8 Covid-Safe at Home Date Ideas

My husband and I have been working from home together, going out of the house only for grocery trips and occasional take-out pick ups since March 15th. I recognize that people are getting out of their homes to varying degrees and have different comfort levels with doing so. (I also definitely recognize the privilege it is to be able to work from home, and am extremely grateful to all of the essential workers without that option.)

Can I just say though, that I really miss going out on a date? Like, a lot. In some ways, I think we’ve been largely focused on time passing one single day at a time, and we’ve even put off putting new routines into place, because we keep telling ourselves this situation is temporary, and it’s hard to accept just how long we’ve been at this, and the unknown element of how much longer we may need to continue.

So, with that said – we plan to commit to be more intentional about planning at-home dates, as keeping the romance and connection alive in our marriage is likely more important now that ever, considering the outside stressors affecting us all at this time, and the fact that for at-home working couples, though we may physically see each other all day, it takes effort to connect with one another.

So, for the couples out there like us, who remain more comfortable staying at home during this time (or those who would just like some new ideas and options), I’ve compiled a list of 8 ways to enjoy a Covid-safe date at home. I hope you find at least a couple of ideas that make you feel excited and enthusiastic about trying something new.

*Note: for those with young children at home, I purposely chose things you could likely do after kiddo bedtime, or if you prefer, in the morning or during nap times. Make time for yourselves – you deserve it!

Date Idea #1: Virtual Paint Night

Painting to Gogh offers complete kits of all you need to host a paint night for two at home with your better half. Place your order, pick up your favorite bottle of wine and stream the included instructional video to create masterpieces together. Select and order your kits here.

Date Idea #2: At Home Spirits Tasting with Quail State Fresno

Quail State Fresno offers virtual tastings of a variety of spirits including Whiskeys of the World, Agave Spirits, Gin, Vodka & Aquavit and Cane Spirits. They also offer Bartending 101 and a second level course, 201. To book a session and receive pre-filled tasting vials in advance, visit their website here.

Date Idea #3: Giant Yard Game Craft Night + Game Nights

AR Workshop in NE Fresno offers a take-home craft kit to create one of three high-quality, wooden lawn games that you can create with your honey, then enjoy playing together for years to come. Check out their three kits here.

Date Idea #4: Cards iO with Friends (Group Date Night)

Miss group date nights with cherished friends? Sign in to your favorite chat app on your phone, then gather around your computer to play a favorite board or card game together online for free at Playing Cards iO. Tip: If you like Cards Against Humanity, you’ll enjoy Joking Hazard.

Date Idea #5: DIY Wine Tasting & Grazing Night

Stop by Trader Joe’s, Total Wine or BevMo and pick out three wines (or beers if you prefer!) that you’ve never tried and place an order for a beautiful charcuterie board from local small business Fig and Honey Grazing. (Note: 24 hours notice/pre-order is necessary) Try your three new beverages and enjoy pairing them with fresh fruits and cheeses – and if the weather cooperates, enjoy it al fresco in your backyard or on your patio. (If you find an amazing new wine – please come back and tell me all about it!)

Date Idea #6: Morning Coffee & Pastries

If you’re an early bird couple, consider grabbing a favorite French pastry to go from La Boulangerie (my personal favorite is their almond croissant – which for years, I thought was a typical croissant with almonds baked on top – little did I know its also filled with an amazing, sweet almond paste!) brew your favorite coffee and enjoy a French-style petite breakfast and reconnecting chat on your patio before it gets too warm out.

Date Idea #7: Get Cultured – Visit Museums

Enjoy the arts? Did you know you can visit 12 famous museums from around the world virtually and for free? Spend an evening at each museum once a week while enjoying favorite foods (you can’t eat in a museum typically, so that’s the home version bonus!). Talk with your partner about what you see in each art piece. I don’t feel particularly qualified to speak on or critique art, however I’ve found it fun to guess what the artist wanted to convey, what feeling they want their viewer to feel, what pieces draw my eye the most, etc.

Date Idea #8: Learn to Dance in Your Living Room

For those who like to get up and move and enjoy learning new skills – consider taking free, online, couples’ dance lessons from the comfort of your living room! There’s no one to judge your moves (or two left feet if you have them) except your own partner, and quite frankly laughing at each other’s steps may be the most fun of the whole experience. Check out classes from a wide variety of dance genres here.