Cardboard STEM Challenges

These super simple cardboard STEM Challenges are a great project for a rainy day. Make a DIY slingshot, cardboard circuits or even cardboard sculptures! Raid the recycle bin to see what you can find and go from there.

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Collection of cardboard STEM challenges, including a marble run, slingshot and articulated grabber

Super Simple Cardboard STEM Challenges

DIY Slingshot

This DIY Slingshot is a brilliant science craft activity that you can keep and use again and again. Experiment to discover how to make the pom poms travel as far as possible!

Easy cardboard slingshot made for a cardboard STEM Challenge

Cardboard Circuits

These cardboard circuits are great fun and an be made in lots of different creative ways. We made a hedgehog and used a light bulb to light up its nose. I’d love to see your creation if you give this one a go.

You do need a battery pack, wires and a bulb, but these can be used for lots of different STEM projects so are worth the investment.

Image a of a hedgehog drawn on a sheet of cardboard for a fun cardboard STEM Challenge

Cardboard Sculptures

Design and build a cardboard sculpture. We made a mini version first and then a giant version.

giant sculpture made from cardboard

DIY Marble Run

Make a marble run from a box and cardboard tubes. We spent a long time planning our design and then changing the configuration.

DIY marble run for a cardboard sTEM Challenge
Homemade Cardboard Box Marble Run

Homemade Grabber

This simple articulated grabber is very easy to make and could be themed to make it more appealing to little ones. You could make it look like a crocodile, shark or even a tiger!

Image of an articulated grabber made from cardboard
Articulated Grabber

Solar Oven

Use an old pizza box to make a solar oven, these are great for making s’mores!! Try using a reflective material in the lid and a material that absorbs heat underneath.

Solar oven made from a cardboard box as part of a cardboard  STEM Challenge
DIY Solar Oven

More Cardboard STEM Challenges

We love this DIY gumball machine from Hello Wonderful!

Frugal Fun 4 Boys has some awesome cardboard spinning tops too!

Image of a collection of simple cardboard STEM Challenges for kids

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