6 Clever & Easy IKEA FLISAT Table hacks for more Fun & Play

The IKEA FLISAT children’s table is quite a smart little thing.

See those white covers? It’s a secret compartment.

Open them up and you’ll fit 2 TROFAST storage tubs snug under the top of the table. Your child can reach in and get his or her LEGO bricks -– and then — most importantly, sweep everything down into the bin to clean up. Or at least that’s what we all hope the kiddo does!

It’s also perfect for sensory play. Instagram is full of ideas on what to add to those tubs to maximise them. Think of filling them with rice, pasta or chickpeas, you name it, to develop fine motor skills.

Read on to see how you can make the $50 table work harder for so much more fun.

#1 Simple mod turns the IKEA FLISAT into a Play & Craft table

Lauren has a very simple yet practical hack to turn the FLISAT children’s table into a play table with more storage and better organisation.

IKEA Flisat children's table
Photo: IKEA.com
  • FLISAT table with TROFAST tubs
  • ONSKLIG change table containers
  • Wood bracket
  • Pine

Simply attach two 8mm pine wood brackets (using screws or nails) to one side of the table. Line these up to the joint in the table. Pre-drill to prevent splitting.

Upgrade the IKEA FLISAT children's table with a simple mod
Upgrade the IKEA FLISAT children's table with a simple mod

Next, screw one length of 40mm x 19mm pine wood (cut to 445mm) onto the brackets and slide on your containers! Now your table is a play station/storage unit fit for craft materials, LEGO, etc.

Upgrade the IKEA FLISAT children's table with a simple mod
Upgrade the FLISAT children's table with a simple mod

~ by Lauren

#2 Make a light table

We know how light can enhance play time. It’s also educational. Conventional lightboxes don’t come cheap. But if you have a FLISAT table, it’s not all that hard to make one. Just make sure to get dimmable LED strips to control brightness. Harsh lights can hurt little eyes.

You’ll need an acrylic sheet cut to the size of the table top. Use a frosted spray for an opaque finish. 

Drill a hole on one end of the TROFAST bin. Thread the LED strip light through the hole and glue it along the 4 inner sides of the TROFAST bin. Drop the bin back in place, cover it with the acrylic sheet and boom! Light box.

See the full tutorial on ArrowsAnchorsblog

#3 Table for art

Later ever after shows us how to add an art paper roll onto the FLISAT, effectively turning it into an art table. And it’s so easy to do. Screw J hooks onto the two side legs of the FLISAT. Thread the roll of paper onto a wooden dowel rod and drop it onto the hooks. Done!  

#4 FLISAT sensory table is the best

It’s a new play every day. Load the table with different elements and the wonders will never cease. I’m amazed looking at these ideas from Kendra, as it truly shows the versatility of the IKEA FLISAT table. 

#5 Perfect for water play

A wonderful hack from Elaine. Add a play sink with running water into the TROFAST bin and your kid will have hours of splashing fun. All you need to do is drop the sink into the TROFAST bin, which sits snugly in it, to avoid any toppling over, mess and spills. 

#6 Two faced IKEA FLISAT table for double the fun

Chalkboard on one side and LEGO baseplates on the other. For the chalkboard, get a roll of adhesive chalkboard film and stick it onto the table top. Smooth out bubbles if any and trim excess film from the sides. 

On the other side, lay the LEGO baseplates centered on the table top. Cut the baseplates to fit inside the grooves of the TROFAST bin. Stick them onto the table top with double sided mounting tape. See the full tutorial.

How have you hacked the IKEA FLISAT table? Show us!

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