Best Free Amigurumi & Crochet Patterns for Craft Fairs

Craft fairs are so much fun!  I love seeing unique artisan products, handmade by the vendors themselves.  On the flip side, I think it goes without saying that it's every crocheter's dream to have their products selling like hot cakes at a fair.  Quite often, makers might wonder: what are the best products to catch the attention of customers? 

I put together a list of popular crochet items to sell well, and while I pulled them together with the idea of craft fairs in mind, I'd say they're also excellent for stocking online shops.  

This particular list will focus on year-round items to make and sell for Spring and Summer craft fairs, as well as the Autumn / Fall and Winter seasons! 

These patterns are:

  • Quick to make (to easily stock up!)
  • Doesn't require a lot of yarn (most are stashbusters)
  • Cute, attractive, and generally eye-catching 
  • Unique and fun
  • Great as gifts
  • And best of all... FREE!!

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Now without further ado, let's check out this roundup below.  Click on the pattern name or photo to go straight to the pattern page.  Happy crocheting!

Best Free Amigurumi & Crochet Patterns for Craft Fairs


My Octobuddy pattern comes in two sizes! They are SO fast to work up (<25 minutes!) and is crocheted completely in one piece, making it a convenient no-sew project.  It can be made with any yarn weight or fiber, from cotton to chenille velvet!  It looks great in all different yarn colors (solids, ombre, self-striping, variegated yarn) and is easy to customize with bows, beads, facial features, and more! 

The beautiful Tea Rose Spa Set can be made in so many different color combinations, and make great handmade gifts with soaps and body wash.  This set includes four items that can be made individually or as a package!  Either way, they'll surely be a hit!

The four items include:

Mini Crochet Dolls

All of these adorable, little dolls can fit in the same tiny beds and carrying pouches! They're interchangeable, so you can make a bunch of mix-and-match play sets. Being pocket-sized, they're portable and easy to carry around. Other than being cute toys, they can also serve as worry dolls, therapy toys, or fidget toys.  They're great for children who have anxiety or sensory needs, or for kids with autism.

Here are the links to the different patterns:

Pocket Pixies

For some more choices on quick and easy amigurumi, try my Pocket Pixie collection!  It includes a wide variety of mini dolls that children will cherish and adore.  There are fairies, angels, bunnies, rabbits, cats, and more.

Baby Mermaid

On that note on little dolls, check out these cute baby mermaids!  You can make merboys with this pattern as well and have fun mixing and matching fun colors.  

Lace Headband

This sweet and beautiful head accessory can be made to fit any head size!  You can make it for babies and Moms to do matching "Mommy and Me" accessories.

Lacy Flower Crown

Working off the headband above, you can add these beautiful floral appliques to make it extra feminine and lovely for Spring and Summer!  This piece carries such a romantic vibe and can easily be customized with different colors, beads, ribbons, and more. 

For a cuter and more "kawaii" aesthetic, try the "Loving You" Flower Pot!  It can be a gift or serve as decoration.  The flower colors can be easily customized to fit the theme of the wedding.  You can also spritz a bit of perfume or essential oils to it.

Unicorn Macaron

These sweet Unicorn Macarons will surely be a hit!  Make them in a variety of different colors and "flavors" for your customers to pick from! 

Want some other sweet treats? Try these free patterns:

If you're looking for even smaller desserts, these are perfect to make as charms or keychains!  (Pictured with Remi the Rabbit, a paid pattern)

Petite Floral Dreamcatcher


This lovely hanging charm works great as home decor by itself, or as bunting.  It can also easily be turned into a keychain!  Its boho style definitely makes it a trendy and eye-catching product at craft fairs. 

Daisy Dreams Boho Bag

This sweet bag just screams summer vibes!  Like the dreamcatcher above, its boho style will make it a lovely addition to any craft fair booth. 

Teardrop Hanging Basket

These are great baskets for hanging vertically!  They look lovely as succulent holders, or even small amigurumi or other objects.  There are three sizes available in the PDF pattern.

Floral Mug Rug

Mug rugs can be "in" any time of the year!  These would look fantastic in different color combinations.  Tassels give it a cute touch.

These earrings are so quick to make and you can customize them easily with different beads or tassels, or none at all!  They work up quickly with just a bit of embroidery floss.  A full video tutorial is available too!

This bracelet works up so quickly and barely uses up any yarn!  Great as a scrap-buster project, and you can use any yarn weight or fiber with a suitable hook.  It's easily customizable with different colors, and you can add beads, appliques, buttons, or more! 

Cute Cactus Couple

A loving pair of cacti make it a great gift for couples.  If you'd like to prepare for Mother's Day with a Mommy & Baby version of this project, check out the Mother's Day Cactus as well!

Some-Bunny To Love

This little rabbit is perfect for Easter! Works up quickly with a cute kokeshi design shape.

Customize these colorful jellies with different colors! They're great for summer booths and come in two sizes - a Mama and Baby. You can crochet them to sell individually or as sets.

Baby Mouse in Moses Basket

This fun play set includes a baby mouse, a leaf blanket, and a Moses basket to sleep in.  It's great for pretend play and a wonderful Waldorf or Montessori toy.

Sweet Spring Tulip Bulb

What better way to usher in Spring than with this lovely amigurumi?  You can even pair it with a terracotta clay pot and a sweet note!  Perfect as a "thinking of you" or "get better" gift.

Worry Pet

This amigurumi is probably the easiest one to make ever -- it's just a ball!  Perfect for beginner crocheters or those who want to make a quick project without any sewing and parts.  These therapy toys are great for children with anxiety, sensory needs, or autism.  Check the pattern page for more info about how to use it as a therapy tool!

Baby Yoda


Baby Yoda (or "Grogu") from the Mandalorian is soooo popular!!  Get the attention of little Star Wars fans (or adults too) with these charming, little amigurumi version of him. 


Mercer Market Bag

The Mercer Market Bag is easy to work up and is not only useful, but also very aesthetically beautiful.  Shoppers will love finding a product with function! 

Bring in summer vibes with this vibrant pineapple pouch made with cotton yarn!  These can be used as soap saver pouches, as gift or party favor bags, or a small storage bag.  You can also add a cloth lining if you'd like! 

Owl Bean


The Owl Bean is simple adorable!  Hold the yarn doubled to make it bigger, or use a single strand to make it keychain-sized.  (Photo shows the owl bean with yarn doubled.)

Peyton the Polar Bear

This cute polar bear can be made with the color white, or with traditional bear colors to create a teddy!

Ribbed Turban (with optional bow)

This ribbed turban can easily be adjusted to fit different head sizes (see the hat sizing & reference chart linked in the pattern page).  You can make these in all the trendy colors!  This hat is a fashionable alternative to beanies and other headwear.

Easy Knit-Look Headband

Speaking of fashion, the knit-look headband will always be "in"!  These usually sell like hotcakes, especially in the autumn and winter seasons, but it's good to keep on hand all year round!

Rose Bonnet

This sweet hat makes a lovely baby shower gift!  It comes in all sizes, from newborn baby and toddler to child and adult sizes.  With simple stitches, you can create a beautifully textured look.

Dress-Up Bunny Lovey

This sweet bunny lovey comes with three different head accessories: a flower headband, bow headband, and bonnet with ear holes.  Little ones will love dressing up their bunny lovey.  

Sage Phone Pouch 

The Sage Phone Pouch is a great cozy for any device! You can easily adjust this pattern to fit other items, such as kindles, iPads, and other mobile or tech gadgets.

Northwest Cup Coaster & Cup Cozy


The Northwest Cup Coaster and Coffee Sleeve are so fast to make and serve as great products come Fall!  Make them in autumn colors, and have fun adding different buttons to the cozy or tassels to the coaster. 

For a faster version of a coffee sleeve, try the Faux Knit Coffee Sleeve.  It's a 15-minute project and also includes coffee cup printables for display! 

Hope you will enjoy these patterns!  If you have other ideas for wedding crochet items, let me know in the comment section below!  

Warm wishes,