A new contributor! Sydney, in London

Over the past weeks and months, so much has happened in the world. There’s been so much pain and loss, but at the same time we have started change and experienced support and love. Good things are coming out of all of this!

One of those good things is that we are strengthening our Babyccino team with some lovely, powerful new voices. I have been lucky to connect personally (well, on screen) with these beautiful and talented mamas from different places in the world, and I feel thankful to have made such wonderful, fun, energetic and wise new friends. I am sure they are going to bring so much inspiration to our platform and community, and I can’t wait to read everything they are choosing to share over here.

Today, we are introducing our first new Babyccino contributor: here is Sydney, from London! 


It feels so very exciting to be coming to you with my first blog post as a Babyccino contributor! My name is Sydney and I’m a mum of two glorious girls. We live in South East London together with my husband and our two dogs. We love London, especially our little piece of it, which is in fact the same little piece I was born and raised in and vowed to return to in my adulthood, to begin my own family.

Whilst London is and will always be home, I am lucky to have travelled extensively ever since I was a girl. In the days where you wouldn’t be fined for doing so, I’d be taken out of school by my parents for global trips. We journeyed through Africa, islands of the Indian Ocean, Malaysia, Thailand, Bali and countries throughout Europe too. Before university, wanting the opportunity to spend longer abroad, and having studied French throughout my school years, I moved to Paris to study at The Sorbonne and work as an au pair.

Later I would meet my husband and we would marry in the South of France, six months after the birth of our first daughter, and continue to travel far and wide with her too. Lily is now two and has visited much of Europe, New York, Miami and Eleuthera – a magical island in the Bahamas that I am desperate to go back to. We were joined by Willow last November, and had it not been for the global pandemic that had us ‘locked down’ at home, she would undoubtedly have spent her first seven months, travelling and exploring in the same way her sister did.

Instead, these months at home have gifted us the chance to slow down and enjoy our other great loves in life- creating, reading and nature. As you can tell from the names of my girls, I’m a lover of flowers, trees and the Great Outdoors. I’ve always enjoyed reading too, as a child I was never without a book in my hand (or my rucksack) and am sharing childhood stories with my girls now whilst discovering new ones: stories reflective of a more progressive and inclusive world.

Since having my children, I have become far more mindful of my responsibility to live well in harmony with treating the planet well. Re-use has become a passion of mine and more specifically, making things (toys, art, animals and more) from items I would previously have discarded after use. This is one of the things I am most excited to share with you on Babyccino!

Having stumbled upon Babyccino when pregnant for the first time and preparing for the unknown, it really became a window for me into motherhood. I am the first in my circle of friends to have children, and so to find a space brimming with conversations about parenting, tips, tricks, recipes and more, has been invaluable.

I am thrilled to be joining the international and inspiring team at Babyccino and to be given the opportunity in turn to inspire you. Thank you Babyccino team and Babyccino readers for having me. I really am very excited to be here!

Sydney x

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