A Perfect Weekend

For me, a perfect weekend can be defined in different ways at different times.  Sometimes I consider a weekend with family perfect… sometimes I consider a weekend that I accomplish a lot as a perfect weekend.  I’m not sure what made me consider this one perfect…I’ll share and maybe you can figure out why I enjoyed it so much.

My weekend started out on Friday night.  I went to an event with a friend and I’ll tell you more about that in another post.  Saturday morning I was up and sewing.  I was bound and determined to get those Frolic blocks finished.  I didn’t want sewing the blocks dragging into another week. I got pretty far but then looked at the clock and decided I needed to move on to another project.

Karl has plans to paint two of the upstairs bedrooms.  Both need attention before painting.  There were nail holes that needed fixing, ceilings and walls needed paint…ugh.  Painting isn’t my favorite but it wasn’t going to get done by itself.  Its been so long since I painted anything around here that I didn’t even know if I had supplies.  So my plan was to look through my stuff, stop and Karl’s and assess the situation and then get supplies.

I stopped off my recycling along the way…YAHOO!!  I didn’t do all of it.  Mostly just the cardboard needed attention.

Then I headed to town to get the supplies.

Of course, no trip is complete without a stop at the thrift store.  I bought this…It was $2.  My intention is to take the Christmas balls out of it and start a sampler in a jar.  Lori Holt came up with the idea to stitch tiny things and then make them into covered buttons.  I liked the idea then told myself to keep a watch for a fun jar when I was thrifting.  This one might work…

I got a couple of other things too.  Not a lot…the perfect amount to have made the trip worth it.  I’ll tell you about more of the things in other posts.

From there I started working in my dining room.  My plan is to take what was hanging on the wall out and make that into a sampler wall of my cross-stitch.  Sadly I don’t have enough for a sampler wall…but I’m getting closer.  I put a few things away and actually saw the bottom of my dining room table.  Sadly, my dining room table ends up being more of a catch-all than actually used to eat at.  I didn’t get everything I wanted to be done but…I did get enough done to make me feel good about it and get an idea to see if my plan would work.

From there it was time to head to the garden.  The weather was PERFECT for November and outdoor work.  I had an audiobook I was listening to as I worked.  In our town, we can burn and I really appreciate that.  All of the plant leftovers got burned.  I have tomato cages that had to be cleaned and hauled away.  The morning glories had to come off of their trellis.  It took me about 3 hours to do it all but I’m so happy.  I’m about ready for winter…well my outdoor stuff is ready for winter.  Me, I’m not.

I went in and ate the rest of the Mexican food I got at the food truck when I was in town and then I showered and I was off and stitching.  I stitched longer than normal…what a perfect treat after my hard work.

Sunday my plan was that I was going to sleep in.  That didn’t happen.  I changed the clocks and got going in my day.  I ended up finishing the Frolic blocks.

Then Kalissa came.  We went to the craft show that was here in town and bought Kolaches.  They are a highly coveted fruit-filled roll.  They are so good.  The lady who makes these every year, in my opinion, is one of the best makers around.  We were there just as they opened.  We ended up buying an extra bag of coconut cream.  That was a new flavor for us this year.

I hung out with Kalissa for an hour or so and then she went home to bed.

I went to the computer to write blog posts.  At about 12:30 pm I went to the fire station.  The firefighters were having their annual pork chop dinner.   It was drive-thru.

The food was great!

From there I went to Karl’s to start painting.  I filled the holes.  I painted the ceiling.  I HATE painting ceilings.  In an effort to make it a little less tedious, I bought a ceiling paint that rolls on pink and turns to white as it dries.

I got the ceiling painted and realized that there were a couple of spots that needed extra attention.  I went to my house and got some Kiltz paint to cover a few spots.

From there I moved to the other bedroom but by then it was getting dark.  The lighting was terrible and I gave up.

I came home, tidied a little, and decided to cross-stitch.  Kalissa called and reminded me that the school music booster dinner was that evening.  She was going to pick up a meal for me and Karl.

She dropped them off and I waited for Karl to arrive.  Karl has been in Houston for a week.  He had a wedding and took some extra days of vacation around the event.  I missed him.  It was so good that he was going to be back home.

The whole week while he was gone, I remembered how much I hated it when he lived in Houston.  I’m a momma who likes her babies close.  It’s hard to believe he went from living in Houston to living four houses away.  I’m so thankful he’s here.

Karl came…we chatted, caught up, and ate supper.  He stayed for about 2 hours and then headed home.

After that…it was stitching time for me!

…and that was my perfect weekend.  As far as I’m concerned, better than any trip anywhere.  I truly love my life and the simplicity of it all.

The more I think about it, I think it was a perfect weekend because I had a great balance between accomplishing some things, treating myself, and stitching.  That’s perfect for me!