DIY Easter Egg Table Decorations

Using recycle cardboard, we created these fun and colorful table decorations for our Easter brunch.

Easter is coming soon (it's Sunday, April 17th) and we're excited to celebrate at home with a small family gathering. Since I always enjoy a pretty tablescape, I enlisted the help of my favorite crafter to repurpose cardboard boxes into Easter egg table decorations. 

This easy craft uses supplies you likely already have at home, and it's one where the kids can definitely get involved.


To help on this project, we enlisted master crafter Karimah Henry from the site

If you haven't checked out her site before do it ASAP. Karimah came up with a list of supplies and step-by-step instructions for creating this cool craft.

Easter Egg Table Decoration Supplies

This supply list is pretty basic and a GREAT use for those Amazon boxes that somehow seem to pile up.

  • Recycled cardboard 
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Paint
  • Scrapbook paper (floral print)
  • Glue
  • Foam brush
  • Pencil

A note on foam brushes: since we always seem to need them for crafts, I like this 20-piece set that's just $10 on Amazon (note this is an Amazon Affiliate link).

Easter Egg Table Decoration Directions

  1. First, draw the size of egg you would like on recycled cardboard. You will need two eggs to make one 3D Easter egg.
  2. Next, cut out your eggs. You can make as many as you like for your centerpiece. Now add a slit from the bottom of one egg to the middle. Make the slit from the top of the second egg to the middle. The slit should be big enough for the eggs to fit tightly together.
  3. It’s time to decorate your eggs. You can glue floral print scrapbook paper to both sides of the eggs. If you are painting your eggs, you can get creative and add fun patterns or glitter. It’s also perfectly fine if you paint them and leave them plain. Allow to dry.
  4. Finally, put the eggs together to create your 3D Easter egg centerpiece.

The Finishing Touch

To make a full tablescape, you can add a few bouquets (I like daffodils and tulips for Easter) and maybe even a jar or two of jelly beans or these fun candle displays.


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