DIY Christmas Decor: 25 Festive Upcycle, Repurpose & Recycle Ideas!

Turn your trash into festive decorations with these 25 DIY recycled Christmas decorations. You will be amazed at what you can make!

DIY Recycled Christmas Decorations

What do a tire, junk mail, cereal box and paper bag have in common? They can all be used to make Christmas decorations! No, this is not a joke — all of these items would probably end up in the trash or recycling when you are finished with them; but instead, you can repurpose them into some amazing decorations.

You may look at some empty soda cans and see trash, but someone else looks at them and sees that they could be made into faux vintage bells for a Christmas wreath. Some people just have an eye for this sort of thing. If you don’t, I’ve gathered a list of 25 amazing recycled Christmas decorations (including those faux bells) that you can make yourself, or use as inspiration.

I bet if you were to go through your recycling bin or donation box right now, you would have some of the items used in this list. Go grab them and start making some festive holiday décor!

DIY Recycled Christmas Decorations

Turn your trash into festive decorations with these 25 DIY recycled Christmas decorations. You will be amazed at what you can make!


Santa Mailbox

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You are never going to believe what this Santa mailbox is made from... 2 cereal boxes! Doesn't it look amazing? Perfect place for your kids to put their letters to Santa!


Christmas Tree Candle Holders

Recycle glass soda bottles into these fun and modern Christmas candle holders made to look like trees! SO easy to make and customize.


Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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I am in love with this DIY! Don't throw away your old tires, just repurpose them — into outdoor Christmas decorations.


Magazine Trees

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Use magazine pages or junk mail to create these cute Christmas trees! The bigger the magazine, the taller the tree.


Christmas Apothecary Jars

Learn how to turn glass bottles with lids into these Christmas apothecary jars (they hold candy!.) Perfect for your holiday mantel or decor.


Giant Christmas Candles

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I love these candles! They would look so cute as part of a holiday porch display. Can you believe they are made from mailing tubes?


Photo or Card Display

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Use cardboard and ribbon to make these cute trees that display your photos or maybe your Christmas cards?


Vintage Bells

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I never would have guessed that the "vintage bells" in this wreath are made from soda cans. Amazing!


Paper Bag Stars

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Turn your grocery store paper bags into beautiful stars for Christmas decorations! Leave some of them up after Christmas and call them snowflakes.


Wine Cork Wreath

Saving your wine corks? You should! Learn how to make a wine cork wreath the easiest way possible! This simple DIY wreath takes about 100 wine corks to make and is so pretty.


Succulent Christmas Tree

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Michelle learned the hard way that Christmas trees and cats do not mix! She set out to make her own (cat-proof) tree and came up with this succulent tree made using tin cans.


Wine Cork Reindeer

Make a wine cork reindeer using this simple tutorial - perfect for turning into a Christmas ornament, decor, or place settings.


Metallic Holiday Sign

Photo Credit: Amanda C.

This 3D metallic holiday sign only cost $10 — because it is actually made using cardboard, spray paint and gold leaf!


Boho Christmas Tree

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See how Sarah turned a bamboo wine rack into a cute tabletop Christmas tree! Such a cute repurposing project.


Wreath Photo Frame

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Learn how to make a Christmas photo frame using puzzle pieces – such a fun kids’ craft for the holidays, and it looks like a wreath when finished.


Gingerbread Garland

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Turn a cardboard box into fun 'gingerbread' houses! Then string them up with lights for a Christmas garland.


Christmas Centerpiece

Learn how to make this unique Christmas centerpiece using recycled bottles and Christmas ornaments! So cute and whimsical – like something out of Whoville!


Star Garland

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Similar to the gingerbread garland earlier, this star garland is made from cardboard. It looks great on the tree!


Chalkboard Christmas Trees

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The trees in this centerpiece are actually made with cardboard, chalkboard paint and chalk. Your kids could help make these with you!


Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree

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Turn all of those baby food jars you have piling up into a festive glass Christmas tree!


Wine Cork Snowman

Make the cutest cork snowman for your Christmas or winter decor! It's an easy craft for beginners.


CD Wreath

Photo Credit: paulhogan on Instructables

Still have CDs laying around but don't know what to do with them? This wreath is a fun repurposing idea!


Snow Globe

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Instead of recycling your next plastic soda or water bottle, upcycle it into a snow globe! There's no water, but when you shake it! The snow pellets fly. Kids will love it.


Christmas Card Tree

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After the holidays, create this tree with cards you received for Christmas. It makes a cute decoration for next year!


Painted Jar Advent Calendar

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Save 24 jars with lids and you can make this cool advent calendar! I love all of the shades of green.

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