Back To School White Office Desk Design Ideas

Back in the day, having a desk was more of an office thing, but in a modern society where remote working has gained a lot of terrain, people are starting to invest in their own home desks, because nothing really provides the same level of comfort as having a table that’s designed to offer comfort when you have to work in front of it for hours. What are some of the criteria that one must take into account when looking to get a desk? Read on and find out!

How To Choose A Desk For Back To School

Whether you are buying a desk for a home office or you want a product that can easily fit into a regular office as well, here are some of the things to keep in mind before adding a product to your shopping cart:

  • The number one priority is understanding what you most need in a new desk. What type of work will you be doing while sitting in front of it? If you’re doing a lot of computer work, you might want to look for a desk that can handle the weight of a computer, one with a more sturdy construction. If you’re working from a laptop, the total weight capacity isn’t all that important. Even so, you want to have features like a built-in cable management system because nobody likes seeing wires all over the place. If your work mostly relies on writing, filling out documents, or doing any type of physical paperwork, you want the tabletop to have plenty of room and some drawers and shelves to store piles of important paper. For those of you that do both, an L-shaped desk is going to do wonders.
  • Of course, you will need to consider how much room space you have available. There are some things to consider in terms of ergonomics and space, not just measure the free corner you have available for desk storage. You also need to consider a desk that offers enough clearance for your legs, that allows you to adjust the height (you can also choose a desk with a standard height of about 29 or 30 inches).
  • A desk can be made of various materials, and the one used to make the surface is as important as the one used to make the legs. Desks that have a metal or wooden surface are the most durable choice as they can withstand heavy usage and a lot of weight. Those that are made from laminate are the most popular choice because it comes in a lot of patterns and it is usually a very affordable option. However, make sure the desk comes with quality high-pressure laminate, so it can withstand daily use. You can also find desks made from wood or veneer, and these are considered to be the most elegant choice. While being more good-looking, they aren’t the most reliable ones for every-day use.
  • You can actually tell a lot about the quality of the desk by the construction of the drawers. If they open easily while holding weight, then the overall quality of the desk is more than acceptable. If the drawers have metal suspension rollers, they are good to go. If you’re really interested in drawer quality and are willing to invest in a product that offers that, look for wood drawers that have an interlocking construction, as this is a much more durable option when compared to drawers that are put together with staples or glue.

9 Back to school white desk ideas

1. Beachcrest Home Cyra L Shaped Desk

L-shaped desks will always enjoy a special level of popularity because they are considered to be real space savers. You can turn any wasted space in the corner of the room into a wonderful working zone thanks to products like the one in question. This entire desk is made from manufactured wood and features a traditional timeless design that will easily fit into a lot of different decors.

The construction that relies on the Legs located at the ends of the L shape is designed to support a total weight of 200 pounds, which should be more than enough for a computer, a laptop, and some other work-related accessories that one might need. Even if you don’t need a desk, this piece of furniture can serve decoration purposes really well. Just imagine having the desk filled with flowers, books, centerpieces, or even Christmas decoration items. It will look amazing!


  • Beautiful design.
  • 200 pounds weight capacity.
  • Good price.
  • Easy to match with different room decors.


  • Time-consuming assembly process.

2. Trule Carly Poly Desk

Sometimes, all you really need is an inexpensive desk that can hold a laptop and a few book/writing tools and other work accessories, in which case this Carly desk is just what the doctor ordered. Made with metal legs and laminated particle board on top, this desk can support about 70 pounds on the top surface, and about 20 pounds on each of the two additional storage shelves.

It is a great addition to a home or office with limited space and also a great pick for people who are on a budget and don’t really need a desk that can do too much. It does feature a cable management system and thanks to its rectangular shape, it will be easy to fit it in a lot of crammed spaces, being a great option for situations where you need to take advantage of the last bit of room space available.


  • Cable management system.
  • Budget-friendly pick.
  • Space-saving desk.
  • Two storage shelves.


  • Limited weight capacity.

3. Sabine Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Welcome to the world of modern standing desks. We’d like to present the Sabine, a contemporary and absolutely gorgeous desk that’s small and easy to fit in small offices and rooms where free space isn’t all that generous. The desk is made from manufactured wood and can support a total weight capacity of 225 pounds.

It comes equipped with a drawer that provides you with a little bit of extra storage space, but it’s not as big as we’ve seen on other types of desks. It comes with adjustable height so that you can elevate or collapse the desk depending on whether you are sitting or standing. It also features a control panel with a USB charging port that will surely come in handy in a lot of different situations.


  • USB charging port.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Quiet and smooth gliding drawer.
  • Height is motor-powered.
  • Quick assembly.


  • Laminate construction is easily scratched.

4. Bost Desk

If you want a desk that’s both practical and gorgeous, you are going to love this Brayden Studio gem. More than a desk, this is a decor statement as it has a minimalist and elegant design, being created for people who value the cohesion of their room decor. The desk is made from manufactured wood and comes with a beautiful white finish that can easily blend into a lot of different setups.

The desk comes with a total of four drawers, being an excellent purchase for those who want more storage space for their office supplies. To be perfectly honest, you could slap a mirror with a vintage wooden frame on top of it and this could even be the perfect make-up table. The only sad part about this desk is that it can only support about 66 pounds of total weight, but it is still perfectly sturdy when used as a writing desk or a working space with room for a laptop.


  • Elegant design.
  • 4 storage drawers.
  • Versatile look.
  • Generous return policy.
  • Brass accent knobs.


  • Difficult to assemble, heavy.

5. Athena Desk

The Athena desk is probably one of the most beautiful products in its category. It is designed to spread a romantic mid-century vibe, being a beautiful writing desk that people with a love for the written craft will surely fantasize about. Because of its size, it really is a perfect addition to a room or an office with limited space.

There are two open cubbies located right underneath the desk, offering you enough storage space for papers, manuscripts, shopping lists, magazines, books, or whatever paper-based thing you might want to have at hand. The back of the desk is also host to an open cubby that serves for concealing any potential wires, such as cables that power a desk lamp or the laptop charger.


  • Metal legs with golden finish.
  • 3 exterior shelves.
  • Space to conceal cables.
  • 90 pounds weight capacity.
  • Wire grommet for cable management.
  • Arrives preassembled.


  • Complaints about receiving damaged goods.

6. Ketter Reversible L-Shape Desk

This L-shaped desk comes with plenty of features that you are going to love, and it’s not just the amazing construction that makes this product worth every penny. It comes with a glass top that’s really easy to clean and pretty resistant to scratches overall. Right under the corner of the desk, you will find a compartment that provides room for storing the computer unit.

One side of the desk also features a sliding tray that’s perfect for holding your keyboard and easily getting it out of the way when you don’t need it. The base material is metal, so the overall construction is pretty sturdy. It is the perfect desk for people who have to work on their computer and want the other side free for dealing with paperwork.


  • Reversible orientation.
  • Keyboard tray.
  • Beautiful glass top.
  • CPU storage.
  • Great for limited storage space.


  • The keyboard tray is a little small.

7. Dayne Writing Desk

The Dayne writing desk is yet another furniture statement showing that desks can be both practical and elegant. This is the kind of desk that you could buy and place in the hallway with a couple of decoration items on top, and it even works inside the bedroom, as it could serve as a make-up vanity if you pair it with a mirror.

Despite its relatively small side (the desk measures 32” H x 54” W x 22” D), each of the two sides comes with four support legs that offer this baby a lot of stability. The base material is metal, while the top side is made from manufactured wood. There are two large storage drawers that offer plenty of space for storing office supplies and documents.


  • Two drawers.
  • Sturdy metal legs.
  • Four legs for more stability.
  • Can serve as a make-up table.


  • No cable management.

8. Pinellas Desk with Hutch

When you need a versatile desk that can provide you with a ton of storage space, look for products like the Pinellas. This feels like more than just a desk, serving as an entire cabinet. Even if it occupies quite a lot of space, this is a very reliable workstation that allows you to shift between multiple behind-the-desk activities.

There is room for a computer or a laptop and a printer. It has a sliding tray that conceals the keyboard by pushing it away then not needed. It has multiple vertical and horizontal storage compartments, including three drawers with ample storage space. There is also an additional bottom shelf that could serve as storage space for books or papers.


  • Hutch included.
  • Slide-out keyboard tray.
  • Drawer with full extension slides.
  • Room for computer unit.
  • Built-in cabinet.
  • Ample storage space.


  • Time-consuming assembly.

9. Studio C Office Desk

The last item on the list is a very straightforward and minimalistic office desk which is perfect for people looking for plenty of tabletop space to work on. The reason why the design of this desk is so simplistic is because you can easily pair with other units that are normally used inside an office, like file cabinets. The desk is made from manufactured wood, so the construction is pretty resistant. Overall, the desk can hold up to 200 pounds in weight.

The desk is designed to provide you with a little bit of cable management thanks to the two cable holes. Some of the features of interest include panels that are scratch-resistant, durable edge banding, and thermally fused laminate finish.


  • Large tabletop surface.
  • Compatible with multiple office accessories.
  • Cable management system.
  • 200 pounds weight capacity.


  • Complaints about goods arriving damaged.

Bottom Line

Buying a new desk is also a matter of personal taste, but one can’t ignore the fact that there are some features which are super-important if you want to enjoy the experience of working on a quality desk. It’s really important for you to determine what type of work you’ll be doing at your desk and choose an appropriate product with those considerations in mind.

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