DIY Concrete Crafts | 21 Creative Concrete Ideas

DIY concrete crafts are inexpensive, easy to mix, and versatile – the perfect combination for DIY projects! Add some flair to your home or on your patio with these cool, quick projects you’ll enjoy!

21 DIY Concrete Crafts | Must-Try Projects At Home

Lately, I have seen tons of super cool DIY projects made out of concrete, and I just can’t help but share some of my favorites with you. At first, I couldn’t get over how one could make such creative home decoration out of a bag of cement, but now I am dreaming of all the wonderful things I want to make. Amazing bowls, planters, frames, and even adorable DIY gift ideas can all be made with the oh-so inexpensive and versatile concrete. If you’re ready to be mesmerized, check out these 21 cool concrete DIY ideas.


1. $5 Bucket Stool

This DIY $5 bucket stool looks great and durable for such a low cost! This cool stool is an easy fix if you need a plant stand or extra seating for your next party. I’m sure your visitors won’t be stingy with compliments for this small-scale yet pretty amazing DIY!


2. DIY Concrete Bowl

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This project requires a bowl and bucket for molding, and an outdoor space to work in. This DIY concrete bowl makes a perfect centerpiece both indoors or outdoors!


3. DIY Door Stop

This DIY concrete door stop is an ingeniously fun idea! I’m definitely loving it! And it’s so easy to make. Nothing can beat fun and easy all in one place!

4. Concrete Vases

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If you still have some concrete left over from making your sturdy bucket stool, making these concrete vases will then be just a breeze both skill- and budget-wise. It’s simple and perfect for any room to achieve a pleasing industrial aesthetic.


5. Concrete Letters

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This project will affirm that even the most basic materials can be completely decorative. These concrete letters will give unlimited possibilities of whatever you want to spell. Purchase a hollow cardboard letter from your local craft store or make one out of a cardboard – but make sure to completely wrap it with tape to prevent it from leaking.


6. Concrete Bookends

If you’re looking for a functional and decorative piece for your bookshelf, these DIY concrete bookends are a sure winner! Bookends needs to be durable and strong, so using concrete is a smart choice.


7. Concrete Cheese Board

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Concrete may not be the first material to pop in your head when you think of making a cheese board. However, this amazing DIYer fashioned such an easy DIY for this exquisite platter, that will make you think of what other wonderful DIY you can do with your own bag of cement. The DIYer used Cement All, a very fine cement which dries lighter in color and smoother to the touch than any other types of cement.


8. Concrete Fire Pit

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Fire pits are a trendy feature you can add to your outdoor living space. If you got a weekend to spare, create a fire pit out of concrete to jazz up your landscape décor with a functional amusement that provides a wow factor.


9. Concrete Modular Geometric Wall Planters

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These concrete modular geometric wall planters are one of the most beautiful DIY ideas and planters for succulents I have come across with. If you love succulents and have learned how to cultivate them, then you’ll love this stunning, nifty planter tutorial. If you have tons of plants, buying planters for each of them can be very costly. So why not give this awesome planter a go?


10. Drawer Pull

This drawer pull is an interesting thing you can make out of concrete. You’ll likely need to make more than one. It’s super easy: you will only need cardboard boxes, some screws, and concrete.


11. DIY Concrete Coasters With Decorative Inserts

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If you have been looking to replace your old coasters, here’s a sure winner –  it’s not just functional but decorative, too! Concrete is the best material for keeping water and condensation off tables. You can even customize it with different shapes, letters, shapes, patterns, or to whatever you fancy.


12. Concrete Pendant Lamps

Need some inexpensive yet amazing DIY lighting? These concrete pendant lamps give a modern twist on the traditional hanging pendant. Super cool and not as difficult as it looks, this is an easy weekend project perfect for those looking for some budget-friendly remodeling and industrial lighting ideas.


13. DIY Concrete Diamond Paperweight

Who among you ladies would say no to a diamond? Definitely not me! I’m really digging this DIY concrete diamond – it’s cool, fresh, and absolutely modern. Just right for my side table, I think!


14. Single Bloom Concrete Vases

I frequently have a single bloom that captures my attention and urges me to bring inside to enjoy. I could take everything off of my flower shrubs during spring to fill a whole vase, yet I simply want one to bring a little spring inside. That’s why my heart was pounding in excitement when I found this single bloom concrete vase.


15. Fridge Magnets

These fridge magnets have become one of my favorite concrete projects. It’s remarkably customizable to your liking. Simply pour the concrete mixture to any mold you have available, put on the magnets on top, press gently, then wait for it to dry.


16. Concrete Color Block Bangles

Until now I can’t believe concrete can also be made into fashionable jewelry. I honestly wonder how heavy these concrete bangles would be? Do I have to wear it in both arms? I think it would be worth a try because these beauties are pretty amazing.


17. DIY Laced Cement Votives

Concrete plus lace? Why not?! Use lace to add a little of femininity to your concrete project! And I’m totally taken by these amazing and perfectly wonderful DIY laced cement votives.


18. Concrete Cake Stands

I’ve seen lots of awesome DIY cake stand ideas! Here is an easy and cost-effective tutorial on how to create a cupcake plate or cake stand. Use your old plastic cup and a cake pan as molds.


19. DIY Gold Leaf Cement Pots

When the weather becomes colder, every green thumb will have to turn to indoor plants. This DIY will show you how to propagate those indoor plants in style! Using recycled containers, gold leafing, and cement, you can create a trendy decor for your home.


20. DIY Concrete Fireplace

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Have an old fireplace that needs a little upgrading? If so, check out this tutorial that teaches you how to cover a brick fireplace with concrete! An inexpensive way to create a crisp and modern look!


21. Geometric Concrete Paperweight

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Do you love the geometric fad? Then, this geometric concrete paperweight should be number one on your DIY list. You have endless possibilities in this adorable craft. You can use it as a paperweight, sculpture, bookend or any other function you can think of.


Still got time for one more DIY concrete craft? Then, learn how to make a stylish DIY concrete bowl from Go Build Ideas: 

Now you know how versatile concrete is! These ideas are just a tiny bit of what you can create. I hope you found that much-needed inspiration in these amazing DIY concrete ideas for your home!

Which of these DIY concrete crafts will keep you busy this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on February 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.