5 Best Home Decor Ideas For Your Child’s Room To Give That Fresh and Bright Look!

5 Best Home Decor Ideas For Your Child’s Room To Give That Fresh and Bright Look!

Playroom, chill-out zone, sleeping space, dressing room: a kid’s bedroom can have a lot going on!

Keeping things neat, tidy and even – dare I say it – stylish, is totally achievable with the right mix of fun home decor and storage solutions. From clever furniture ideas to genius hacks, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to maximise space and make your kiddo’s room a place for fun and play. 

5 Best Home Decor Ideas For Your Child's Room To Give That Fresh and Bright Look! | Stay At Home Mum

Before You Get Started On Home Decor

While balancing practical with fun can be tricky, make sure you address both issues. There are oodles of storage options for every kind of bedroom setup, but the best one for you and your child’s home decor is the one that works. Before you go and buy those cute woven baskets or that snazzy, multifunctional wardrobe-dresser-desk combo, think about how your child uses their space and what kind of home decor systems will help them look after their things.

For example, a shorter dresser might be the better option for a young child, over a tallboy they struggle to reach the top. Having a few toys accessible at a time and rotating with those stored in a cupboard can help limit clutter. Toys with lots of small pieces might be best stored up high and brought down as needed, while dolls and dress-ups can be stored where little hands can grab them easily. If your kiddo mainly uses their room to sleep and get dressed each day, a minimalist bedroom with a few décor items and comforting plush toys can help create a peaceful space to unwind at night.

Once you’ve worked out the practical, think of fun ways to brighten up their space with home decor. Whether it’s a bright new quilt cover or a brilliant piece of artwork that shows off their favourite characters, there are plenty of options to choose from! 

Replace Big Items 

Sometimes the easiest way to makeover our kiddo’s room with home decor is with a big piece of furniture. While it can be costly home decor, it saves swapping out two or more pieces – instead you can just focus on the one. 

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The Charlie Combo Bunk Frame from Snooze

Loft beds come in all shapes and sizes from single to the queen, with floor clearance all the way from a few feet off the ground to a few feet from the ceiling. A basic loft with no-frills leaves the options wide open: pop another bed underneath, set up a cubby area, or pop in boxes, shelves or drawers to store toys or clothes. Other beds come with built-in storage and design features, such as built-in wardrobes, shelves, desks and drawer units. Tall beds can really make the most of vertical space, especially when your floor area is limited.

No loft? No problem. Underbed storage drawers and roll-out boxes are easy for little ones to pull out to grab what they need. They can be great for storing toys – simply throw them in and push them back under the bed, out of sight. Or try a rolling library, turning the books so their spines face up for your child to look through and pick their favourite bedtime stories. Other options include storage for shoes, big winter coats, or personal linen.

Up and Away!

Another fun and practical way to utilise vertical space is with floating shelves. Not only do they provide a great way to store all your kiddo’s things, these items can also be used to add a pop of colour to the wall. On their own or artfully arranged in groups, they are a great place to pop books or display nick-nacks, photos and décor pieces. With so many styles available, they can also be used to add a pop of colour to a more neutral-themed bedroom. Some even feature hooks underneath to hang hats and small bags.

Handy Cupboard Hacks

Got the convenience of a built-in wardrobe? Make the most of it by adding simple storage solutions to home decor. Cube shelving laid horizontally underneath hanging clothes is a great spot to put boxes or baskets of shoes, accessories or toys. Over-door hangers can neatly hold things like scarves and belts, or try tucking dolls or beanie bears into a pocket-style shoe organiser.

Most closets will have one or two high shelves that are the ideal place for things you don’t use as often. Blankets, boxes of off-season clothes or things your child is yet to grow into, spare stationery and craft supplies, and travel gear can all be packed up high and grabbed down as needed.

Stack it Your Way 

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The Hipster Tallboy in Charcoal from Snooze

Dressers and tallboys are great for more than housing folded clothes. The top offers up an extra place to put things like lamps, photos, jewellery hangers or toys. A pair of cute bookends can turn it into a mini library, while a mirror set on a low dresser is the perfect place for a girl to glam up when the mood strikes.

A-frame and ladder shelves add a stylish home decor touch to any room. Use woven baskets to organise smaller toys like cars and blocks; show off arty creations like sculptures and canvas paintings; or simply use the space to hold bigger things like toy trucks, Lego builds and playsets.

With all these great solutions up your sleeve, it’s easier than ever to keep your child’s room nice and organised while giving their space a complete refresh. 

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