a Mother’s Day gift for a foodie. While it may be obvious to get them something to eat, the solution isn’t just to gift them food. A fruit basket? Too expected. Gift card to her favorite restaurant? Good, but you could do better. Ahead are the most unique and useful gifts foodie moms will love and appreciate for Mother’s Day and beyond.

Our list is filled with food that they’ll actually eat, functional and useful gadgets, mouthwatering subscriptions, and cookbooks that’ll leave them inspired to whip up something tasty in the kitchen. Scroll down below to snag the best Mother’s Day food gifts at every style, budget, and most importantly, taste.

If your mom loves trying new foods

Graza, Extra Virgin Olive Oil — $15.00

If your mom loves to cook, there’s no better gift than this handy bottle of olive oil. The Graza Sizzle is infused with Picual olives from Jaen, Spain that’s harvested in November during the peak season—which offers a juicier flavor. Bottled in a monochromatic green genius squeeze bottle, this olive oil is super easy to use while cooking (it makes portioning a whole lot simpler). All you have to do is squeeze and enjoy!

Davids Tea, Mother's Day Tea Gift Box — $15.00

Moms do so much for us, so it’s only fitting that we let them know how “tea-rrific” they are. This tea collection is relaxation in a box and is the perfect gift for tea lovers. The set comes with five different types of tea (20 sachets total): Pomegrateful, Mother’s Little Helper, Just Peachy, Caribbean Crush, and Serenity Now, so your mom can sip and taste the fruity and earthy flavors of the tea.

La Tourangelle, White Truffle Oil — $19.00

Truffle oil secretly adds complexity to any dish, and is just really darn good, so a bottle of La Tourangelle’s White Truffle Oil (yum) is bound to put a smile on your foodie’s face. The wood-y and earthy notes of this oil complement a bunch of different foods, including pasta, fries (truffle fries, yummm), potatoes, popcorn, veggies, soup, and so much more.

Williams Sonoma, Georgetown Cupcake Mother's Day Cupcakes in a Heart Gift Box — $75.00

For mothers with a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with a box of cupcakes. In collaboration with Williams Sonoma, Georgetown Cupcakes will be delivering a box of 12 in a heart-shaped Mother’s Day box (how cute)! Enjoy Madagascar bourbon vanilla cream, salted caramel, white chocolate raspberry, and so much more flavors!

Momofuku, Chili Crunch Variety Pack — $50.00

Originally $61, now $50

For the mother who enjoys texture and a hint of spice, go for Momofuku’s Chili Crunch. This variety pack of chili crunch, black truffle, extra spicy, and hot honey packs a savory and crunchy punch to fried chicken, eggs, veggies, and more thanks to the infusion of onions, garlic, and shallots. Just dip and munch.

Mochidoki, Signature Box Set — $100.00

Ditch the traditional box of chocolates for Mochidoki’s Signature Box Set of mochi ice cream. In each box, your mom will receive mochi delights (four pieces in each flavor). Available in eight flavors, from strawberry and mango to sesame and matcha, there’s a flavor that’ll satisfy taste buds. Mochidoki makes the best artisanal mochi, and it’s consistent a W+G gifting favorite (everyone loves mochi!).

Haven's Kitchen, Variety Pack — $85.00

Make your home cook’s life easier with Haven’s Kitchen Variety Pack. This set takes the stress out of cooking with its seven sauces, dressings, and marinades, from parsley chimichurri to turmeric tahini (a dietitian-beloved ingredient). All you have to do is throw over vegetables, meat, or carbs, and enjoy.

The Sip, Rosé All Day Box — $66.00

The Sip Rosé All Day Box gives everyone in the room something to cheers to: mothers and for everything they do. Each box is packaged with three rosés—Bottega rose gold, Luc Belaire rosé, and Moët and Chandon nectar imperial—to help your family sip and celebrate the occasion.

Vahdam, Assorted Teas in Mother's Day Box — $18.00

For the tea lover who loves a good seep, Vahdam’s Assorted Teas are a must-have gift. Each set has three tea samplers filled with green tea and chai, turning mornings into a tasty sip. What’s great is that it’s packaged in a pretty Mother’s Day box, so no gift wrap is necessary.

Partners Coffee Roasters, Bestsellers Bundle — $38.00

You can never have too much caffeine stocked in your cabinets, and this bestselling bundle from Partners Coffee will make your mom’s heart melt. Featuring three bestselling flavors, Brooklyn, Flatiron, and El Ramo, pick what grind she prefers (whole bean, espresso, pour over, cold brew, etc.) and voila! Each sip is delicious.

Bonne Maman, Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (2-Pack) — $17.00

If Mom loves Bonne Maman’s pretty glass jar jams and also has a thing for chocolate hazelnut, Bonne Maman’s brand new spread is not to be missed. The W+G team had the pleasure of testing the spread before its launch, and were delighted in how nutty and perfectly chocolate-y the consistency is. Spread it on bananas, toast, ice cream—you name it. And obvs, it comes in that pretty jar.

MìLà, Pork Soup Dumplings (50 Dumplings) — $40.00

For the mom who wants restaurant-quality soup dumplings without the restaurant, MìLà is here to deliver. Once steamed (and paired with some delicious sauce), these frozen dumplings are juicy, flavorful, and so easy to make. Choose from pork, shrimp, and/or chicken—and slurp away! The W+G team has tested *a lot* of frozen dumplings (including Trader Joe’s!) and these are by far the tastiest.



If your mom is into appliances

Blume, Milk Frother — $25.00

Aspiring baristas or coffee novices will appreciate Blume’s Milk Frother. This little pink frother turns milk into foam-y goodness in just mere seconds (no need to buy a plug-in steamer or frother machine) and comes with two detachable whisks that make cleaning easy as pie. This gift will send a whole “latte” love to your mom.

Beautiful by Drew, Touch Screen 6-Quart Air Fryer — $69.00

Originally $89, now $69

Aptly named Beautiful, Drew Barrymore’s collection of cooking and diningware is stocked with affordable appliances and goodies that’ll make any foodie swoon, including this six-quart air fryer. It’s as stylish as it is functional with its gold handle, and it’ll whip up potatoes, air fry meat, roast veggies, and reheat leftovers in just minutes. It’ll be a staple for Mother’s Day and years to come.

Smeg, Retro Style Coffee Maker — $230.00

Retro. Simple. Stylish. That’s everything that Smeg is, and we have our eyes set on this coffee maker. For moms, grandmothers, or mother figures who love to brew up a cup of joe in the morning, this one will make their caffeinated hearts happy. It can brew up to 10 cups in one sitting while delivering coffee aromas throughout the room. Just pop in the beans.

Cuisinart, Ice Cream Maker — $93.00

Originally $165, now $97

With spring in full swing, every mom can appreciate having an ice cream machine in-house. This two-quart ice cream maker whips up frozen delights in under 20 minutes thanks to its heavy-duty motor. Add the ingredients, and let the machine do its thing. Chocolate chip, strawberry, or Oreo ice cream can all be made (and eaten up) with just a click of a button.

Fellow, EKG Electric Kettle — $195.00

No coffee station is complete without a Fellow EKG Kettle. No matter if you’re brewing tea or coffee, this electric pour kettle heats up water to the desired temperature for the perfect pick-me-up. Bonus: It’s built with a precise gooseneck for efficient pouring. It’s nice and compact, too, so it’s especially great for smaller kitchens. We’ve even traveled with this kettle before—it’s that convenient. It still boils around three mugs of water, so while it’s on the smaller side, it’s still super functional.

Dash, Mini Waffle Maker — $13.00

I think we can all agree that there’s really not a lot cuter than a mini heart-shaped waffle. We love this little dude so much, we wrote about it a couple months back. Just pour in the batter, wait for the beep, and voila! You get a perfectly warm, crispy waffle. An even better idea than giving Mom a heart-shaped waffle maker? Getting Mom a heart-shaped waffle maker and surprising her with heart-shaped waffles for breakfast.

Caraway, Iconic Bakeware Set — $595.00

Originally $745, now $595

If you’ve got extra coins to drop, Caraway’s Iconic Bakeware Set is a match made in heaven for a baking mama. While pricey, the set comes with storage, baking sheets, a muffin pan, a rectangle pan, cooling rack, square pan, a loaf pan, and two circle pans (wow). Everything is coated in non-stick, non-toxic ceramic coating and is oven-safe up to 550 degrees, so the moms in your life can get to baking whatever they desire.

Anova, Culinary AN400-US00 Nano Sous Vide Precision Cooker — $149.00

If the mom in your life appreciates a perfectly juicy steak, pork chop, chicken—basically any cut of meat—then she absolutely needs a sous vide. And not just any sous vide, but a really good sous vide that makes cooking foolproof. We had the chance to test the Anova Nano Sous Vide with several types of meat (a cheaper cut of steak that would have been tough had I used a grill or stovetop, pork, and chicken), and were incredibly impressed by the outcome.

You can use it to cook anything—veggies, eggs, etc.—but we’d gift this to someone who really wants to perfect their meat artistry. Easy to use (it even connects with your phone and notifies you if more water is needed), the sous vide locks in moisture while it slowly cooks your meal. No oven. No stove. Just the Anova sous vide and a pot of water.

Ninja DT251 Foodi 10-in-1 Smart XL Air Fry Oven — $325.00

The Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 XL Air Fry Oven will basically replace your oven and stove if you want it to. It has 10 features: air fry, air roast, bake, whole roast, broil, toast, bagel, dehydrate (you can make your own jerky!), reheat, and pizza. And it’s large enough to cook a whole chicken! We’ve tested every single feature out and are consistently impressed by how well this thing does—especially considering it has a 90-second preheat time and cooks 30 percent faster than a standard oven. If your mom is always running out of room in the kitchen (queen of side dishes), get her the Ninja Foodi.

If your mom is into setting the table

Target, Best Mom Ever Mug — $5.00

There’s no better way to express thanks to the superhuman in your life than with literal words. “Best Mom Ever” is printed in red on this cute lil’ red mug, which is guaranteed to bring a smile on your mom’s face. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this cup is easy to use and clean.

Material, The Table Knives — $90.00

If your mom is a hostess who does the “mostess,” then you can’t go wrong with gifting her a table knife set. This one from Material comes with four hand-finished, German stainless steel steak knifes that’ll make hosting breakfast, lunch, or dinners a breeze. What’s more, each set comes in a maple holder; it’s chic, timeless, and keeps knives secured in place.

Great Jones, The Spout — $60.00

Olive oil bottles can get all sticky and gross, but not with Great Jones’ The Spout. This little oil machine will be your mom’s best friend in the kitchen. Featuring an oversized handle and precise spout, your mom will be able to drizzle oil on all of her food creations, from coffee to pasta dishes.

Viking, Contemporary 3-Ply Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set — $421.00

Mommy cooks will appreciate a new pot and pan set, and this Viking Culinary set is the Mercedes-Benz of cookware. The set comes with a 8- and 10-inch fry pan, dutch oven, sauté pan with lid, and two sauce pans with lids. Each piece is constructed out of three-ply stainless steel, so it’s sturdy and will be a staple in your mom’s kitchen for years to come.

Our Place, Pleat Trivet — $35.00

It can be difficult to serve piping hot dishes on the table, but this Pleat Trivet from Our Place will prevent your pots and pans from melting through your mom’s linens and kitchen table. Made of matte stoneware, this pleated trivet allows airflow through, so all of your food can cool.

Great Jones, The Dutchess — $160.00

Dutch ovens are coveted cookware items, and for good reason—they are so versatile. You can cook casseroles, stews, and soups, transporting them from stove to oven to table. This one is made from enameled cast iron to cook dishes evenly. It’s also a sure-fire centerpiece that’ll impress everyone. Say goodbye to burnt crusts and soggy carrots.

If your mom is into subscriptions

Bokksu, 3-Month Snack Box Subscription — $138.00

This subscription from Bokksu gives the snack lover a three-month supply to authentic Japanese snacks. While every box is different, your first Bokksu box includes sweet treats like mochi, matcha and other teas, and cookies and crackers. Plus, every purchase supports family-owned businesses in Japan.

Stumptown Coffee, 2-Week Coffee Subscription — $23.00

For the coffee-loving moms, Stumptown’s Coffee offers subscriptions that show up right at your door. Each shipment is hand-selected and sourced by coffee aficionados. Each bag is different in flavor, but, for example, this week’s aromatics contain hints of nectarine, melon, and jasmine.

Jeni's Pint Club, 3-Month Ice Cream Subscription — $199.00

Treat your mom or mother figure in your life to Jeni’s Ice Cream. Each month, they’ll get a curated selection of flavors, from Gooey Butter Cake to fruity flavors like Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam. If you’ve never tried Jeni’s, you’re in for a treat: Each carton tastes like a brand new batch of ice cream someone just made, and that’s because the ingredients are so fresh and creative.

Harry and David, 3-Month Chocolate Subscription — $115.00

A perfect subscription for chocolate lovers, Harry and David’s three-month chocolate subscription has got you covered. Enjoy chocolate covered cherries, truffles, caramels, and more.

Cratejoy, Bake Eat Love's One-Month Subscription — $45.00

Bring the joy of baking right to your mom’s doorstep. This Learn To Bake Like a Pro kit from Cratejoy is equipped with pre-measured ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and tools for strawberry-filled cupcakes, chocolate pies, lavender panna cotta, and lemon cookies.

If your mom is into cookbooks

Home Is Where The Eggs Are by Molly Yeh — $22.00

A homage to at-home cooking, this intimate book by Molly Yeh delves into low-maintenances recipes that are tasty as they are aesthetic. Learn how to make babka cereal, baharat chili with corn bread, and pine nut blondies.

Mi Cocina by Rick Martínez — $28.00

Originally $35, now $28

Rick Martínez brings us through his culinary journey through México in Mi Cocina. The book is filled with recipes, from cheese meatballs to grilled carne asada stuffed in a quesadilla. In addition, learn from Martínez’s essays, which marry culture and history. Doubling as a coffee table book and an actual cookbook, Mi Cocina makes a memorable gift.

First Generation by Frankie Gaw — $25.00

Originally $33, now $25

Learn about Taiwanese cuisine and recipes from Frankie Gaw’s First Generation Cookbook. Each page is filled with how-to-make mouthwatering dishes like fried chicken gua bao, which is like a fried chicken sandwich, to red pepper scallion pancakes. Also, get the instructions on how to fold dumplings. At the end, your mom will be a dumpling folding master.

Black Food by Bryant Terry — $25.00

Originally $40, now $25

Black Food pays tribute to contributions made by Black chefs, culture, and the African diaspora. Bryant Terry marries recipes with experiences, artwork, poetry, and essays. Yummy dishes like jerk chicken ramen to okra and shrimp purloo are all on the menu.

The Woks of Life by Bill, Kaitlin, Judy, and Sarah Leung — $28.00

Originally $35, now $28

Regardless if you’re new to Chinese cooking or not, The Woks of Life walks readers through traditional Chinese dishes, from char siu bao, BBQ pork bun, beef noodles to fried rice with Cantonese pork belly. This book is not only filled with recipes, but holds generational knowledge from millions of cooks. It’s a book worth adding to the shelf.

Thali: a Joyful Celebration of Indian Home by Maunika Gowardhan — $17.00

Originally $33, now $17

“Thali” stands for a selection of dishes that are served together in India. In the pages, learn how to cook vibrant, spiced, and tasty Indian dishes like pomegranate spiced chicken, jackfruit stir-fry, and flavors and textures across the Indian subcontinent.

Mayumu by Abi Balingit — $32.00

Originally $40, now $32

Is there a better gift than dessert? You can gift the knowledge of desserts influenced by classic Filipino flavors: Adobo but in chocolate chip cookie form, ube molten lava cakes, and matcha pastillas. Your mom will also get to read through the author’s heritage and self-discovery through flavors in the Philippines and California, where the author grew up.

Pasta: The Spirit and Craft of Italy's Greatest Food, with Recipes by Missy Robbins — $25.00

Originally $40, now $25

Transport yourself to the kitchens in Italy with Pasta. This book is filled with one hundred recipes for Italian American, regional cooking, and Robbin’s best dishes. You’ll also get knowledge on how to cut different pasta shapes, from ravioli to pappardelle. Who doesn’t love pasta?