5 Natural Products For The Home

Curious as to what natural products you can try in your home? If you’re looking for safe and cheap home cleaning products, these are the top 5 for you!

5 Natural Products For The Home

5 Natural Products For The Home

Each of us wants (especially before the beginning of spring or summer), to have the perfectly clean and smelling house. However, usually, we choose various chemicals to clean the house, without knowing how often these products are harmful to our health. especially if there are small children at home.

These products we listed below will help you polish almost all corners of the house in a completely safe and cheap way. And the best part—all of these products are natural and won’t harm your health in any way at all!


1. Lemon

Lemon as Natural Product for Home Cleaning

Lemon is just perfect for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. This fruit perfectly exfoliates grease, soap stains on tiles and other debris. In addition, lemon disinfects and prevents mold, and that is just a perfect and natural way to deal with this unpleasant problem. And there are a few other places where you can use it:

  • Cut the lemon in half and rub the cutting table you use to cook fish or meat. This will help disinfect the table and remove odors.
  • To clean the microwave, mix lemon juice and water (3 tsp. of lemon juice and 400 ml of water). Put the mixture into a deeper bowl (which can be used in a microwave oven) and heat that for the maximum power for at least 10 minutes.
  • Lemon juice perfectly removes scale deposits on faucets and shower heads too.


2. Olive Oil

Olive Oil as Natural Product for Home Cleaning

An excellent tool to clean wooden furniture and update their surfaces. It is also suitable to clean leather furniture and parquet.

A few drops of olive oil on a cotton fabric will update and polish wood and leather furniture and flooring. 

To make garden or patio furniture in a better shape and condition, from time to time, wipe them with olive oil as well, and enjoy your furniture for longer.


3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste as Natural Product for Home Cleaning

Toothpaste easily and quickly can clear the tiles, taps, and wooden surfaces and it also makes your teeth healthy too! Moreover:

  • Toothpaste can safely clean silver and table tools.
  • Ink, makeup, tea and coffee stains can be easily removed from the carpet with any toothpaste as well. Apply a little paste on the stain and leave for a few minutes. Afterwards, rinse with water and enjoy clean carpet.
  • If you want to clean stains from water rings left from cups on wooden surfaces, simply apply a bit of toothpaste on a soft cloth and rub the surface.
  • If a child has tested a pen or felt-tip pen on a colored wall—toothpaste will help you out here as well!


4. Ethereal Oils

Ethereal Oil as Natural Product for Home Cleaning

Ethereal oils give the room a fresh smell and disinfect it all together. It also contributes preventing mold, and it is not that expensive as you might think! Check Amazon for that and try out some of these discounted codes to shop at Amazon as well to prove this fact to yourself.

Ethereal lavender or tea tree oil cleans all surfaces on which bacteria tend to accumulate: kitchen worktop, cutting tables, door handles and taps and, of course, it gives the room a perfect smell.

30 drops of any essential oil, added into a bucket of water can harmlessly wash the floor as well.


5. Salt

Salt as Natural Product for Home Cleaning

Salt can be found in every kitchen, and this makes this nature’s treasure even more lovable. This is a cheap and efficient cleaning tool, which will help to clean both the kitchen and the bathroom. If you want to clean and disinfect kitchen sponges, keep them in water with a bit of salt inside for a couple of hours.

Mineral water and salt mixture won’t just clean the inside of the refrigerator, but will eliminate bad odor for good as well.

Put a bit of salt on the stained woolen carpet, spray that with water, and let it stand by like that for 30 minutes. Then—vacuum the rug. The results will surprise you!


Want more DIY natural cleaning product ideas? Get more here from Samantha Lindsey:


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