9 Ways to Find Remote Engineers for Your New Product

It was only during the 1990s when product design (also known as an industrial design) first began. With the increased production due to new inventions such as household appliances and cars, brands soon realized how vital innovation is and how it connects to customers’ loyalty. 

Today, an industrial design can be found everywhere you go. Companies have numerous options whenever they need expertise and assistance with product design. Hiring the best remote engineers is one of the greatest ways to develop ideas that customers will love. 

What are Product Designers?

Product design is defined as the process of creating new products that a business will sell or offer to its customers. The central concept of product design is to find and identify customers’ pain points and figure out ways to address or solve them. A product designer looks for opportunities to develop products that fill the demand that other products cannot. 

Once the product designer targets the specific pain points, they determine how to develop the best product for that purpose. First, they will create the development, test the product, and refine it until it is fully ready to be launched in the market. 

Product designers are liable for more than its appearance and packaging. They direct the whole process of innovation from beginning to end. The best product designers focus not on the product itself but the end-user instead. Sure, it is easy to come up with a great-sounding product, but whether it will sell is different. However, it will be more beneficial to craft a product with a particular target audience in mind to ensure that it will serve a real need. 

The single catch is that finding creative product designers or engineers can be challenging. Things can even get more complicated when judging these engineers and their quality or reliability. It is especially true when you are not an engineer yourself since you might not have any technical skills to gauge other engineers’ work quality and experience.It is essential to know the best ways to find remote engineers for your new product and ensure that you will make a decision that can benefit your business the most. Follow the strategies below, and you will be off to a good start:


1. Begin with a Google Search

Typically, larger and more popular firms will be the ones to dominate Google search results. You might also find smaller firms when you browse furthermore on the results page. Once you set your eye on a remote engineer, you can use Google to search for any feedback or reviews about them and their work.

As stated earlier, any offshore, remote engineers or firms are hard to find with Google alone since the search engine prefers websites found within your area or country. 

2. Check LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a primary social network for professionals, is a great resource to find remote engineers and browse their resumes. It is so far the best social media platform to find the right person by conducting your search according to their education, experience, skills, and more. 

We highly recommend you spend some time on LinkedIn to grow your connections and network with people in the industrial industry. Once a bond is formed, it can help you access all their connections to find someone with the required skills for the job. 

3. Attend Meet Up Events of Makers and Hardware Startups

There can be local events where you can meet other hardware startups or makers. The good news is that there are many meetups held in different cities all over the world. Such events are great places for getting local hands-on experience and even asking questions. Attending an event like this lets you reach people and see their hardware in full action. 

It is an excellent place to meet remote engineers, grow your network, and get referrals for remote engineers. 

4. Browse Online Groups and Forums 

There are various groups and forums online where remote engineers hang out and talk about their expertise. These are the places you can visit to connect with them and even reach out to these professionals. 

The quality of content in private forums can be higher than in public forums, not to mention they are also more active and a million times friendlier. Facebook and LinkedIn both have numerous groups that you could try to join that specifically cater to electrical engineers and other engineers of all types of disciplines. 

5. Go to Other Hardware Startups

Another to find remote engineers is to look and reach out to other hardware startups and ask if they can recommend design engineers who can help you with your project. While there might be a few problems associated with this particular strategy, there are instances when it works. The first concern here is that finding small hardware startups is equally more brutal as finding remote engineers. The second is that once you find them, there is always the possibility that they are already too swamped with working on their product to get back to you. 

It means that you will probably need to contact several of them to hear back sooner than later. Also, note that sending cold emails to people is not always a good idea. 


6. Visit Prototype Shops

There are tons of PCB shops based in the United States alone, and you can find many of them easily with the help of Google. You can also find remote engineers by visiting a few local prototype shops. The same thing applies if you are looking for mechanical engineers. You can contact companies that offer 3D printing services and check their rates or recommend some 3D designers.

7. Quora

Quora serves as an excellent resource where professionals and experts in different fields will be more than happy to answer your queries. 

You can ask all sorts of questions, and before you know it, various field experts in Quora will answer your queries. Quora is filled with all sorts of experts aside from engineers alone, and you can also expect to find almost any kind of expert on there. 

8. Get Help from Universities

Another way to search for remote engineers for your new product is to reach out to the engineering professors working at nearby universities. Consider visiting the engineering departments from these universities since most of them will have their bulletin boards where you can put up an engineer-wanted flyer. If your budget is a bit tight, this can be an excellent way for you to spark the interest of students who might want to help develop your new products.

However, it is essential to remember that many undergraduate engineering students might not have the necessary design experience for designing your product. A good reason why we recommend you try focusing on graduate students. 

9. Cad Crowd

Finding a remote engineer for your new product might not be an easy process. That is why Cad Crowd is another option to take the search of finding a professional industrial engineer off your hands. We cover services from prototype design, product packaging design, and patent services and point you in the right direction to mass manufacture your product.

For more information about the industrial design-related services we offer, we encourage you to look at our services page. Get a free quote today.

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