66 Examples Of Maximalist Design Done Right, As Shared On This Facebook Group

“The more the merrier”, screams the home of every maximalist interior design enthusiast. Brimming with loads of different colors and patterns, it creates a beautiful mess, which is usually unlike anything you’ve seen before. No two places look the same with such an amount of design elements; and you will make sure of it by browsing today’s list.

We have gathered some of the most fascinating examples of maximalist design and decor ideas from a Facebook group dedicated to exactly that. Contrary to the popular minimalist style, it showcases how well a multitude of things can go together when styled right and has nearly 600k followers who would agree. Scroll through the colorful pictures, and check out this maximalist interior designer’s house from the 1930s for more wonderfully chaotic rooms.

Bored Panda has reached out to the founder of the 'Maximalist Design And Decor' Facebook group, Marrē, who was kind enough to answer a few of our questions. You will find her thoughts below.


Someone posted this bathroom makeover and I love it

Image credits: Nicole Holt Spencer

The public group, with 596.8 thousand members as of now, was founded back in 2021. The mastermind behind it, Marrē, told Bored Panda that it started with the loss of a family member. “I was so depressed, I just wanted to look at beautiful spaces and take my mind off of it,” she shared.

The founder revealed that now she’s managing ‘Maximalist Design And Decor’ together with her two admins and a moderator. “With their help, running this group has been a labor of love that allows me to continue enjoying beautiful spaces from around the world,” Marrē said.


The living room is coming together.

Image credits: Adam Sattley


Image credits: Maytee C Vazquez-Clarke

Even though she decided to take a different career path in the end, the founder said she initially went to college for interior design and really enjoyed it. As for her favorite features when it comes to maximalist design and decor, she told Bored Panda: “My favorites with design are usually eclectic and bohemian, but I also love art deco and art nouveau using jewel tones—kind of all over the place like maximalists tend to do.”

All of these styles and many more can be found in pictures shared by the group members. The Facebook group is dedicated to anyone with a passion for maximalist design, which is why no negative comments are tolerated. “I think people benefit from groups like ours because it's a space to share their ideas and love of maximalism without judgment,” Marrē told Bored Panda. “We encourage people to continue scrolling if they don't have something positive to comment.”


My favorite spot to read.

Image credits: Crystallynn Price


I just painted my walls and I am totes feelin it! I hope you like it, too.

Image credits: Gilda Houck-Markovits


Home office

Image credits: Nick Saidno


I need to hose everything down with soapy water, but my favorite spot - The Upper Deck (off my bedroom)

Image credits: Shannon Erickson


Thank you to whoever painted their wall like this before I did!! It’s such a fun idea!! Here’s my dining room.

Image credits: Whitney Richard


My newly remodeled laundry room. I painted the washer and dryer.

Image credits: Mary Mildred


Found this little gem yesterday! It's comfy and you can dry your perm!!

Image credits: Wendy Nargiz


Wanted to share my eating space inside my rental because 1) it’s clean for once and 2) everything is secondhand (except the rug)

Image credits: Kristen Murray


I think I got a great deal on these 4 beautiful dining chairs today from an estate sale.they weigh a ton, really well made and in mint condition. Only paid 100.00 for all 4 and the best part is, they match our other pieces of furniture.

Image credits: Maryanne Boynton


Found some cool wall appliques... went back for more & color.

Image credits: Dawn Golna


My poor husband can't build enough built-ins to keep up with my "stuff" 

Image credits: Jennifer Santmyer


I always want to display family pictures but don’t like the generic tile frames. Finally found a good solution.

Image credits: Aleah Sparks


This is Dolly…. I’m in Nashville so everyone seems to love the country cowhide vibe… but I’d love to branch out into more artsy pieces. Anyone else in here refurbish?? 

Image credits: Jordan Wilson


We finally got to putting up this wallpaper mural I got a while back. Originally it was intended for the living room but it was decided the bedroom was a better idea. Thankfully the measurements were close enough that just a little trimming was needed. Living my twin peaks fantasy

Image credits: Cherri Nova


I’m a Plant Maximalist

Image credits: Valerie Perez


Decoration of my apartment in Brazil. Still in progress…

Image credits: Matheus Guariz Homem


My daughter has decided that she wanted her Paris themed (beautifully designed btw) decor out & anything Hello Kitty & Pusheen in. I’m secretly sooo into the Hello Kitty decor but I can’t let on too much. Once she senses my excitement, she feasts on it- she’s got me!! I can easily be swayed into buying anything. Tho I did just drop $200 on my 8yr old child’s HK bed sheets. Just Sheets!!! Damn Pottery Barn!! I won’t even do that for my own bed! Anyone else Hello Kitty Fans?!

Image credits: Amie B Chansler


One of my favourite rooms in my house. We don’t really sit in the dining room anymore since it’s just two of us and our cats have a safe space behind the table and chairs that the dog can’t get to so we use that space to have their food and water and their toys It’s also the sunniest spot in the house and where all of our plants thrive! We are wanting to paint the teal wall as we have had it like that for a few years and I personally hate teal although it looks great on this wall

Image credits: Megs Kate


This beauty was a curb pick today. At more than 2 feet tall and wide, way too big for our house but I am obsessed. Thinking about deconstructing and using parts to make a smaller chandelier and wall sconces. I ran this image through Google Lens but nothing came up. Would it be sacrilegious to break this apart?

Image credits: Terri Hansen


I am so excited to have finally finished my office and art studio revamp. I spend a majority of my time here (I work remotely) and desperately needed an update for my spirits and to be more efficient. I’m in love with how it turned out! Done on a budget as always. I’ll use a vinyl remnant on the floor if I am in a paint session. This room is right off my entry and I want to make sure it looks welcoming/ nice. I wish I had a separate studio where I can get messy and not worry about the floor, etc. - maybe one day

Image credits: Amy Cobuluis


My cow bathroom. It’s my favorite room in the house

Image credits: Steph Meyer


My woodland themed loo

Image credits: Julie Crosby


Still have a lot of detail work to do, the trim, the new front door, the rest of living space…

Image credits: Kim Matthews


My living room

Image credits: Tiffany Koch


I have accumulated over 120 hands, and they look wonderful in my grandparents cabinet

Image credits: Anna Hafner


My bathroom I put each spot on individually

Image credits: Stephanie Mydock


Just wanted to share our kitchen just because it's awesome

Image credits: Emmą Mąřtin


Having a little bit of a sad day and I was hoping I could share with the group and get a little love for my room as I take it apart and leave it for the last time! This is a room from my photo and film studio outside of Boston that Ive let my maximalist side go wild with. I’ve rented it out for boudoir shoots, music videos, fashion and branding shoots, and there was even a documentary and two short films made here. I call it “The Rose Room” and the painting, mantle, and green velvet sofas are all in honor of my grandmother, who had similar items and was a true maximalist baddie. My studio building was purchased by developers and soon will be turned into apartments so I am being pushed oyt. Today and I am packing it all up and saying goodbye to this Rose Room for the last time.

Image credits: Natasha Nicolaou


Asking for only good to enter and remain

Image credits: Ashley Dawn Glenn


My sister bought a new house and we did this amazing book shelf with all the things she's collected from traveling and I just absolutely love it.

Image credits: Kelc Remi


I'd never thought of posting here but then I came upon this today in my living room.

Image credits: Erica Martell


Long time lurker, first time post-er! My tiny bathroom all to myself away from my son and husband

Image credits: Alison Shadid


Decided to switch out the old peel and stick wallpaper for one not as bright but still has a tropical vibe. I love the print and it goes well with our blah green countertop.

Image credits: Maria Fidelina Lopez


Image credits: Shonagh Marie Slevin


I bought this 1960s house a couple years ago, it had been abandoned by hoarders who left it full of trash. Nearly everything I furnished it with was thrifted with the exception of the occasional estate sale or Facebook marketplace find. I’m an antique dealer and collector of all things retro and vintage so I’m always acquiring new items that keep things changing as new pieces come and go. I love to play with colors so all lights are smart bulbs so I can change up the color scheme. I don’t have a large amount of before photos but I’ve included some of those at the end to show how the house started versus some of the transformation that has taken place over the past couple years.

Image credits: David Stephenson


Found this at an estate sale... isn't it beautiful?

Image credits: Cari Eckert


My maximalist side of our bedroom.

Image credits: Dorianne McCreary Jarchow


I am always adding and organizing crazy random things I find in my craft room. This is my new corner area lol. The tall lamp actually has a foot behind the bun buns it's one of my favorite things I've ever found

Image credits: Monica Boas-Jones


I started my first mural. Of course I couldn’t start small. It’s not done but I’m so excited I couldn’t wait to share.

Image credits: Christina Marie Quinones


I found This amazing handmade trash can at Goodwill today. The top comes off like a regular trash can to insert and remove bags. I'm gonna repaint the bottom carvings of the mushrooms.

Image credits: Julie Michelle


I live in a Barndominium in the country. I like the mix of contemporary and rustic. Wanted something unique in the Laundry Room. That’s where I keep the Wine Fridge. Laundry should not be boring! Made these out of old barrel lids and welding rods for the hangers on the back. Does it work?

Image credits: Mike Losawyer


Made another black disco globe

Image credits: Courtney Farris


I will post pictures of my bedroom. Just keep in mind that the bedroom on the right side is completely done. The (white) closet and bathroom doors in the pictures are now changed to the (barn) doors in the new pictures. We just finished everything yesterday. Right now the room is a mess because we are clearing out the closet and re-organizing it. Hence the reason I can’t give new pictures at this moment. I love this room.

Image credits: Arlene Blankenship


Guyyyssss I found them!!!!!! 100$ on FB marketplace. I'm so happy I'm crying! I'M IN LOVE

Image credits: Anik M K Marion


Can you tell I like gold? My side of my husbands and I‘s room is slowly but surely coming together, still need to get candles for the holders. Everything pictured is second hand/redone by me!

Image credits: Caitlin Smith


I’m not ready to purchase a new countertop yet, or totally renovate my kitchen, but wanted a temporary backsplash. I found these self-stick tile squares, which were fairly easy to install. It took me about an hour and a half, and the only tool I needed was a knife. Fortunately, I didn’t have to cut any tiles, they were small enough that I was able to go around the outlets by cutting along the edges of the tiles. They really stick, though so when you’re placing them, there’s not much of an opportunity to move them!

Image credits: Jerianne Johnston


Someone else posted in here about what to do with their cutout, and I was completely inspired and did this! I created the dining room wall a few years back. I am considering painting the bottom triangle part a solid blue/ color that matches the wallpaper... Or do you guys think I should leave it beige?

Image credits: Christine Laura


New here, thanks for the add! This is part of my living room. I don't fave a naked wall in my house.

Image credits: Tiffney Duvall


Got the perfect rug today...

Image credits: Cherry Black


Still have to fill my remaining shadow boxes but I'm loving my little um.... reading nook

Image credits: Nina Scherenberg


Help would be appreciated choosing a paint color. My tendency is toward black. I have thought about going white or even pink. I know a rug would look good but a geriatric cat I have believes rugs are litter boxes. Anyway, what do y’all think as far as wall color? Thanks in advance.

Image credits: Melissa Brooks


My two favorite corners. Not everyone appreciates my decorating style but I know this group will.

Image credits: Gina McGuire


I’m tired of farmhouse decor so I convinced my hubs that I must have this Iris Apfel rug. We named her Mavis. Dude (standard poodle) loves her as well. Here I go…turning a decor corner!

Image credits: KM Lewis


Look at what you've done.

Image credits: Afton Ashley Stout


I just started this gallery wall today! It has a long way to go but I’m digging the orange, red, pink theme.

Image credits: Stacey Crawford


Any fellow lovers of succulents? I am finally the proud mamma of this baby! Everyone say hello to My Lady!

Image credits: Jana Harrison


house was bought in 1956 . there has NEVER been a table i. the kitchen so i made pierogi and lit a candle to celebrate !!! gonna make cushions for chairs. have some yellow cotton with cherries on it. hope theres enough

Image credits: Tracy White


I started using Selenite logs in my faux fireplace and I totally recommend! Adds a little glam + sparkle while still giving the fireplace look

Image credits: Macey Mueller


My new vase I just brought home today *that’s not the best picture, I know*

Image credits: Kim Garceau


Say hello to buddha Patrick. He was 3D printed last night and painted today!

Image credits: Karly Klarisse Wissing


Goodies I purchased @ Goodwill the other day! I think it was a regular treasure hunt!

Image credits: Donna Miller Dove


My bonsai bottle tree

Image credits: Chris Lane


My first Post! I cannot wait to show you the rest of my quirky home. My hubs finally got my full length mirror up so I can hang my time capsule shadow boxes. Each one represents a whole year of all the little things I collect that are important but otherwise should be trash. Movie tickets, birthday cards, Mardi Gras beads, nicknacks from traveling, ribbons off of flowers from my hubs.. an assortment of things. I started in 2018 when my New Year’s resolution was to take a trip a month. Since October 2017 I’ve only missed three months of travel. The bottom right one under the mermaid is the 2023 box. It has a slot in the top to add to. I leave the space above it so things can be added without removing the box. Every year, when I get a new box, all the contents of the boxes get shuffled around so new things are in the front. It’s a nice reminder of where I’ve been. Sometimes I find something I want to retroactively add to the box and I’ll open them up.

Image credits: Mary Eisenhour Bass