Cheer Up Your Walls with These 30 Summer Wall Decoration Ideas

When it comes to the summer decoration, it’s never complete without decorating your walls. Giving a summer touch to the wall will add new flair to your home. Especially this summer where its known with a cheerful and fun shades. You can apply those vibes into your walls. Well, are you lookig for some summer wall decoration ideas? If so, you come in the right place. In this article we have some ideas how to liven up your walls with summer touches. The simple way to decorate your wall is to hang a DIY summer bunting, wreath, or sign. You can display some wall art with a summer theme. Such as in a beach house or tropical vibes. Moreover, installing floral, botanial, or beach themed wallpaper will cheer up your walls. For those who have a high creativity, you can add summer themed mural to your walls. Furthermore, using hanging planters with greenery can be your consideration for your summer wall decoration ideas. Here are some references for you.

Cheer up your walls with these 30 summer wall decoration ideas1

Sticker Ice Cream Garland

The easiest way you can do to decorate an empty wall is to attach an ice cream garland sticker that has several different color combinations. You can get this garland sticker at the nearest craft store or you can buy it instantly to make it more practical. With this garland design, the wall decoration will look more beautiful and colorful. You can try it easily and of course it doesn’t cost too much.

Summer Themed Wall Decoration

Don’t let your wall decor look plain and boring. Currently the decoration that you can do is hang some paintings of flowers and fruits that have different color combinations. Splashes of color used ranging from yellow, red to green, all of these colors will work well together when combined with hanging vines that are applied to a macrame. Throw pillows with a summer pattern are a sweet finishing touch.

Floral Wall Art Decoration

Welcome this summer by decorating the walls of the room by using wall decorations in the form of colorful flower paintings. This flower painting wall decoration will be the main attraction if you use a large size painting, so this painting will steal the attention of everyone in the room. This painting will also give the impression of being cheerful and enthusiastic about spending the summer days this year. Complete it with indoor blooming flowers that can be placed right around it.

Summer Beach Painting Themed

Summer can not be separated from the beach atmosphere, bring the bright beach view into the house so you can enjoy it every time in summer. Try it by installing a beach painting for summer decoration in your home room. The blue color in the painting makes the mood calmer and more comfortable. Don’t hesitate to install two or three paintings for wall decoration, you can also combine this beach painting with floral paintings that have a rhythmic color.

3D Summer Mural Wall Decor

To fill the empty space on the walls of the room in your home, try using 3D painting. Use a 3D painting that has a large size so you don’t use too many other wall decorations so it will look more focused. Choosing a 3D painting will make the painting look more real, making it the center of attention. If you are the type of person who likes minimalist or modern decorations, then the use of 3D painting is perfect for decorating your home.

Beach Mural Wall Decoration

If you have a talent for painting, try to apply it to decorating the walls of the living room. To be more integrated with the summer theme, you can paint a panoramic view of the beach on most of the walls behind the sofa. That way you can showcase your work to all guests who come to visit your home. A simple but very interesting work to be a summer decoration that will bring a fresh and natural atmosphere to the room.

Tropical Wallpaper Style

This plain white painted wall should be covered with a wallpaper that fits the theme of this summer. For example, you can choose and install a wallpaper with a tropical pattern that is dominated by fresh green. This tropical theme is perfected with several types of indoor green plants around which will be a more refreshing sight for the eyes. Usually this tropical wallpaper has a palm pattern with a size large enough so that it can look bold.

Hanging Planters Decor

Wall decorations are not always with paintings, you can also use hanging plants for summer decorations. Provide hanging pots with unique shapes for indoor green plants and flowers. The blooming flowers will be more harmonious if you also use some fake butterfly ornaments affixed around the hanging pots. Using hanging plants as wall decorations will make the room always get natural freshness and of course save the floor space of your house.

Tropical Painting Framed

Tropical themes are not always applied to wallpaper usage. For now you can use it on wall paintings that are perfected with beautiful wooden frames. The hanging painting is dominated by green so you can combine it with the indoor plants around it so that it blends in more perfectly. This green color also emphasizes the natural nuances that are suitable when added to summer home decorations, you can try installing paintings of various different sizes so that they can look more varied.

Dried Palms Wallpaper Bedroom

Not only living room decorations that need to be considered, for now you also have to consider bedroom wall decorations to get a different atmosphere. For example, you can cover the walls with dried palms patterned wallpaper which is dominated by brown. This wallpaper looks 3D so it looks real. To emphasize the nature theme in this room, you can use a wooden bed as a sweet finishing touch.

Pastel Hues Fruit Wallpaper

Another wallpaper that you can try on your wall decor is a wallpaper with a watermelon pattern that has a mix of cute and beautiful colors. Pink, green and a background wall that is dominated by blue is a color combination that can be chosen. Watermelon is one type of fruit that fits perfectly with the summer theme, you can try installing it in any part of the room according to your needs. This beautiful wallpaper can also be used as a photo spot with your friends.

Green Leaves Wallpaper

You can also use green leaves wallpaper for summer decorations on the walls of the workspace. Wallpaper with green shades will make the atmosphere fresher and more comfortable, so it will make you create brilliant ideas when working. In addition, the use of wallpaper will also save costs because the price is cheap, so you can use the remaining budget to buy other necessities. Wallpaper with green nuances will make you feel more at home in your workspace.

Summer Gallery Wall Decor

The three canvas paintings that hang on the wall have a pattern that can work well together to present a summer theme this year. You can hang it on an entryway decoration so that it can be used as the first sight as well as an initial welcome for your guests. The entryway decor with a modern theme fits perfectly with this painting. The neutral color is suitable for hanging on the wall with any colored paint.

Mason Jar Wall Scones Decor

Look at these mason jar wall scones, don’t they look very eye-catching? Yes, in addition to being used as wall decorations, it can also be used as additional room lighting at night. It’s a good idea to use fake flowers so that they don’t wilt easily when used for a long period of time. Get this fake flower at the nearest craft store at a very affordable price, try this summer wall decor easily and practically.

Fruits Themed Wall Frames

The walls that are painted in plain white will be the background of the room that seems neutral. For that you can decorate it so it doesn’t look too boring. One way that you can do is install a paper print that has a fruit pattern to be applied to the wall shelf that has been provided. The fruit patterns used range from watermelon, pineapple and kiwi. Complete it with some wooden signs that have various writings.

DIY Summer Bunting

Take advantage of the paper you have at home to make it as a DIY summer bunting. Crafts made of paper that you can do is a summer pregnancy that has two different shapes. The combination of pineapple with a boat is a very appropriate combination. You can install both of them at a distance that is not too far away so that they can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room. Just make a pineapple pattern with a size large enough to add color to the room too.

Watermellon Summer Banner

This watermelon ornament is very cheap and easy to make, you can try it right now to enliven the summer theme this year. The complement you need is paper that is dominated by pink and there is a little splash of bright green. You can put this watermelon accent into a summer DIY banner project that can look good and make the wall area more festive. Find all the necessary supplies that you can find in any craft store.

Letter Floral Wall Decoration

Two or three types of flowers that are applied to this part of the wall can be turned into a beautiful wall decoration and able to present a summer theme instantly. You can arrange this flower so that it has a letter pattern that is suitable for your child’s initial wall decoration. Choose and use flowers that are still fresh and blooming, it’s not enough here you can choose flower color tones that can work well together. For example, shades of pink will blend perfectly when combined with white flowers.

Summer Vibes Wall Decor

A perfect summer should include some beach themes, bring this mood into the wall decor section. Choose and use some beach ornaments such as several different types of fish, the fish used also have quite different sizes. Neutral tones will go well with nautical and beach themes. Be creative in having your summer decorations, include dragonfly ornaments, coral frames and a woven seagrass that can be used as the focal point of the room because it is quite large and wide.

Pinapple Wallpaper

If you want to change the look of your bedroom in the summer, then give it a change that is quite extreme and refreshing. Decorating a bathroom in the summer is quite easy to do because you simply cover the walls with a wallpaper that has a pineapple pattern. The wallpaper that is used will add a pop of color, you can combine it with a white interior so that it blends perfectly. The combination of yellow and black will display a beautiful color contrast and seem masculine.

Shabby Chic Floral Painting

Adjust your wall decor with the theme or room decor that is currently in use. When you have a room with a vintage theme, just use a few wall painting frames with a floral theme that will bring a touch of shabby chic. The flower painting frames used also look very diverse, ranging from the smallest to the largest. The colors used range from gold, black to shabby green. Striped wallpaper that coats the walls becomes a suitable background and matches the shabby chic theme that you are currently applying.

Monstera Wallpaper Ideas

Do you want to make a small living room more colorful and fresh? If so, then just coat the walls with monstera wallpaper which is dominated by a combination of green and white. This wallpaper is very suitable to be used to welcome summer this year with great fun, besides that you can get it at the nearest store or you can also buy it online. Also add a series of tropical greenery in a tall gold vase as a natural decoration that can be easily found in your backyard garden.

DIY Craft Wall Decoration

Use your craft skills to decorate this bare and bare piece of summer wall. For example, you can make handicrafts in the form of flowers, butterflies and fruit accents using paper or thin wood that has been cut perfectly so that you get the appropriate and maximum results. Repaint the outer surface of this wall decoration ornament according to its original color, for example, you can paint pineapples in yellow and flowers in bright pink or dark pink.

Colorful Canvas Painting Decor

Decorate your summer wall with several canvas paintings that have different themes. This painting starts from a pattern of flowers, trees and swans. Complete the existence of this canvas painting with a macrame that is large enough for a maximum display. The color splashes that are applied are also very diverse so they are very colorful and not easily boring when used as the focal point of the room. Colors that can be combined start from yellow, pink, blue, pink and black on a tree painting background.

Combination of Vines with Framed Painting

The presence of vines with paintings on this wall will be the right combination that you can apply to modern summer living room decorations. You don’t need too many hanging paintings for a more elegant and neat appearance. Furthermore, the placement of the vines can also be hung using a pot or it can also be placed on the built-in wall shelf that has been provided in this room. Wall paint that has white paint becomes a neutral room background idea and makes your painting look bolder.

Hanging Planters Decoration

The easiest way you can do to decorate the walls in the summer is to hang several plant pots of the same color and size. Just choose a plant pot with a white color to make it look contrast when hung on the wall that has jet black paint splashes. Indirectly, the combination of these two colors will instantly present a monochromatic theme, you can try it now. Choose three different types of plants and of course those that have low maintenance enough to make it easier for you when doing routine maintenance.

Lemonade Garland Decor

Install a floating shelf on the wall of the room to be used as an area to put green plants, garland and a cactus painting that is perfected with a shabby wooden frame. Cacti and succulents are low-maintenance indoor plants of choice. Garland made with flannel is very easy to make, you can cut and shape it with a lemonade theme which is dominated by a combination of white, green and yellow. This lemon cut is one of the patterns that emphasizes the summer theme this year, you can try to make it with family or friends on the weekend.

Summer Wreath Decoration

Decorate your white brick wall with a modern wreath made of gold hoops decorated with plants at the bottom. Plants that can be used are blooming flowers and a little greenery. Corn husks are perfect that you can apply at the same time. When this wreath is properly and neatly assembled, you can hang it on a hook in one of the rooms that your guests often visit to make it a different eye.

Flamingo Sticker with Pink Color

Perfect the paint on the walls in your home with a flamingo-themed sticker. This theme usually uses a touch of pink so it works well when combined with plain white paint. This flamingo sticker is perfected with a flower sticker too so it looks more cheerful and is suitable for welcoming summer this year. Get this sticky sticker at the nearest store or you can buy it online at a price that is not too expensive and of course very practical.

Summer Sign Wall Decoration

Besides being able to be used as a summer sign, a pallet that is hung on the wall can also be used as a beautiful room decoration and attracts attention. Perfect the surface of this summer sign pallet with a mason jar that is used as a beautiful blooming flower vase. You can also complete the mason jar appearance with a plaid ribbon dominated by a combination of black and white. This DIY craft is very cheap and creative, hang it with a fairly sturdy hemp rope.