Create Graduation Mason Jars for Your 2023 Grads (Fun Centerpieces & Gifts!)

Make some graduation mason jars to celebrate your grad! Each graduation centerpiece’s mason jar can be filled with anything.

mason jar graduation hat

Gift a money graduation cap to your grad!

Graduation gifts can stump you sometimes, but we have an idea even that will make even the pickiest grads’ hearts soar. Whether it’s for middle school, high school, or college, graduation is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated! If you’re attending a graduation party, graduation mason jars are the perfect gift! This is an easy and thoughtful way to give little cash “diplomas” via a cute graduation hat mason jar!

The best part – you likely already have most of the items you need for this craft at home. Your biggest staple in this DIY will be a mason jar; as always, in most DIYs, we use Ball Mason Jars. We find them to be the best size and value. Packs of 12 start at just under $12; that’s a dollar per jar!

You’ll also need cardstock paper to create the graduation cap. We recommend choosing a color paper that matches your grad’s school for an extra personal touch. The more personalized, the better! ❤️

graduation supplies

yellow tassel around pen

diy graduation hat mason jar

diy tassel

making tassel

money tied with ribbon

graduation mason jar

Graduation Mason Jar


Supplies Needed

  • Mason Jar
  • One Piece of Square-Shaped Cardstock Paper (larger than the lid)
  • Rectangle-Shaped Cardstock Paper (long enough to fit around rim of lid)
  • Double Sided Tape or Glue
  • Crepe Paper (streamers) for Tassel
  • One Small Button
  • String or Twine
  • Scissors
  • Money for Mini Diplomas
  • Balloon Curling Ribbon
  • Gold Coin Chocolates (optional)



Tape or glue paper to the lid.


Wrap crepe paper around a pen and tape.


Then slide off the pen and tie a tight knot towards the top, leaving a two-inch piece of string attached.


Use scissors to cut tassels.


Attach string to the button and glue or tape to the middle of the hat. Use a pen to roll paper money “diplomas”, securing them with curling ribbon.


Place gold coins and money in the jar and screw on the graduation hat lid.


Give to a well-deserving graduate or display as a centerpiece!

mason jar graduation

Congrats, grad! 🎓

What’s great about this DIY is it can also be served as a centerpiece! Simply swap out the dollar diplomas for candy, confetti, or any other graduation fillings you can think of. You may want to save the dollar diplomas for your grad and not use them as a centerpiece. 😆

My Hip teammate Kaitlyn was gifted something similar to these graduation mason jars, and it’s something she says truly touched her heart and she will never forget! If you’re looking for more gift ideas, check out this post filled with a few practical yet beloved gifts for grads.

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