Cutting Practice Pages with Hedgehog

If your students need more  fine motor fun - especially cutting practice, I have some cute hedgehogs who need help with a spike trim! 

On each of the 12 pages your students will refine their scissor skills by cutting straight, zig zag and wavy lines from the edge to the middle of varying lengths. 

Cutting practice requires and can help develop wrist strength - which will support ingoing writing stamina! These pages will can help, along with other activities like:
  • cutting scrap cardboard (get students to bring to school empty cereal boxes etc)
  • painting with big thick brushes - you could have them paint along the hedgehog spikes before they cut
  • twisting craft / crepe paper
  • crayon rubbing / texture plates (find on Amazon or educational supply stores)
  • playing in a home corner or play center - plaiting dolls hair, typing on a toy keyboard, racing toys that have a wind up wheel, twisting lids on and off, 
  • creative construction activities - pipe cleaners, craft sticks, arranging with pattern blocks
cutting practice pages

If your students are new to cutting practice - our alphabet set is a great place to start!

scissor skills pages

Here are a few ideas to get even more skills developed with a hedgehog page!

  • challenge students with more refined skills to cut an additional line in between the lines

fine motor activities

  • provide crayons and have students draw lots of downstrokes for handwriting practice (extra spikes)

scissor skills

  • once cut, have students roll each flap around a pencil or marker

fine motor activities

Find the hedgehog pages over in our store and more fun activities on the website page!