Creation Story Sensory Bin

There is something captivating about running your fingers through rice or some other small material. I totally understand why sensory bins are so popular with young kids. I love to run my fingers through them, so I’m sure little kids would love this. That’s why I wanted to figure out some good Bible sensory bin, and this Creation story sensory bin is my first one to add into my Bible lessons.

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Creation Story Sensory Bin supplies

As I mentioned in my Bible story sensory bin ideas, I’ve started a collection of useful things to keep on hand.

Creation story sensory bin for kids


Putting together this Creation Story Sensory Bin

Creation story sensory bin for preschool

On one end I put all of the green rice to be land. I put the plastic grass around there, and put some green pom poms as well.

On the other end, I put the blue aquarium rocks. I grabbed a handful of swimming creatures. I tried to grab a few different types of swimming creatures, and of course these are nowhere near to scale, but it’s quite fun to see the different swimming creatures.

Going back to my “grass”, I grabbed several different land animals. It was fun to pick out the different animals and I had to try not to just pick out my favorite animals.

looking for the different days in the Creation story sensory bin

Finally, I ended my grab of elements from the fifth and sixth day by grabbing two peg dolls. These only had hair painted on them. That lets kids pretend more freely for different emotions and playing with it.

Afterward, I sprinkled yellow and white pom poms all over for clouds and stars.

My suggestions for how to use the Creation story sensory bin

Obviously, you can just let the kids have fun recreating the story. But, that’s just the start.

swimming creatures in the Creation story sensory bin

You could talk with the kids about what day each item was created on. I’ll freely admit, I don’t really have any items for the first day. It just wasn’t easy to pick something to represent light and darkness. What would you suggest to represent generic light and darkness?

what did it look like during the Creation story with a Creation story sensory bin

Praising God for all the cool things He’s made. Look at this picture and you can see a wide variety of amazing animals. Down in the bottom right-hand corner it has some kind of porcupine or maybe it’s an echidna? Either way, those are a cool animal.

The kangaroo, the panda, the squirrel!

Squirrels make me laugh.

You could have such a fun discussion about the different animals. That all by itself would be an amazing discussion.

Creation Story Sensory Bin #Biblestory #kidmin #SundaySchool #sensorybin

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