Birthday Party Decorations You Can Make in a Flash

Your babe might be all about the smash cake, but you know decorations matter too. We’ve discovered amazingly simple ways to color your bash beyond streamers and balloons. Read on for ideas how to perk things up with cupcake garlands, light-up signs, baby pics and more.

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photo: The Brimblecom Blog

Fly, Baby, Fly

Remember how to fold paper airplanes? This simple craft becomes whimsical decor for a birthday party. Allie of The Brimblecom Blog swept us off our feet with her fleet of paper airplanes on the wall.

Topsy Turvy Garland

Match your quirky tot’s personality with a wild assortment of crepe cupcake holders. First, collect leftovers from your cupboards and friends. Then make Rachel Hollis's vibrant garland—it takes a little patience and time to string everything together, but the results are kooky in the most Alice-in-Wonderland of ways.

A Bouncy Entrance to Fun

Get your balloons and streamers, but forget about the helium. Throw these two classic decorations together for some high-reaching excitement. String balloons upside down (with colored streamers of your choice) just above those little outstretched hands to really get those tots jumping. High-fives to Saar Manche for remastering these two common props with originality.

Tassels in the Air

If your table or countertop needs a little pizzaz, Callie Manion has solved your problem. Elevate that furniture to festive status with a shiny line of tassels embellishments. 

photo: Lavender's Blue Designs

Feed Them Fun Facts

Everyone appreciates a darling food table sign, but Lavender's Blue Designs upped the ante by including a fun fact. Whether you choose interesting info from around the world about babies and birthday parties or funny memories about your babe, it's a great way to keep your guests engaged and give them something to talk about. 

Show 'Em Your Mug

When it's your babe's birthday, there is no better theme than their own cute face. Ice Cream Off Paper Plates featured Owen's expressive face everywhere, from mantel garlands to cake toppers. What a great way to make use of all those baby photos! 

Always Your #1

Finally, a way to show off all those photos you took of your beloved babe. Add visual joy by using your fave photos (or all of them!) to build a gigantic number uno. 

photo: Natalie Spencer

Fold Up Fun

Ellia had a radiant birthday filled with neon colors and cool geometric shapes. The wall of triangle origami by Darling & Daisy really caught our eye. Turn any empty wall into a psychedelic cavern by folding square sheets of paper diagonally in half. Then fold the edges about 1 centimeter in, allowing you to stick it on the wall and let it pop! Check out more of this 3D display at 100 Layer Cake.

photo: You Are My Fave

Showstopping Lights

All you need is one showstopper to wow the crowd, and everything else will fall into place. The mom-crafter from You Are My Fave lit up the room with a glowing marquee sign that elevated even the most simple decorations without going over the top. The tutorial from Oh Happy Day requires a bit of work and wiring, so opt for making the number 1 or the just first letter of your child's name.

photo: Love & Lion

Reach for the Sky Decor

No helium for floating decorations? No problem! Hang your baubles from your chandelier or fan for ceiling-to-floor flair. Leah of Love & Lion spraypainted these plastic animals with bright colors and hung them from her lights for an extra-psychedelic feel.

photo: Allyson Wiley

Center of Attention

Your superstar deserves all the attention he or she can get on the big day. Show off candid photos as centerpieces at your guests’ tables. A Little Savvy Event propped up their photos with a colorful clothespin for this birthday social. 

Streaming Pink Throne

The seat of honor is a very important spot indeed. Crafting mama Courtney of Joyful Joyful Designs gave her one-year-old the spotlight with this stunningly decorated high chair. Fun fact: This was actually Mom’s childhood high chair (refurbished) before Hudson sat in it!

— Christal Yuen


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