Clever Yarn Bowl Craft Ideas To Keep Your Knitting from Knotting

Tangled yarn! Everybody who loves knitting knows the pain of tangled yarns. I know too well the frustration while untangling and knowing that your yarn is not as clean as you want it to be. If you want to avoid this catastrophe, you've come to the right place. Here are some clever yarn bowl craft ideas to help you. Read on and find out!

Clever Yarn Bowl Craft Ideas

Avoiding Knotting in Your Knitting

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The yarn bowl craft is the answer to knitting's persistent tangling problem. It is so frustrating trying to untangle your yarn especially if you are already in the middle of a project. Remember how annoyed you get when your ball of yarn roll away from you and manages to collect lint and hair? You may think you are doing just fine now but wait until you experience using a yarn bowl craft. This will totally change your perspective. You just might thank me later!

This unique tool has many uses for your hobby. It makes knitting more efficient. You encounter fewer challenges so you can actually enjoy doing what you love.

Once you experience using a yarn bowl craft, I assure you'd want to make it a staple in your working area. One benefit of the yarn bowl is that it keeps the yarn ball from rolling away from you. It keeps the yarn clean. You do not need to worry about it getting dirty or picking up random hair or lint.

Yarn bowls can be bought from your craft store or from artisans. However, you can also make your own. Here are some examples of yarn bowls or dispensers you can DIY:


1. Plastic Container

Put some of your plastic containers to good use by making them into yarn containers. Create a perfectly shaped circle by drilling a hole and using an eyelet kit. Learn how to do it here.


2. Knitted Yarn Bowl from Plastic Store Bag

To create a knitted yarn bowl, you would need to make yarns out of plastic store bags first. You will use this together with some paracord in this step-by-step tutorial.


3. Bamboo Bowl

You would need a bamboo IKEA Blanda Matt bowl for this one. Expect some splintering so be careful when using the Dremel on it. Check out how Dtextor made his in this site.


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4. Polymer Clay Yarn Bowl

If you love colorful things like I do, a better alternative would be creating your own yarn bowl from polymer clay. You can get creative and make your own out-of-the-box design. Check this out!


5. Binder Clip

Another really cheap alternative is using a binder clip. You can just clip it on the rim of a heavy bowl and ta-da…You now have your own yarn bowl!

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Now, you can say goodbye to tangled yarns! Yarn bowl crafts are the simple solution so we can enjoy knitting more. Plus remember those 3 tips are truly helpful when buy or create a yarn bowl craft or dispenser.


Take your pick! What's your favorite?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Need more DIY crafting projects? Check out this 13 DIY fleece fabric ideas now



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