Carrot Umbrella Wreath for Easter

Add a cute touch of whimsy to your Easter decor with our adorable Carrot Umbrella Wreath!

carrot umbrella wreath lead

Carrots are to Easter what pumpkins are to Halloween. They just go with it. I love adding carrots to my Easter decor. It just works, ya know?

Have you ever had an idea that seemed cute in your head but then you started worrying about whether it would actually turn out that way? That was this project. I ordered this orange umbrella on a whim with the idea for this wreath set in my head. Thankfully it turned out cuter than I imagined! The best part? This entire project cost me less than $10.

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Materials needed to make your Carrot Umbrella Wreath

This orange umbrella cost me less than $3.50! It’s 14.5 inches long and is the perfect size for your front door. Open umbrella and add poly-fill to create your “carrot”.

Close the umbrella around the poly-fil. Secure with floral wire or jute wire. Fluff the edges to create your “carrot” shape.

Next, add your greenery. Stuff the floral picks into the top of the closed umbrella. Arrange the greenery to cover the majority of the umbrella handle.

Finally, I finished it off with a burlap bow to hide the wire you used to close the umbrella/carrot.

Hang your Carrot Umbrella Wreath on your front door using the umbrella handle!

carrot umbrella wreath

I cannot tell you how much I love this wreath! It looks so cute on our door. I love when the idea turns out even better than planned!

What do you think? Now I’m waiting for a big bunny to hop up to my porch and snatch it!

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