85 Times People Tried To DIY Something And Got Ridiculously Funny Results

Creating something from scratch is an enriching experience. Whether it’s knitting, crocheting, or getting your hands dirty while shaping a new idea out of clay, any craft-based activity serves as an antidote to the stresses of daily living. It’s amazing to see people rocking their inner craftsperson and creating whatever their minds dream up. But at the same time, every enthusiast knows how easy it is to get caught up in the joy of the process.

Like any art, you get super excited when starting a new project — burning with passion, hope, and expectation — only to see how it turns into a hilarious disaster! Yet, some people set out to go all the way and share their funny mishaps with everyone online. And here are the results — the internet has become packed with unfortunate handmade projects that probably looked great on paper but went way, way wrong.

Our craft-loving team here at Bored Panda has scoured the web to bring you a list of pictures that showcase the most memorable fails of the handmade world. So continue scrolling, upvote the best of these questionable gems, and be sure to share your own goofy blunders down below in the comments!

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#1 The Pillow My Mom Made Me Really Ties The Room Together

Image credits: Kitty-Idaho

#2 I Named Her Barry B. Benson

I realized 3 things while making this bee. 1) Don’t buy jumbo size yarn. 2) The magic ring is hard to do with jumbo size yarn. 3) Free-handing a project will get you drastically different results. She kinda looks like a bee and a caterpillar. 

Image credits: JaylaReed2000

#3 I Made A Replica Of My Ear Out Of Boredom

Image credits: conjureconzure

First off, let’s give a big round of applause to these wholesome people who decided to entertain everyone by sharing their funny masterpieces online. Because poking fun at your blunders is an excellent way to show that humor is a powerful tool that can boost your mood in no time. And crafting is a complicated business — only dedicated crafters succeed in creating flawless objects on their first try. So seeing the funny side of the handmade world can immediately lift the weight off any enthusiast's shoulders.

To learn more about the most common crafting mistakes and how to keep the creativity flowing, we reached out to Emma Jewell, a Cricut expert and all-around craft lover who shares inspiration and knowledge to help people in their crafting journey. "A lot of common crafting mistakes I see are not having everything you need at the start of a project," Emma told Bored Panda.

After all, it’s easy to get caught up in the joy of making new objects and fail to notice you’re bound to end up with a questionable product. "I often see projects that have gone wrong because they are using the wrong type of glue for the material used or the wrong type of paint, it just ends up in a bit of a mess! Make sure to read the bottle and get clued up on what kind of materials you are working with before you start."

#4 My Sister Legitimately Tried To Paint A Picture Of Stevie Wonder For My Dad On His Birthday

Image credits: SchrodingersTaint

#5 My 4 Year Old Found Permanent Markers And Is So Proud That He Is Now Darth Maul

Image credits: rdixonp

#6 I Tried To Paint My Girlfriend

Image credits: EndlessCupsOfCoffee

With so many mishaps floating around online, it’s clear that some enthusiasts bite off more than they can chew. According to Emma, people sometimes tend to overestimate their abilities.

"As crafty-minded people, our first thought is always 'I can make that!' So wading into a project that might be way above our capabilities happens a lot," she said. "But that’s also the fun of crafting — having a go, and finding out if it’s going to be a success or not!"

"I think a lot of crafters are winging it, but that’s where the joy is, in the making part — even if the finished project isn’t what you set out for it to be, you still had a lovely time making it," Emma told us.

#7 This Clay Sculpture Fell Perfectly Flat On Its Face And Looks Not Happy About It

Image credits: Tefallio

#8 It Has Pockets. 38 Of Them

Image credits: Extempo

#9 Beanie Fail. Can You Tell This Is My First Time?

Image credits: anonam0use

But some people can’t help but feel discouraged if their project didn’t turn out as expected. After all, even the smallest crafts can take us hours, days, or weeks to finish, so it’s perfectly normal to get bummed out when your expectations swiftly fall apart. And the digital world doesn't make it any easier.

You rarely see the weird and the ugly side of failed attempts at making craft projects. As our Instagram feeds are filled with carefully curated and choreographed finished products, looking at these messes is a refreshing sight. Thankfully, lists like this one provide us with a slight sense of relief by reminding us that, in reality, everyone can make a mistake. Because crafting isn’t always pretty, and it’s absolutely fine.

#10 Tried A New Craft

Image credits: WheredMyBjergo

#11 My Mum Tried To Make My Sister A Teddy Bear. I Present Quasimodo In Bear Form

Image credits: JamesKitchin

#12 Condom Beanie? Top Is What I Made, Bottom Is What It's Supposed To Be. Oops

Image credits: sarahorwhatever

Emma pointed out that if you ever feel hesitant to continue elevating your craftwork after a hilarious disaster, just keep going. "Part of the skill in crafting is creative problem solving, so finding a way to switch up the project halfway through or finding a creative way to cover up a mistake is part of the fun!"

"A lot of the time as adults, we haven’t crafted since school, so don’t be hard on yourself. You are flexing a muscle that you haven’t used for a while," she added.

#13 My Husband Said: "Stay Still. I'm Going Try To Draw You." Then He Showed Me This. I Laughed So Hard I Almost Threw Up. Look At The Feet

Image credits: Inked_Chick

#14 My Friend Got His Dreads Cut Off, His Mom Turned Them Into A Cat Bed

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 After Numerous Failed Projects, Finally A Success. A Slipper That Would Fit An Elephant. Now I Just Have To Acquire An Elephant

Image credits: DaddyJMo1381

Moreover, we sometimes forget that even the most minor tweaks and changes can make a huge positive impact on our projects. "I always say that there is no such thing as too many embellishments, adding a bit of sparkle has helped me disguise many a mistake," Emma told us. "There is always something small you can do to cover up a mistake or level up the finished project, be it adding a pom-pom or flipping the project over to show its good side."

Emma was kind enough to offer a few pieces of advice: "Always have fast-drying glue to hand, a glue gun is my weapon of choice as that will stop you from getting into a gluey mess. Take time to enjoy the process and the problem-solving aspect of the craft, and don’t be too hard on yourself! We all started somewhere!"

#16 This Painting My Grandmother Copied

Image credits: Ok_Panic7480

#17 The Top Is Pottery That My Mom Got In Germany, The Bottom Is My Attempt To Make It In My Ceramics Class

Image credits: erinflah1

#18 I’m Known Far And Wide For My Incredible Sculpting Abilities. The Next Michelangelo, They Call Me. I Am A Play Dough Artiste And Joan Rivers (RIP) Is My Muse

Image credits: megbeth_is_king

#19 First Time Trying To Make A Bunny Didn't Turn Out The Way I Expected

Image credits: Twinkle_Twink

When you do pick up a new form of art, you’ll see the benefits in no time. Working with your hands and engaging in creative and meaningful occupations has the special power of getting your mind into the flow state. And there’s an abundance of evidence suggesting that it leads to countless physical and mental health benefits.

A worldwide online survey of over 3,500 knitters found respondents reported they derived a wide range of perceived psychological and social benefits from the practice that contributed to their quality of life. The majority said they felt relaxed, relieved from stress, and got a boost of creativity and a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, there’s a significant relationship between knitting frequency and feeling calm and happy.

#20 They Stand Up On Their Own. i Have Brought Shame To My Knitting Name

Image credits: roundinsquares

#21 Some Interesting Face Paint I Had Done As A Child

Image credits: Valravni

#22 Tried To Make A Hiding Place In A Book

Image credits: Beautiful_peony

"Crafting can help move people from inactivity to engagement and it tends to make them feel good," Gayle Torres, a board-certified art therapist at Cancer Wellness at Piedmont, said. "While it isn’t art therapy, crafting does offer stress reduction."

Torres explained a few physical benefits our bodies feel when we carry out activities involving repetitive, similar motions. "Crafting projects can help the brain send signals to the body that all is well. Blood pressure and tension are reduced, resulting in a sense of well-being."

#23 When You Find Out Yarn Weight And Needle Size Matter In A Pattern

Image credits: OneEyedSara

#24 Cat Found A New Scratch Post In My Latest Portrait. Lesson Learned = Never Leave A Clay Portrait In The House With A Cat. Make A Good Horror Sculpture Though

Image credits: rjjsculptor

#25 I Took My Art Very Seriously In High School And Thought I Was Pretty Good. Looking Back At This Piece, I May Have Been In Denial

Image credits: hvrock13

The next time you feel anxious or think the world around you is too much to handle, try turning to crochet, fabric work, or any other craft you find pleasing. It’s nice to participate in activities that engage our imagination, bring us back to the present moment, and allow us to come up with something beautiful. Or utterly hilarious! Whatever makes you happy, we’re not here to judge.

#26 Fail: Beanie I Was Making, Apparently For A Cone Head. I Started Over After Pic

Image credits: Nightblossom13

#27 My Spot On Paint Job On Fallout Vault Boy

Image credits: cylemmulo

#28 My Grandmother Took Various Socks From My Laundry Basket And Sewed Them Into A Pair Of Tiny Rugs. I Have No Clue Why

Image credits: zgreen13

#29 This Accurately Depicts My Co-Worker's Roller Coaster Of Emotions After Working On This Sculpture For 5 Years. Before vs. After

Image credits: RavenEvermore

#30 My Daughter Says I Look Like I Should Be Singing In The Church Choir. My Second Attempt At A Dress, Second Fail

Image credits: knit_the_resistance

#31 A Friend Of Mine Tried Painting A Rock Like The One She Saw Online

Image credits: Waterproof_soap

#32 My Friend Just Knitted A Fox Cowell Hood. Expectations vs. Reality

Image credits: vinni6

#33 This Is What Happens When You Try To Multitask

Image credits: sunshineandlolly.yeg

#34 My Boyfriend Painted Our Dog

Image credits: hollyjacquelyn

#35 My Wife Is A Talented Artist, So She Wanted To Make The White Owl Instead Of Buying It Pre-Made

Image credits: go_green1

#36 Tried To Crochet My Mum A Frog And Everything Went Wrong

Image credits: eilif__

#37 This Marble Decided To Roll Out Of The Kiln And Crack. It’s Sort Of Funny Considering The Surprised Look On The Face

Image credits: paulabonnadesign

#38 The Handle Fell Off At My Moms House, So She Glued A Pair Of Espadrilles To The Door

Image credits: HarryGoLocky

#39 So My Girlfriend Attempted To Sew Me A Monkey

Image credits: tr0picana

#40 Clay Monstrosity

Image credits: ImLaurenTheresa

#41 Decided To Paint My PS3 Controller

Image credits: zwinky588

#42 My Friend Got Married Yesterday And Was Gifted A Handmade Quilt

Image credits: Drawtaru

#43 How I Spent My Afternoon - No Regrets

Image credits: MrArcanine

#44 With Just Two Easy Steps, You Too Can Make A Nightmare

Image credits: tophat-minion

#45 Make A Beret But Fail So Marvelously It Makes You Look Like An Angry Mushroom From Mario

Image credits: fizzingfleur

#46 My First Time Doing A Craft With Fabric Paint Didn't Go As Planned

Image credits: squanchmander

#47 Probably Should Have Said Something After The First One

Image credits: CllrBattley

#48 I Bet This Smells So Bad. Those Don't Look Like New Shoes

Image credits: tiagoxd22

#49 Clearing Out Some Old DVDs And Found This Custom Case I Hand-Crafted Myself

Image credits: mundungous

#50 My First Time Sewing A Teddy Bear (Right)

Image credits: deafis

#51 My Mom Tried To Make A Cute Bear With The Towels At The Hotel For The Cradles. "I Need To Practice A Bit More" She Said While Removing It Before Any Baby Could See It

Image credits: Mya_Nyan

#52 My Wife Knitted A Hat For Our Bull Terrier, But I Think It Works Better On The Whippet

Image credits: SookHe

#53 I Tried Making My First Pair Of Pants Today. I Goofed, But The Result Was Hilarious (I Fixed Them And Finished)

Image credits: midnitebrz

#54 The First Sweater I Ever Made

I knew nothing about sizing and was so nervous it'd be too small so it ended up being HUGE, but also, the neck was so small I could barely squeeze my head into it. I've since taken this sweater apart and make a throw blanket I love with it. Live and learn!

Image credits: rosy.stitches

#55 Not All My Crafts Turn Out How I Imagine Them

Image credits: striped_pigeon_embroidery

#56 She's Taken Up Crocheting. I Have No Words

Image credits: Siberwulf

#57 DIY Alpaca

Image credits: AdmitOneOnly

#58 These Blue Jeans Were My Favorite. However, Bleach Got On The Bottom Of It. Since I Had Left Over Fabric, I Got The Bright Idea To Create Bell Bottoms Out Of It

Image credits: faithstjules

#59 Craft Fail By My Kid. Nope, That Was My Wife

Image credits: Babyeddy

#60 This Cushion I Tried To Make On The Sewing Machine Back In High School

Image credits: eventuallyitwill

#61 "I Can Paint That On There No Problem"

Image credits: codyrmuertz

#62 Daft Punk Ornaments

Image credits: aswe11

#63 What It Was Supposed To Look And What I Did Crocheted

Image credits: Garlenne

#64 Failed Rug. I Did Not Sew It On A Flat Surface So I Couldn’t See I Was Wrapping Each Round Too Tight, And Now It Won’t Lay Flat. At Least The Cat Likes It

Image credits: fatmarmotknits

#65 DIY Bowl Melted From A Vinyl Lp

Image credits: GootenMawrgen

#66 I Just Started Crocheting And I Tried To Make My Son A Kitty

Image credits: cbucha78

#67 Tried To Patch Up A Hole In My Corduroy Pants With A Bit Of Leather And Some Thick String. Total Fail. Any Advice For How To Patch Up Corduroy Pants?

Image credits: Gauntlit

#68 Cat Sat On My Damp Custom Pottery Order

Image credits: cerart939

#69 My Friends 4-Inch (10.16cm) Hulk Perler Bead Project. He Sent Me The Finished Picture Following Immediately By The "After." He Had Over 30 Hours Into It

Image credits: flyover_deplorable

#70 I'm Trying My Hand At Crochet This Weekend. This Was Supposed To Be A Hexagon. Never Mind, Barbie Has A New Winter Hat

Image credits: bec_cb

#71 Thanks, I Hate This Handmade "Groot"

Image credits: CyranoYoshi

#72 I Tried To Sew My Daughter A Doll For Her Birthday. Evidently I'm No Good At The Hand Sewing Thing

Image credits: LazySugarCane

#73 This Was A Test Of Patience And Uhm, Well, I Lost

Image credits: mcalpine_made

#74 It’s Hard To Use A Sewing Machine

Image credits: thepiaf

#75 All I Know Is That Somewhere Along The Line A Mistake Might Have Been Made

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#76 DIY Cat Tent

Image credits: Penkinvaltaaja

#77 Taxidermy Fail. A Little Something In The Eyes

Image credits: marianatic

#78 I Followed The Tutorial But Hers Is A Circle And Mine A Hexagon?

Image credits: bnw1234

#79 Failed Mini C2C But It Quacks Me Up

Image credits: ejl426

#80 It's Supposed To Be A Clay Pug

Image credits: __s.o.u.l_

#81 Pinata Creation Was Not A Success. The Product Was As Far As It Went

Lessons learned - don't use corn flour as a flour substitute, don't have thick paste, don't choose a difficult shape as your first project, don't put it in the sun to dry (it popped the balloon before we were ready for it to pop). Ugggh. Oh well, live and learn.

Image credits: bigbravelearners

#82 Hand Paint Fail. Tried To See If A Cool Drip Effect Would Look Good. Well It Doesn’t. You Live You Learn Right?

Image credits: IHaveNoHoles

#83 My Worst Ceramics Fail To Date. Everything Cracked And Well, You Can See The Glaze

Image credits: Erisouls

#84 My Crafting Skulls/Skills Need Some Work

Image credits: Mitty18204

#85 This Top Was A Fail

Image credits: 777angelbaby