5 Places to Get Photography Supplies for Your Business

photography supplies

Photography is one of the best career paths if you’re looking for something that lets you explore your creativity. With so many types of photography paths available, there is a lot of room to explore and find your niche. However, photography does require a fair bit of equipment, and it’s often challenging to find the best sources for photography supplies. This guide has been put together to help you figure out what supplies to get and the best places to source photography supplies.


The Photography Industry in 2022

The photography industry has seen significant growth, with many amateur photographers entering the field to start their own businesses. It’s a sign of the popularity of the area and the increasing demand for talented photographers. Many types of photography have gained popularity, such as weddings, business, and commercial photography, as well as portraits and events.


Top Places for Photography Supply for Your Business

There are many places where amateur photographers can explore new products and find information about photography equipment. Some of the top places for photography supplies include:

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the top choices for photography supplies because of the sheer amount of choices available. Photographers can find everything they need, including lighting equipment, tripods, backdrops, and more.

2. Etsy

Another popular choice for supplies includes marketplaces such as Etsy. Etsy is useful if you’re looking for photography props, vintage cameras, Lightroom presets for lighting effects, and other types of unique supplies.

3. Lensbaby

Lensbaby has photography tools such as lenses that can be more cost-effective for photographers without sacrificing creativity. With Lensbaby, photographers get to explore new angles and creative effects using their supplies, including tilt-shift and off-center focused photos.

4. B&H Photo and Video

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for photography equipment, B&H Photo and Video is the perfect marketplace for photographers looking for the best products.

B&H offers all kinds of products for photographers, including lighting products, professional lenses, light modifiers, drones, and aerial cameras, and much more. They also provide information and news about photography that could be useful for amateur photographers and professionals.

5. Adorama

Adorama is one of the leading stores for photography equipment and includes comprehensive information about the products to help photographers choose the right equipment for them. It also features high-tech products that are newer to the market to cater to both amateur and seasoned photographers.

Adorama offers products such as cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, tripods, and other staple photography equipment. It also carries a wide range of products for astronomy photography and other niche areas.


Essential Photography Supplies

If you’re looking for more information on what kind of photography supplies and equipment you’ll need as a photographer, we’ve made a list of the essential supplies every photographer needs to have.

Prime Lenses

Investing in equipment such as a prime lens is crucial for photographers looking to up the quality of their photos. While on the pricier side of equipment, a prime lens gives you a high-quality shot and is easy to adjust. The type of lens you’ll purchase will depend on the type of photography you’d like to do, so researching options is critical.


A tripod is a useful photography tool since it gives you stability and room to play. A tripod is used for still and landscape photography, and it can be used for many other types of photographs as well. You’ll be able to easily do long exposure shots and create more complex imagery using a tripod.

Memory Card

You don’t want to stress about saving your photos or having enough storage. That’s why a good quality memory card with a large storage capacity is an important type of equipment to have. Although small, it’s a mighty tool that ensures you’ll have all the space you need to take your photos without worrying about losing them.

Camera Bag

A good, sturdy camera bag is absolutely essential to keep your camera and supplies safe and easy to transport. It should be able to hold your camera and all its accessories, with a bit of room to spare to ensure you can carry a few extra products if needed.


Photography Equipment for Business

There are many products out there, including photography equipment such as lighting tools, lenses, and tripods, that help your photography be more effective. There are also tools and equipment that could help you run your photography business with ease, some of which include:


Having an array of plain and patterned backdrops helps you get the desired creative effect in photos while also adding some depth to your shots. Plain photography backdrops, such as a collapsible backdrop, are portable and easy to carry around while ensuring you’re getting a great shot.


Props are useful for photography, especially if you do a lot of flat lays and product photography. You can get fun and quirky props such as cube-shaped posing boxes or other types of podium products to create beautiful flat-lay shots or add more depth to the background in photography shots.

Photo editing software

Good photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop is crucial for photography businesses. Photoshop is helpful for post-shooting editing and touch-ups to create high-quality photographs. It can also be used with software such as Lightroom, with presets to add creative lighting effects if needed.


What Brands Are Most Popular with Professional Photographers?

There are many brands that photographers can explore for equipment and supplies. Some of the most popular brands for photography products include Nikon, Canon, and Sony. These are respected brands with a well-established history of creating high-quality cameras and accessories that are used by photographers worldwide.

What Do You Need for Studio Photography?

Studio photography requires a variety of different photography equipment to get the best quality photos. Some of the products needed for studio photography include lighting equipment such as on-camera flashes, ring lights, portable lighting products, and more. You will also need props and backdrops to ensure you’re getting good photos that will be easy to edit and touch up.

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