45 Creative Bird Feeder Ideas to Get Attractive Garden Decorations

Making a great garden look is such a pleasant thing. An attractive garden decoration comes in many ways. One of ways, you can add garden ornaments to your garden. If you love of bird sing in your garden, you can provide a bird feeder. The existence of bird feeder will invite many birds to come to your garden. To provide a bird feeder there are several things you can do. Besides buying it, you can also make it yourself. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, there’s a great way to add a bird feeder in your garden.

45 creative bird feeder ideas to get attractive garden decorations1

You can find some materials around your home or use recycled items. To create a bird feeder with recycled materials, these can include soda bottles, plastic bottle, milk carton, mason jars and more. Repurposed birdhouses and old license plates also make great bird feeders. Upcycle an old decorative teapot into a stylish bird feeder. The birds will love the unique design. This craft is easy to do, and will attract many different types of birds to your garden. And many other ideas. Here are some easy ways to create a bird feeder. Just follow these instructions to create a fun and functional bird feeder.


Bottle Milk Bird Feeder from thespruce

Bundt cake pans

Bundt Cake Pans Bird Feeder from thespruce

Diy tin can

DIY Flower Tin Can Bird Feeder from thespruce

Egg cartons

Egg Cartoons Bird Feeder from thespruce

Flat tray bird feeder

Flat Tray Bird Feeder from thespruce


Natural Birch Bird Feeder from thespruce

Macramé knots

Macrame Knots Bird Feeder from thespruce

Macramé orange bird feeder

Macrame Orange Bird Feeder from thespruce

Milk carton

Milk Carton Bird Feeder from thespruce

Modern bird feeder

Modern Style Bird Feeder from thespruce

Popsicle sticks

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder from thespruce


Colorful Wooden Bird Feeder from thespruce

Soup ladle bird feeder

Soup Ladle Bird Feeder from thespruce

Terra cotta bird feeder

Terracotta Bird Feeder from thespruce

Wicker paper plate holder

Wicker Paper Plate Holder Bird Feeder from thespruce

Bottle bird feeder

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder from countryliving

Glass shade bird feeder

Glass Shade Bird Feeder from countryliving

Tea cup bird feeder

Tea Cup Bird Feeder from countryliving

Wine bottle bird feeder

Wine Bootle Bird Feeder from countryliving

Wire bird feeder

Hanging Wire Bird Feeder from countryliving

Butter jar bird feeder

Butter Jar Bird Feeder from familyhandyman

Lego bird feeder

Colorful Lego Bird Feeder from familyhandyman

Milk jug bird feeder

Milk Jug Bird Feeder from familyhandyman


Net Bird Feeder from familyhandyman


Wooden Tray Bird Feeder from familyhandyman

Tube-style bird feeder

Tube Style Bird Feeder from familyhandyman


Polka Dot Tin Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Bundt pan wreath feeder

Bundt Pan Wreath Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Burlap thistle sock

Burlap Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Carton box feeder

Pastel Carton Box Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Clay feeder

Sleek Clay Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Dry wooden log

Dry Wooden Log Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Feeder garlands

Bird Feeder Garland from homesthetics

Grapevine ball feeder

Grapevine Ball Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Hanging bowl feeder

Hanging Bowl Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Log bird feeder

Log Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Popsicle stick feeder

Colorful Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Pvc pipe bird feeder

PVC Pipe Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Shovel head feeder

Shovel Head Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Soda bottle feeder

Sofa Bottle Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Swing feeder

Wooden Swing Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Teapot feeder

Colorful Teapot Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Tin can flower feeder

Repaint Tin Can Flower Feeder from homesthetics

Tire swing feeder

Tire Swing Bird Feeder from homesthetics

Umbrella tower feeder

Umbrella Tower Bird Feeder from homesthetics